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Harrison Dexter's Troubled Teenage Son

Harrison is a teenaged character in the Showtime special event series Dexter: New Blood.

He is Dexter Morgan's son, the son Dexter tried to protect by faking his own death and walking away years ago. Now older, Harrison tracks his father to the small town of Iron Lake, New York. Because he, like Dexter, witnessed the murder of his own mother, Dexter will always be concerned about whether his son carries similar ‘dark urges’ to those of Dexter.

For Harrison as child, see Harrison Morgan.


After dark, a semi-truck stops at the Caldwell Truck Stop. The driver says in a deep voice, "Iron Lake is two miles that way, my man." The passenger door opens and a hooded figure steps down and walks away, carrying a knapsack.

That same night, as Dexter walks to his truck from the Iron Lake Tavern, the truck's passenger watches him from a distance.

The next day, Dexter follows his morning routine of chasing a white stag through the woods. When he sights it, he calls the deer "beautiful" and aims his rifle at it. Suddenly, a crackling noise sends the deer running away. For a moment, the dark figure appears behind a tree. Dexter rushes toward it, only to discover footsteps in the snow.

Dexter returns to his cabin to cook breakfast. He tells imaginary Deb that he feels that he's being watched. Deb thinks he's just letting the "Matt prick" get to him.

Later, while a group of protesters are confronting an oil tycoon, Dexter notices that someone in the distance is staring at him. When the person sees Dexter look in his direction, the figure disappears behind a building. This seems to unnerve Dexter.

When Dexter returns to his after dark, he notices the silhouette of someone in the light of a window. He picks up an ax from the woodpile and stealthily enters his cabin, where he finds a male teenager rummaging through a drawer. Dexter sternly asks, "What the hell are you doing?" The startled young man turns around and asks, "Are you Dexter Morgan? It’s me. Harrison.' Dexter gasps and repeats, 'Harrison,' He steps toward his son but "Deb" stops him, insisting, "You can't. Everyone close to you dies. That's why we're here."

Harrison waits to be greeted but, after a moment, Dexter says that he doesn’t know who he"s talking about. Harrison blinks rapidly and stammers, "W...but... but y-you look just like I remember." Dexter quips, "Just have one of those faces, I guess."  Harrison slightly shakes his head and bitterly replies, "If you don't want me, fucking say it."

Dexter then nearly admits to being his father until Deb, shuddering, states, "Doakes. LaGuerta. Rita. Me." [She pulls a bullet from her side] "Everyone." For a moment, Dexter imagines blood on Harrison's shirt.

Harrison can't believe it when Dexter says, "Sorry I'm not the guy you're looking for." [Dexter gulps and exhales] "But if-if you want to maybe try the town shelter, it's right on Main Street. I know the owner, Desiree. Just tell her Jim Lindsay sent you and she'll take you in. Whatever you decide, I'm not gonna... [chuckles] ... report you or anything." [He lays down the ax.] "You seem like a good kid. So… um…" [He takes money from his wallet.] "The next bus out of town is, uh, tomorrow night. It's 7:45." Harrison, clearly hurt, takes the cash. Dexter says he hopes that he finds whoever he's looking for, and opens the door. Harrison leaves without saying another word.

Once he’s gone, Dexter quickly looks through the drawer, finding a photo of himself holding a young Harrison. Through the window, Dexter watches his son disappear into the dark and windy night. "Deb" says that he did the right thing and he'll be safer with Hannah. Dexter burns the photo in his firepit.

After Dexter kills Matt Caldwell, he drives into town, looking for Harrison. He finds his son hunched over on a bench at the bus stop. Dexter approaches slowly and holds out a thermal jacket. Harrison looks up, surprised. Dexter says, "I thought you might need this." Harrison takes the jacket and Dexter sits next to him, inhaling deeply. He tells Harrison that after Miami, he could never get used to the damn cold. Harrison says, "I thought you didn't know me." Dexter chuckles softly, inhales, and admits, "You were right. I'm Dexter Morgan. Your father." He asks Harrison to please come home, and they drive back together.

Dexter and Harrison are sitting across from each other at the table. Not sure what to say to the son he abandoned, Dexter tells Harrison that he "got big" and asks if he’s cold or hungry. While Dexter is making him a sandwich, Harrison walks around the room, noticing a knife and a photo of Dexter with his bowling team. Dexter says this situation must be hard for him, but Harrison scoffs: "No. Growing up without a dad, that was hard. And opening up that letter [to Hannah], finding out you let me believe you were dead all those years... that was brutal."

According to Harrison, Hannah died three years ago from pancreatic cancer, after which Harrison found the letter that he wrote to her. A social worker had put Harrison on a plane from Buenos Aires to Miami and he bounced around a "bunch of shitty foster homes" but no one wanted a teenager. He decided to find his father and went to the letter's return address in Oregon but "Jim' had left. It was difficult tracking down "Jim Lindsay" because there were so many on the internet. Then Harrison found a photo of Dexter on Instagram after "some Fred guy on some bowling team" bragged about "Jim" bowling a 300 in Iron Lake.

