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Hardware Store Clerk:

Hardware Store Clerk: Hammer Helper

Hardware Store Clerk is a character in Season Four of the Showtime series DEXTER.

He encourages Arthur Mitchell aka The Trinity Killer to buy a framing hammer.


In preparation for a bludgeoning murder, Arthur looks over the various hammers in a hardware store, unsure of which one to buy. He appears anxious, and his eyes are slightly teary.

Clerk: “Can I help you?”
Arthur: “I'm taking on a project.”
Clerk: “How big?”
Arthur: “Almost more than I can handle. And I don't have a lot of time.”
Clerk: “Maybe you need another hand or two. There's plenty of laborers out there.”
Arthur: “No, no. I work alone.”
Clerk: “Sounds like you need the right tool for the job.”
Arthur: “So much work. But I have to finish what I started, right?”
Clerk: “Yeah, I -- I guess.”
Arthur: “What would you do?”
Clerk: “Me? Oh, I'd go with the framing hammer. Got a lot of heft. It's versatile. You can't go wrong. [He hands one to Arthur.]
Arthur: “I see what you mean. You've been very helpful.”

Later, Arthur uses the hammer to bludgeon a man at an office plaza, as Dexter Morgan watches on a security camera.


While at a Four Walls One Heart build site, Arthur uses the hammer to work on the frame of a new house. Later, he gives it to Dexter as a gift.

Dexter frames Stan Beaudry by leaving Arthur’s hammer at his shack. The next day, Debra Morgan finds it and it’s taken into evidence.

Arthur is taken to a backyard bomb shelter by Dexter, who then kills him with a hammer.


  • The name of the store is on business cards on the counter.
  • B & B Hardware was a real store in Long Beach, CA, until it closed in 2010.
  • The hammer is described as a “Grant 24-ounce framing hammer.”

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