Morgan Family Home 1

Morgan Family Home

Morgan Family Home is a location in Showtime’s series DEXTER.

It’s the house (seen in flashbacks) where Dexter Morgan grew up with his adopted family.


Residential neighborhood
Miami, FL

Season One

While they are preparing to go hunting, teenage Dexter asks Harry Morgan (his adoptive father) if he ever killed a person, and what it felt like to do so. Later, Harry lets Dexter finish off a deer by repeatedly stabbing it.

As teenage Dexter is mowing the lawn in front of the house, young Mindy Taylor shows up and asks Dexter if he is going to the school dance, hoping he will ask her out. He doesn't, and she walks away, looking disappointed. Observing this interaction, Harry tells him she wanted him to ask her to the dance. Dexter replies that she didn’t say that, and he isn't interested in that sort of thing, anyway. His father cautions him that most normal boys his age are, and that he needs to take care to appear normal. Later, a tux-wearing Dexter is about to go to the dance with Mindy. While Harry gives him advice, Dexter admits he has kissed a girl. When Harry warns him about exposing his true nature, Dexter says he can fake his emotions. Harry smiles and says, "Buddy, you can learn to fake a lot of things. This is a tough one."

Young Debra, is upset with Dexter because he told their father that she used his gun for target practice without permission. Outside the house, Dexter tries to talk to her while she is grounded, but she retorts with cruel words (afterward apologizing to him).

Teenage Dexter mock ambushes Harry in the kitchen to sharpen his skills. Initially, Harry praises him for a good attack, but when Dexter begins to joke about it, Harry scolds him. He tells Dexter that it’s not a game or supposed to be fun. He doesn’t enjoy teaching Dexter these's to keep him out of the electric chair... it's about survival, nothing else.

Harry presents Dexter with his new birth certificate, saying that his adoption is finalized and he is now officially a Morgan (born as Dexter Moser).

Season Two

Thomas Matthews interrupts Debra’s birthday party to tell Harry that murderer Juan Ryness was let go on a technicality. Harry is furious and smashes a bottle. A while later, Harry walks into the garage and sees Dexter cutting up Juan (and vomits as a result).

Season Seven

Harry forces his wife, Doris, to get rid of Debra’s new puppy, Banjo, to eliminate the possibility of it being killed by young Dexter. Debra is heartbroken, thinking it’s her fault. When Dexter almost tells her about himself, Harry stops him, saying he must never reveal that to her.

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