Harrison asks, "So why all this Jim bullshit? What happened to Dexter Morgan?"  Dexter can't tell him the truth, so he says, "I’m not that person anymore. Dexter had to die." Confused, Harrison asks, "What are you talking about?" Dexter says that it’s a long story and he'll tell him in the morning. Harrison heads to the bathroom.

A conflicted Dexter faces "Deb" who angrily yells, "You selfish psycho. You emotionally handicapped, crazy fuck. If by some goddamn miracle you don't end up killing him, you will sure as shit fuck him up." She then forces a bullet into Dexter's mouth

Right after Dexter hides the blood in the snow, police cars arrive at his cabin. He's told that  Matt Caldwell is missing and Dexter allows them to set up a base camp for searchers. Angela is taken aback when Harrison introduces himself as "Harrison, Jim's son." She welcomes him to Iron Lake and the two go inside, with Dexter shortly following. Angela questions Harrison and he says his mother passed away and he came there to be with his father,  although he's not sure how long he will stay. Angela encourages him to meet her daughter, Audrey, before she leaves. Dexter thanks Harrison for covering for him but Harrison says he only did it because he "doesn’t want a cop all up in his business." Huh. Like father, like son, Dexter thinks.

Worried that he missed a blood trail to his cabin, Dexter persuades Angela to let him search Seneca land with his RTV.

Harrison watches Teddy fly a drone and asks him if it's police-grade with built-in mapping software. When the drone crashes, Dexter thinks he’ll get away with the murder after all.

With his son, Dexter speeds over Seneca land in his RTV, purposefully hitting blood spots in the snow to hide them. Harrison warns that he's "swerving a lot" and Dexter claims to be just avoiding rocks. Dexter narrates, Usually blood sets my teeth on edge. Now it’s giving me whiplash.

When Harrison mentions Dexter’s relationship with the police chief, Dexter says he’s only been in Iron Lake for a couple of years, so the "Angela thing" is recent." Harrison asks Dexter if he moved to Iron Lake because he "hates nice weather." Dexter chuckles and describes the town as quiet, peaceful, with no crime, but he’s thinking, No temptations from the outside world. Harrison is skeptical, reminding him there’s a missing guy. Dexter says people often get lost in the woods. [Flashback of Dexter killing Matt]

Harrison spots the dead white deer and they pull over. The deer had been illegally shot on Seneca land, making it a crime scene. Dexter says his phone doesn't work out there and he sends Harrison back with the RTV to tell Angela while he stays to protect the scene. Once Harrison is gone, Dexter searches for the source of the blood trail and plants Matt's glove near a highway.

When Harrison returns with the police, Officer Teddy Reed seals off the area with crime scene tape. Fred Jr. discovers the glove and confirms that it's the same type that Matt was wearing.

Harrison asks Dexter why he isn't a cop anymore, and Dexter says he actually wasn't one. Harrison tells Dexter that he still had to be better than the Iron Lake police. Dexter claims that being at crime scenes day after day got to be too much and he's happier now. Harrison asks sarcastically, "Selling nightcrawlers? Really?"

Dexter’s sled is used to take the deer into town. They stop first at his cabin and Dexter asks Harrison if he's doing okay with all of this. Harrison replies, "It's fine. Kind of cool, actually."

Harrison helps Dexter feed the goats and Dexter acknowledges that he's good with animals. Harrison says that, in Argentina, they had a goat, sheep, chickens and he misses them. Harrison asks the name of the black goat but Dexter admits that he only calls him "Goat."  When Harrison says that his goat's name was "Vincent van Goat," Dexter names his goat "Vincent van Goat II." Harrison chuckles when the friendly black goat runs over and jumps up on him.

Dexter is about to go into town, when he notices Harrison watching the high school kids. He tells Harrison that he can just hang inside the cabin until he gets back because he knows how awkward it can be, meeting new people, and says it was hard for him in high school. Harrison replies sarcastically, "Yeah, I survived the last ten years without you, Jim. I think I can go two more hours."

Audrey makes eye contact with Harrison and he walks over to her. Aware that their parents are dating, Audrey says, "Knowing my mom, it won't last long. She's pretty much married to her job." She introduces him to Zach and Scott, calling Zach the smart one. Scott jokes, "Duh. Me Scott," and bumps fists with Harrison. When Harrison remarks that Audrey has a "cool shirt,' Scott asks, "You mean her "myew" shirt? What does it even mean? Married monsters in…" Audrey interrupts, explaining, "Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women."  Audrey tells Harrison that she's sorry he ended up in Iron Lake. He says he's just passing through.

Harrison asks Audrey what it's like being the daughter of the police chief. She half-jokingly states that her mother checks up on her every ten minutes. Harrison says that it reminds him of his stepmom...but not his dad.

