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Headhunter: Stood-Up Interviewer

Head Hunter is a character in Season Two of the Showtime series DEXTER.

He is a friend of Maria LaGuerta who shows interest in hiring James Doakes for a security position.


James Doakes, suspended from work for attacking Dexter Morgan, meets Maria LaGuerta near a beach. She informs him that Frank Lundy’s crew is looking through every case involving the Bay Harbor Butcher victims...and tells Doakes to cooperate.

LaGuerta: “Your case is coming up for review in a week. If you wanna keep your job --”
Doakes: “You keep saying that, Maria. What makes you think I wanna keep my job?”
LaGuerta: “Whoa. Are you just talking here, or is this something that you've seriously considered?”
Doakes: “Well, you and I both know that I've gone as high as I can over there. Maybe it's time to move on.”
LaGuerta: “Well, what would you do?”
Doakes: “I don't know. My father was a butcher. Maybe I'll open up my own butcher shop.”
LaGuerta: “Yeah, I can just see you putting on an apron every morning.” [Laughs] “Look, I have a friend. He's the head of personnel at Stillwater Security.”
Doakes: “Government contractors?”
LaGuerta: “They're always looking for people like you. It's a dangerous world out there. They pay a lot of money to make it safe.”
Doakes: “Yeah, you got that right. Alright. Set it up. I'll meet with your guy.”

Doakes arrives at the homicide department amid unfriendly stares to meet with Lundy. LaGuerta, though, cheerfully greets him.

LaGuerta: “James. It's nice to see you.”
Doakes: “Yeah, feels all warm and comfy.”
LaGuerta: “I spoke to Todd about you.”
Doakes: “Yeah?”
LaGuerta: “He's very interested. He said someone with your special-ops background typically starts at about $200,000.”
Doakes: “I could live with that.”
LaGuerta: “You can meet him tonight. 9:00, bar at the Hilton.”
Doakes: “I'll be there.”

That evening, Doakes doesn’t show up for his interview. Todd, the headhunter, looks impatiently at his watch.

LaGuerta: “I'm so sorry. I'm sure he'll show up. He's very excited about this job.”

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