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Fire 809

Arson at Harrington Youth Facility

Harrington Youth Facility is a location mentioned in Season Eight of the Showtime series DEXTER.

It’s a mental health institute in England where Daniel Vogel was sent to live at age fourteen after he killed his brother. At age seventeen, he escaped by setting a fire to fake his death, after which he began living under the alias of Oliver Saxon, a boy who died in the fire.


County of Oxfordshire, England


Dexter Morgan pays a visit to Dr. Evelyn Vogel with some startling news. When he ran a mitochondrial DNA match on the hairs found in Zach’s studio, he discovered that the Brain Surgeon is a direct match to her. Evelyn is in disbelief because she has no family. She admits that she was married and had two sons, Daniel and Richard Jr., but says they're dead. Evelyn explains that she found Richard, her youngest, at the bottom of the swimming pool and realized that Daniel had killed him. The family was living in Miami at the time.

Evelyn describes Daniel to Dexter as highly intelligent, devoid of empathy, with a complete lack of fear or sense of right and wrong, and says he’s a “psychopath.” She tells Dexter that she wasn’t able to treat Daniel, so he was placed in a mental health facility in England when he was fourteen. Three years later, he died when a fire broke out in the wing where Daniel was living. A nurse had left the door locked to take a coffee break and the children couldn’t get out. Seven of them perished, including Daniel. Her husband identified the horribly burned body.

When Dexter suggests that Daniel faked his death. Evelyn thinks it’s preposterous. Later, Dexter shows her definitive proof that Daniel is still alive, and goes by the name of Oliver Saxon.

Evelyn has invited Saxon into her home, calling him “Daniel.” She hopes they can reconnect as mother and son even though she’s aware that he is the Brain Surgeon, a dangerous serial killer.

As they sit at the kitchen table, Evelyn smiles and remarks that she’s reminded of what it was like to be his mother. Saxon, however, fiercely resents his mother for sending him away when he was fourteen and then never visiting him. Evelyn promises to make it up to him by finding the proper care that he needs. Saxon scoffs and states that he will never be locked up again. Evelyn defends her actions at the time, saying that she was young and didn’t know how else to deal with him. Saxon retorts, “But you sure as hell knew how to help Dexter Morgan. You taught him how to deal with his condition. You gave him everything you denied me. While I was rotting away, you gave him a life.” Evelyn apologizes to her son, but he remains skeptical and storms out.

Later, Evelyn arrives home to find Saxon waiting outside with his pickup truck. He says, “I want you to see something. Get in. I'm not gonna hurt you... Mom. Trust me, if I wanted you dead, I wouldn't be holding this door.” Warily, Evelyn gets in his truck.

Saxon drives his mother to the vacant Rendall Psychiatric Hospital and takes her to his kill room. He says he brought her there to help her understand what he endured while living in the psychiatric facility in England. He’s made this room look exactly like what was called the “treatment room.”  He describes how the doctors would strap him to an exam table and force meds down his throat, which was the highlight of his day. He says it’s why he caused the fire. Evelyn assures Saxon that most facilities aren't like that, and she could put him someplace where he’d be very comfortable, and she would see him every day.

Saxon, though, refuses to be admitted to another institution. Instead, he begs her to help him to freely live as a killer, like Dexter does. Evelyn, hoping that her son is sincere, promises that she will find a solution, and will make Dexter understand. Saxon warns her not to make the same mistake she made with Richard, adding, “Choose right this time. Choose me.” They hug for the first time in decades.

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