Zach and Scott direct the group to vacant cabins at Roaring Forks Summer Camp. Zach orders them to hide when Olsen's helicopter whirrs past. Harrison reminds them about looking for Matt but Scott says the whole town and the reservation are searching. Zach agrees they aren't needed. Audrey calls Matt an "entitled prick" and says they are going to party. Groaning, Zach tries to break into the cabin but it has a new lock on the door. Next, Scott unsuccessfully tries to break in the door by force. Harrison speaks up to say that he's "got it" and easily removes the lock. Smiling, Audrey tells Harrison, "Mom is really not gonna like you." Zach glances at Harrison suspiciously.

Inside the cabin, the group plays music and smokes pot. Harrison refuses to take Audrey's joint so she passes it to Scott. Zach asks Harrison if he’s “straight edge” and Scott asks if he's “Mormon.” Harrison tells them that he has a history with drugs but got clean a couple of years ago. Audrey and Zach begin to question Harrison. When they ask about his mother, Harrison says, "My mom died when I was really young, and my stepmom died of cancer a couple years ago." When Zach asks how his mother died, Harrison remains silent. Harrison then claims to be freezing and leaves to get wood for the fire. Zach blames Audrey for starting the personal inquiry.

While Harrison is out of the room, Scott calls him a weird dude whom they know nothing about. Zach decides to learn more and searches through Harrison's knapsack for a  "manifesto." Scott joins in, but they only find a book of sketches. As Harrison is returning with the wood, he hears Audrey ordering Zach and Scott to stop and sees them going through his knapsack. Harrison deliberately makes a clunking noise, which causes Scott, Zach, and Audrey to scramble back to their seats and act innocent.

Back at the cabin, Dexter shows Harrison a little room with a cot with a few things for him in case he decides to stay. Harrison isn't sure and says he didn't come for this, but for answers. He asks Dexter why he left them, and if it was because of what he wrote in the letter. Harrison takes it out and reads: "Reach out to me if Harrison shows any dark tendencies." Confused, Harrison asks, "Dark tendencies? What does that mean? What was so wrong with me that-that you not only left but faked your own death to hide from me?"

Dexter insists that he didn’t leave because of him. He assures Harrison that he was a sweet, smart, trusting little boy with a huge heart. When Dexter says he left because he always had his demons and was worried that he'd mess his son up, Harrison doesn't understand. Dexter explains that he was in a dark place after his mother and Aunt Deb died. He thought Harrison would thrive in Argentina with Hannah, though walking away from him was the hardest thing he's ever done.

Harrison tells Dexter that he always kept a photo of him by his bed after Hannah said he died. He would look at it every night and cry himself to sleep. Then, when he found the letter, he was so angry. Dexter says he wants to be there for him now, if he's willing to risk the chance that he'll screw him up. Harrison orders Dexter to stop acting like such an evil person because all his memories of him are good. The worst thing that he ever did was to leave him. Harrison decides to stay...for a while, and they agree to have pancakes in the morning.

Outside, the search is being called off, but Kurt Caldwell arrives and persuades Angela to continue through the night. Kurt notices Harrison and asks Dexter, "This your boy, Jim?" Dexter introduces them and Kurt shakes Harrison's hand.

Dexter needs to drive Harrison to school and finds him flying a drone with Sergeant Logan. Harrison asks, "Five more minutes? This drone is so cool." Dexter reminds him that they are meeting with the school principal, as it’s his first day. Harrison thanks Logan, who asks if he wants to wrestle, explaining that he’s the assistant coach of the high school team. Harrison agrees to think about it. Logan says it's a great sport that teaches personal growth, confidence, and mental toughness. As they’re leaving, Harrison asks Dexter if he thinks they found the body. [At this point, it’s not confirmed that Matt is dead.]

When Jim (Dexter) and Harrison meet with Principal Strode, she asks why Harrison's grades went from a 3.8 down to a 1.2, then back to a 3.0 in just one year. Dexter doesn’t know, so Harrison says that his stepmom died, after which he was placed in the foster care system and moved to Miami from Argentina. Strode gives Dexter a displeased look and asks, "And where were you?" Harrison stammers, "Things were complicated, ma'am. Um... My stepmom and I had just moved. And when she died, uh, Jim had no way of reaching me. It's not his fault.”

Tess enters the room and introduces herself to Harrison as Ms. Silvera, the science teacher. Harrison has heard her speaking Spanish before and asks, "¿de dónde eres?" Tess answers, "Puerto Rico. ¿Dónde aprendiste español?" Harrison explains that he lived in Argentina for a few years and she chuckles. Principal Strode informs Jim and Harrison that Ms. Silvera will be administering Harrison's placement exam so they’ll know which grade level he's at. She addresses Dexter, "And you'll know a little more about your son."

Later, Harrison sees Zach and his friends laughing in a hallway and he tells them that the placement test was "cake." Scott quips, "Check out the big brain on H." Zach shows Harrison a text message chain with Ethan where Zach pretends to be an interested hot girl. Harrison doesn’t know Ethan so Scott points at him and calls him a "ballsack." They watch Ethan"s reaction as Zach sends him a semi-nude photo of a female. Harrison says, "That’s fucked up." Zach and Scott laugh.

While Dexter is at Matt Caldwell’s crime scene, Principal Strode calls him to the school. Upon his arrival, she tells him that Harrison scored higher than any student has ever scored on the school placement exam. She doubts the results are accurate because Tess left the room for fifteen minutes and, when she came back, he was done. Harrison alleges the test was easy. Strode says skeptically, "Some of the questions on this test are for Advanced Placement students. college-level. I believe while Tess was gone, Harrison used his cell phone to look up answers. Harrison calmly states, "I did not," but Dexter asks if he cheated. Harrison quips, "You accusing me of lying... Jim?" Dexter quickly answers, "No." Tess offers to proctor the exam again, and Dexter advises Harrison to take it with no phones. Harrison again insists that he didn't cheat. When Dexter says that this will prove it, Harrison replies, "Oh, thanks for having my back. Like always." Dexter sighs. That night, Harrison informs Dexter that he retook the test and got a higher score than the first time.

While Harrison is asleep, Dexter slips out, digs up Matt's remains, and takes his orange vest. After reburying Matt, Dexter heads to the spot where the white deer was shot. Using that as a starting point, he drags the vest through the woods up to the highway where Matt's glove was found. When Dexter arrives home in the morning, Harrison is awake, eating breakfast. Harrison remarks, "Looks like you had a long night" and Dexter lies that one of Mrs. Gross's sheep was lambing and needed his help.

As he’s dropping Harrison off at school. Dexter starts to wish him a good day, but Harrison slams the door before he finishes.

Instead of joining Audrey and the cool crowd at lunch, Harrison sits down with Ethan and informs him that he’s being catfished by Zach and his online girlfriend isn’t real. Ethan asks, "Who the fuck are you?" and "Why are you telling me this?" Harrison tells Ethan his name and says, "Because guys like Zach shouldn't always be top of the food chain."

With Harrison's help, Ethan gets revenge on Zach by sending a photoshopped meme of him having sex with a goat. Zach is infuriated when his friends laugh. Scott taunts, "Ethan strikes back. You gonna let him get away with that?" Ethan, standing next to Harrison, holds up both his middle fingers. Shouting insults, Zach rushes toward Ethan, apparently to hurt him. However, Harrison intervenes by grabbing Zach's neck and warning him to leave Ethan alone. Harrison then throws a shocked Zach against a locker as Ethan watches in admiration. Scott runs up to Harrison, but he backs down. Audrey steps in to give Harrison a ride home. As he's leaving, Harrison tells the guys that he made the wrestling team and will see them on the mat.

While she’s driving, Audrey asks Harrison what the fight was about and he tells her about Ethan. She says they’re jerks but people in a small town are stuck with each other. Harrison replies that he wouldn’t know because he moved around a lot, adding that he doesn’t care what people think about him.

Audrey asks Harrison how he learned to fight like that, describing it as "some real UFC shit." He tells her that he picked it up in foster homes and asks if she’s freaked out. Audrey answers, "No<" then asks if he minds if they stop at the butcher shop to pick up stuff for her mother, Harrison says, "I got nowhere to be."

At the butcher shop, Audrey orders two pounds of Gig’s homemade Italian sausage, extra spicy.  Gig asks Harrison if he’s Jim Lindsay’s kid and welcomes him to Iron Lake.

Gig remarks that he’ll be glad when her mom gets the white buck out of his shop, since it’s been in the cooler for almost a week. Audrey is shocked and she runs into the cooler to see it. Gig stammers, “Whoa, whoa, whoa. Whoa, whoa, whoa. Audrey, hold up. They brought it from the crime scene. Goddamn shame.” Harrison asks Gig what he’s going to do with it and he says that once Audrey's mom no longer needs it for evidence, he’ll call Sanitation to dispose of the carcass. Audrey cannot believe that the amazing creature will be treated like roadkill. Harrison suggests they do something first.

Back in the car, Audrey asks Harrison about his father, but he says it’s not worth going into. He asks about her father and Audrey says that he died a long time ago and she barely remembers him. She also doesn’t remember her birth mother because she abandoned her right after she was born, and then Angela adopted her. Harrison notices guitar in the back and Audrey says it was her father's, as was her car.

Suddenly, the engine rattles and steam pours from under the hood. Angela tells Harrison that the radiator hose split but she knows how to fix it, explaining, "My mom's paranoid about everything. Made me learn how to change a tire as soon as I got my learner's permit." There are no bars on Audrey's phone so she asks Harrison to walk down the road and call Jerry's Auto Shop. She hands him her phone which has the number.

While Harrison is gone, Edward Olsen stops to offer her a ride or just let her wait in his warm car. Audrey, though, refuses and gives a little speech about his destructive industry, which he finds hypocritical since she’s driving a "gas-guzzler." Olsen is leaving as Harrison returns. He asks what that was about, and Audrey says, "Just Edward Olsen being a billionaire."

Harrison is at home looking at pictures of Audrey on his phone when Ethan calls. Ethan thanks him for what he did at school and says he always fantasized about hurting Zach, but Harrison actually did it. Harrison remarks, "Fuck those guys. They just think they're hard 'cause they hunt and shit. Uh, they don't know anything about real violence." Ethan asks if he wants to see a bunch of his drawings and Harrison says, "Thrill me." When Ethan sends gruesome drawings of Zach and Scott, they don't seem to disturb Harrison. He scrolls to one of Ethan holding two guns, chuckles, and asks, "What are you, like, The Punisher or something?" Ethan scoffs, "They'd be fucking scared of me if I was, huh? Fucking petrified."

Angela and Audrey invite Jim and Harrison to their house for dinner. Audrey mentions seeing the search dogs at the crime scene on Molly Park's Merry Fucking Kill Instragram. The others don’t know who Molly is so Audrey tells them that she's the most popular true crime podcast out there, with a million followers on Instagram. Concerned, Dexter recognizes Molly from being in the store earlier, loading up on winter gear. Harrison asks Audrey if she’s into true crime, and she says that she’ll text him her top five.

When Angela informs Audrey that she got a call from Abraham Brown, Audrey admits that she and Harrison drove out to the Reservation. Audreys says the white deer deserves dignity and they came up with a plan to have it burned in an honorary bonfire. Harrison tells "Jim" that he can move the deer's body with his vehicle.

As Dexter listens to the discussion, he thinks, Who'd have thought I would find this. A family in Iron Lake. A family that I very nearly lost because of an impulsive kill. I don't want to lose this.

While at the bonfire, Dexter admits to Harrison that he was wrong for not standing up for him at the school. He promises to always be on his side in the future. Harrison answers, "Thanks, Dad." which surprises Dexter. Wow. My new favorite word.

Harrison informs Dexter that he made the wrestling team, but he has to gain five pounds before the first match. When Harrison describes the guys on the team as “fuck-nuggets,” Dexter is surprised and says that his Aunt Deb used to say “fuck-nuggets.” Harrison remembers her swears, and calls her “fun.” When he asks Dexter if he wants some of his drink concoction, Dexter replies, “I'd rather put out a campfire with my face,” and they laugh. Harrison asks if he misses Deb, Dexter answers that she's in his thoughts all the time. Dexter watches Harrison through a window as he leaves for school, bumping fists with another teen (Ethan).

Harrison is sitting alone on the schools bleachers scrolling through Molly Park’s podcast - Merry Fucking Kill List. He stops at the third one - The Trinity Killer. Molly speaking: “Hi-hi, and welcome to Merry Fucking Kill. I'm Molly Park, and do I have a doozy of an episode for you. Today, I'm doing the creepy-as-fuck and truly terrifying Trinity Killer. Spoiler alert, he didn't kill in threes. He killed in fucking fours. Let's talk about kill cycle number one: Lady in the Water. Trinity would find a young woman, break into her house, and then slaughter her with a straight razor. He left them soaking in a pool of their own plasma.” (Harrison fast-forwards.) “The police are finally hip to his M.O., but, of course, they don't get it together fast enough to stop him from one final cut. For this one, he goes rogue. Still a woman, but this chick is a mother. A gorgeous, girl-next-door beauty with a picture-perfect family. And this is the real fucked-up part. She has a young baby, who is in the fucking room when she dies, crawling in a pool of his mother's blood. How fucked-up is that kid now? Am I right?” Harrison scrolls to a picture of his mother, Rita. He gulps and stares off into space.

There is an incident at the school between Harrison and Ethan. When Dexter arrives at the scene, he sees Ethan being rolled out on a stretcher, covered in blood. Harrison gets treated by medics for a stab wound. Harrison tells him it’s not that bad. Harrison explains that Ethan was planning a school shooting and asked Harrison to do it with him. Harrison tried to get him some help but Ethan stabbed him. Harrison tackled him to get the knife out of his hands and cut his leg. Ethan passed out from loss of blood. Harrison tears up and asks if he’s going to die, claiming he never meant to hurt him like that.

When Dexter asks Harrison more about the attack, Harrison gets defensive, saying he can’t remember all the details about which hand he held the knife in. Dexter suspects Harrison's story.

Harrison goes to the hospital to see how Ethan is doing. They tell him he could’ve died and Harrison apologizes. They tell Harrison they’ve been getting death threats and have to leave town. They tell Harrison they wish he had come to them first. Ethan’s father thanks Harrison for what he did but tells him they never want to see him again.

Logan talks to the kids at the school who were on Ethan’s kill list. He told them counseling is being offered to help them through it. Zach gives a shout out to Harrison who saved them. Harrison gives a speech and calls out the bullies for picking on Ethan for years.

When Harrison arrives home after school, excited about the assembly at school, he finds Dexter holding the straight razor he found in his room. Harrison claims he only carries it for protection because he was on his own for a long time. Dexter says he heard Ethan’s side of the story and it's a lot different than his. He assures Harrison that he can tell him if he hurt Ethan on purpose. Harrison becomes defensive, storms out, and runs into Zach and Scott who take him to a party.

Harrison is the guest of honor at the "Kill List Party." He finds Audrey and she jokes that she's there because she couldn't miss her chance to see the hometown hero in the flesh. She asks if he barely texts her back anymore because of the podcast she sent him. He laughs and stammers, "I-I, um... I liked it. You know, some-sometimes you got to laugh at the fucked-up stuff." Audrey admits that she got the kill list names from the police station.

When Harrison is alone, a blonde girl walks up and kisses him, offering him ecstasy. He takes it with more beer. Another girl begs him to carve an "H" into her foot so she will always remember her hero. Harrison slices her foot and walks off when she cries out that it hurts. He looks drunk and drugged out as he wanders around the party. Scott gives him another pill.

Audrey, noticing Harrison's condition, asks if he’s okay. Harrison tells her that his father thinks he's a liar, but his real name isn't even Jim Lindsay. He asks Audrey if she believes him and she says yes before he passes out. She runs to get her phone to call 9-1-1.

Sergeant Logan arrives at the party and administers Narcan to Harrison, repeating, "Stay with me." Harrison slowly opens his eyes and regains consciousness. Logan asks Harrison a few questions to assess his awareness. Logan finds out what Harrison took by asking Scott who gave him the pills, threatening to cuff him.

At the hospital, Logan advises Dexter that Harrison needs some "tough love," Dexter retorts, "You think being the assistant wrestling coach makes you a parenting expert? You have no fucking idea."

In the morning, Dexter cooks Harrison a meal but after he leaves, Harrison throws it in the trash and packs his stuff. Kurt notices Harrison walking along the street and asks where he's going. He offers to buy him a hot meal before he leaves town. Harrison asks what happened to his face and Kurt claims he was hurt in a hunting accident. While Harrison eats, Kurt gives advice about dealing with rage. He hands Harrison a job application for the diner and Harrison asks why he's being so nice. Kurt says he sees potential in him.

Harrison ends up going home to Dexter’s cabin instead of running off.

Audrey finds Harrison at school to see if he’s okay. She asks him to hang out later that night to study for the chemistry quiz. He gets a text from Dexter about going to therapy and tells Audrey he can’t hang out after all. Dexter goes to therapy with Harrison. Harrison opens up about his struggles with his dad and his childhood. Dexter also talks about his childhood.

Harrison climbs into Audrey’s window and she suspects he’s a burglar and grabs her nunchucks. He tells her he wants to talk and opens up to her about his therapy session with his dad. He admits hurting Ethan wasn’t his first time hurting someone. He admits he thinks about hurting everyone, all the time. Audrey tells him she gets it and opens up about her past and how she feels like she doesn’t belong anywhere. “We’re outsiders you and me, but it doesn’t have to destroy us,” she says. They kiss. Angela catches them in bed together the next morning.

Harrison wins his match at the wrestling competition but breaks the wrist of his component, intentionally. Kurt congratulates Harrison and Dexter tells Kurt to give it a rest and leaves with Harrison.

Dexter and Harrison eat breakfast together, but Harrison is still cold towards Dexter. Harrison lets him know that he is working a shift at the truck stop later on. When Dexter shows up at the truck stop to keep an eye on Harrison, Harrison is upset and confronts him.

At school, Harrison asks Audrey if she wants to hang out but Audrey tells him she has to lay low because her mom was upset about him being in her bed. Audrey confronts him about breaking his competitor’s elbow after the guy tapped out.

At the truck stop, Harrison helps a guy load some extra cargo into his truck. He hands Harrison an envelope to give to his dad. He gives it to Dexter.

Later on, Harrison gets surrounded by boys from the rival wrestling team. He pulls out his knife to attack them first but Dexter intervenes and stops Harrison. Harrison opens up to Dexter about how he has nightmares of the night his mom was murdered. Harrison runs off from Dexter and gets a ride from a friend.

Harrison sees Audrey buying a Christmas tree with Zach. He picks up a call from Kurt who asks if he’s at the truck stop. Harrison explains he had a fight with his dad and Kurt comforts him, offering to pick him up because he has a surprise for him.

Kurt lets Harrison into the school because he has an old set of keys. They look at old trophies of Matt’s and play baseball with a ball machine. Harrison gets hit by the ball twice but tells Kurt to turn the machine back on. He gets hit again over and over but seems to relish in it. Kurt offers to get Harrison some venison because he’s never tried it.

Dexter urgently texts Harrison to not trust Kurt and to get away from him. Harrison reads it and asks to get some firewood outside for Kurt. Kurt asks him if he wants him to go home and Harrison says no way, he wants the venison. Harrison turns his phone on airplane mode and ignores Dexter.

Kurt and Harrison laugh and bond over their venison meal. Harrison admits he and Audrey might not be a thing after all because of the wrestling match. Harrison asks Kurt about what happened with his arrest. Kurt explains how his dad murdered Iris and there was a DNA mix up. Harrison opens up about his relationship with Jim (Dexter) and how they don’t get each other on a father-son level. Kurt tells Harrison that if he were his son, he never would’ve walked out. Kurt gets up from the table to “take care of something” and Harrison looks at his phone seeing several missed calls.

Kurt walks into the room with a white ski mask on and a gun and tells him to get up and get out, apologizing for “sins of the father”. Harrison begs to make it right and asks him not to hurt him. Kurt just says “run”. The truck rides up and Kurt tells Elric to rush over so that Dexter can see this. He realizes it’s Jim (Dexter) driving the car and says “Oh shit”. He tries to shoot Jim but he runs Kurt over. Dexter and Harrison run towards each other and hug. Kurt runs away and Dexter and Harrison drive away.

Harrison asks Dexter what’s going on and Dexter tells him there is so much he needs to know. That he never needs to feel alone with his dark thoughts again. He tells Harrison that he was born in blood, just like him. That he had the same violent urges like him. His dad taught him a way to channel the urges and he’s going to tell Harrison the same. Harrison hugs Dexter.

Dexter opens up to Harrison about his urge to hurt people. Harrison relates to his urges and asks him why they’re like this. Dexter explains that because they both saw their mothers murdered when they were young they have these urges. Harrison says he’s felt alone for years. Dexter tells Harrison that his father gave him “the code” too dealing with these urges. First, one needs to find proof of the target’s past crimes. Once the evidence is found, he has justification to “do what the law failed to do”.

Dexter gives Harrison a few presents on Christmas morning- including a rifle. Dexter tells Harrison that guns are loud and messy and that he does not use them to scare people. The gun is to help Harrison blend in. He teaches him how to shoot. They practice on bottles in the backyard. Harrison asks more questions about Kurt and his reasons for going after Harrison. Dexter explains that Kurt is a serial killer but that he doesn’t have proof yet to bring to Angela. Dexter does tell Harrison he has a plan to handle Kurt. Harrison gives Dexter a drawing of Deb as a Christmas present and Dexter is touched. Dexter surprises Harrison with one last present to blend in - a Christmas sweater.

Dexter and Harrison go by Angela and Audrey’s to exchange presents. Audrey makes monkey bread for Harrison. She tells Harrison he seems happy and he tells her he found a way to let go of her anger. They all open presents together. The doorbell rings and Kurt is at the door with a gift. Kurt sees Jim (Dexter) and Harrison and they exchange a few words before Kurt leaves. Dexter and Harrison abruptly leave and tell Angela he’ll be back later that night.

Harrison admits to what he did to Ethan- that he set the whole thing up. He asks Dexter how he knew- “blood splatter analysis” Dexter responded. Harrison tells him that just scaring Mr. WIggles doesn’t feel like justice. He admits he fantasized about killing the Trinity Killer with his own razor. They plot to find proof about Kurt’s victims.

Harrison and Dexter unlock an underground padlocked unit and Dexter crawls inside. He triggers an alert, intentionally, letting Kurt know he has found his hiding spot. Kurt looks at his phone and sees Harrison face on the camera. Dexter and Harrison find a surgical table with tools. They find all of his victims, perfectly preserved as trophies.

Harrison and Dexter break in and inject Kurt. They bring Kurt’s body back to his underground unit next to his victims. They prepare to kill Kurt. Dexter admits he’s done this hundreds of times. Harrison seems proud.

Kurt wakes up and finds himself strapped in plastic to a surgical table. Kurt admits his murders - claiming he saved the women because they’re just runaways. Kurt tells Harrison that Dexter killed Matt and that’s why he tried to kill Harrison. Dexter stabs Kurt in the chest while Harrison watches. Dexter dismembers Kurt’s body while Harrison continues to watch.

Harrison sees the blood and decides to go get some air. They bring the body parts to the local incinerator. Dexter tells Harrison it’ll look like Kurt ran because he packed his bags and emptied his safes.

Dexter and Harrison go home to see their house completely burned down. The fire department is already there. Audrey and Angela are there, wondering what happened. Audrey begs Angela to let them stay with them. They all go back to Angela’s house.

Harrison and Dexter are at the site of their burned house, where Angela says that arson is the cause. Harrison suggests a few suspects to Angela- guys from school who tried to jump him. Some of the wrestling guys and Logan come by with donated clothes. A new Letterman jacket is also give to Harrison, despite the fact that he deliberately broke Jeremy's arm during a wrestling match..

Dexter suggests to Harrison that they move somewhere warmer- potentially Los Angeles. Harrison tells Dexter he’s finally fitting in and doesn’t want to move. Dexter tells Harrison they can’t be themselves in Iron Lake. Harrison agrees, requesting a pool if they move.

Upon hearing that his dad was arrested, Harrison rushes to the station. Dexter tells him to go see Tess, who gives him a hotel room and Coach Logan buys Harrison a hamburger to make sure he’s settled in. Coach asks if Harrison can think of anything to exonerate Dexter, Harrison lies that he was not in town yet despite a flashback to the woods where he observed Dexter chasing the white deer, the day before Matt disappeared.

Harrison goes by Audrey’s to get his stuff. Audrey apologizes to Harrison about how it’s her fault- she told her mom what he said at the party. They hug and kiss. Harrison sleeps over, but in the middle of the night receives a call from Dexter on Logan's phone. They agree on a meeting spot because Dexter escaped. Harrison leaves Audrey's and drives to where the white deer was killed.

There, Dexter rushes to Harrison and Harrison asks him whose blood is on him. He tells him he’ll explain everything later. Harrison realizes Dexter called him from Logan’s phone and that Dexter killed him. Harrison is furious, believing Dexter only killed bad guys. Dexter begs him to come with him and offers to stop killing. Harrison tells Dexter to turn himself in, that there’s no other way. Dexter tells him he doesn’t have to come with him but that he can’t stay here. Harrison holds his gun in his face and asks him if his mom and Deb would be alive if it weren’t for him. Dexter apologizes for everything he’s done to him. He tells him to take the safety off on the gun. He tells him it’s the only way out and instructs Harrison to shoot him. Harrison shoots and Dexter falls to the ground. Dexter mutters “you did good”. Deb holds his hand as he dies.

Angela runs up with her gun and Harrison tells her what happened. She hands him money and tells him to get out of town and never come back. She hugs him and tells him he needs to do this now. He tells her to tell Audrey he says goodbye but she says she can’t because she hasn’t seen him.

Harrison rushes to his car while Angela wipes down the gun. Angela calls in an officer related shooting. Harrison reads the letter Dexter wrote to Hannah. He drives past Audrey’s house and sees her in the window but keeps driving out of town.

Murder Victim

Injured Victims

  • Ethan Williams (nearly died from blood loss after Harrison sliced his leg with a straight razor)
  • Jeremy (his arm was deliberately broken by Harrison during a high school wrestling match)
  • Cheerleader - (her foot was sliced by Harrison after she requested that he carve an "H" on it)
  • Himself (stabbed himself and lied that Ethan did it)

Illegal/Illicit Behavior

  1. Abduction (helped Dexter kidnap Kurt)
  2. Accomplice to murder (present when Dexter murdered Kurt)
  3. Unlawful disposal of a body (helped Dexter burn Kurt’s remains)
  4. Intimidation (grabbed Zach’s throat and threatened him)
  5. Trespass (broke into a cabin at Roaring Forks Summer Camp)
  6. Evidence tampering (framed Ethan Williams for stabbing him and planning a school shooting)
  7. Assault (attacked Bill (Moose Creek) with his straight razor, slicing his jacket)
  8. Use of illegal drugs (before arriving to Iron Lake and at a party)
  9. Underage drinking (at a party and later with Kurt)
  10. Sexual misconduct (sex with Audrey; age of consent is 17 in NY)
  11. Driving on public roads without a permit or license

Attempted to Kill Harrison

  • Jasper Hodge (while not a direct attempt, his tainted drugs almost killed Harrison)
  • Kurt Caldwell (planned to shoot and kill Harrison while Dexter watched)


  • My life has always been... truth-adjacent. But, starting now, there will be one less lie.- Dexter (voiceover) when he decides to tell Harrison that he’s his father
  • My father protected me. Taught me. Kept me alive. And that's exactly what I'm going to do for my son. - Dexter (voiceover) as he arrives home with Harrison
  • "Harrison scored higher than any student has ever scored on the school placement exam. Some of the questions on this test are for Advanced Placement students. College-level." - Principal Strode to Jim/Dexter ("Smoke Signals")
  • "Why the fuck would I trust you? You're the one living a lie... Jim." - Harrison to Dexter
  • "Me? I'm great. I'm a fucking hero." - Harrison (drunk) to Audrey


  • It's revealed that Harrison is using the last name "Lindsay" on a job application. ("Too Many Tuna Sandwiches")
  • Dexter saw Harrison for the last time at a bus station in Miami and reunites with him at a bus station in Iron Lake.
  • Harrison's age of 16 is confirmed in Dexter- New Blood Wrap-Up Podcast Episode 8 - Storm of F*ck - SHOWTIME
  • Harrison is shown to be a skilled artist, as he accurately drew a picture of his aunt Debra from memory alone.
  • Though to an unknown degree, Harrison has shown to have some close quarter combat skills. It is unknown where he acquired them, as he simply claims he picked it from up from the foster homes he stayed at.

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