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Hannah McKay Aconite Queen/Passionate Poisoner

""A girl's got to protect herself." ~ Hannah (Swim Deep")"

Hannah McKay is a character in the Showtime series DEXTER. She was a serial killer with whom Dexter Morgan became romantically involved.


Hannah was a pretty woman with blonde hair and blue eyes. She was of a slim build, often wearing sleeveless shirts and shorts due to her hobby (and work) involving plant care. Her clothing was mainly of white or light shades of color, which is typical in Florida.

Her right hand has a scar, stretching the length of her palm, from where the bloody blade of a knife slipped as she was stabbing her victim during her first kill at age fifteen.


Hannah would kill when she was wronged or out of self-defense. When questioned by Dexter if she enjoyed killing, Hannah was quick to say, "No." She stated that killing was just nature's way of addition and subtraction, and sometimes a life was needed to be taken -- a survival of the fittest. She affirmed that she was the "fittest so far.”


Hannah was born in the tiny town of Clopton, Alabama. When she was six years old, she received her first taste of death when her father threw her into a pond to teach her how to swim. She almost drowned until a fisherman saved her life, while her mother and father stood off to the side. At the age of eight, Hannah's father took her to a poker tournament and left her in a hotel room by herself for three days, rewarding her with a doll house when he returned. The strained relationship continued throughout her life and bubbled over in the episode "The Dark... Whatever."

At the age of fifteen, Hannah was awakened in the night by Wayne Randall who suggested they take off on a road trip. Their simple dream was to live together on a farm in Argentina. However, the two ended up on a three-state killing spree in which Wayne was considered the main perpetrator. It's revealed that Hannah was responsible for one victim's death after Wayne captured a couple. As Wayne was stabbing the man, his wife tried to stop him. Wayne ordered Hannah to get her off of him, so Hannah pinned the woman on a bed and stabbed her "until the screaming stopped."

Once they were caught, Hannah turned state-evidence against Wayne and he was incarcerated. Hannah, because of her young age, was sent to a juvenile facility for six years. While there, a counselor began sexually abusing her (and friend, Arlene Schram). When he received little punishment, Hannah took matters into her own hands. A couple of weeks later, the counselor died from ingesting rat poison.

As an adult, Hannah went on with her life. Her marriage to Jake Kirkwood lasted a few years until he died at the age of forty from a heart attack. Hannah was pregnant at the time and her husband threatened to leave her unless she had an abortion. Hannah felt mistreated and killed him, but then miscarried. (Later, Debra Morgan had Jake’s body exhumed to prove that she poisoned him, but he hadn't been embalmed and only bones remained.)

A year before crossing paths with Dexter, Hannah was apprenticed to Beverly Grey at a greenhouse. Beverly became ill and later died of a heart attack. A blood-sample obtained by Sal Price (prior to Beverly’s cremation) revealed traces of Aconite, a poisonous plant that grew on the grounds. Hannah was listed in Beverly's Will and inherited her business, keeping the same schedule, clients, and handyman.

Season Seven

Wayne Randall volunteers to reveal the location of three bodies that he buried in Miami fifteen years ago. At one of the dig sites, Dexter talks with him about his philosophy of surrendering to his situation. After several days of digging, Frosty Swirls, and sunshine, Wayne reminisces on his time with Hannah. He then commits suicide by jumping in front of an oncoming truck which instantly kills him. Dexter is sprayed with his blood and realizes that Wayne couldn't handle time in prison.

With Miami Metro still searching for bodies, Sgt. Angel Batista goes to Hannah's house to speak with her about the murders. Dexter is taken along to collect a DNA sample. Hannah initially tries to keep that life behind her, staying distant and showing irritation with the police for constantly pestering her. She's not sure what to make of Dexter. When he drops the swab he is using to collect DNA from her mouth, she asks if he does this for a living, but seems to be interested in him nonetheless.

Hannah appears at the police station with her lawyer after he persuades her to help find the remaining bodies. While there, Hannah tells Dexter that she and Wayne were dreamers, who wanted to settle down on a farm in Argentina. He informs Hannah that Wayne's last words were about her: “Every day was like an unwrapped present.” She laughs and says he got it from a fortune cookie.

Soon Hannah appears at the police station to identify the possessions (kept as trophies) of Randall's victims. To Dexter, she appears less depressed than nostalgic for the times they represent to her.

During her interview, Hannah quietly toys with one of the "trophies" in front of Dexter. To him, it looks as if she is reflecting on the joy of the kill. Hannah agrees to show Miami Metro Homicide where a man and woman are buried on a beach near a motel.

Investigators unearth two bodies - male and female - and Dexter is sent to analyze the blood spatter. With Hannah nearby, Dexter examines the condition of the female victim. He realizes that her killer was shorter than Randall. Dexter does not share this finding with the cops, but confronts Hannah. When he mentions the scar on her palm, Hannah states that she got the scar from talking back to Wayne. Dexter immediately calls her out on her lies. She responds, smiling, "That's my story, and I'm sticking to it."

Deciding that Hannah would make a good victim for his Dark Passenger, Dexter starts stalking her. He also begins accumulating information about her life. He learns of her husband who died of a heart attack and, via writer Sal Price, the death of a counselor who had apparently sexually assaulted her shortly after release from juvie. Dexter meets with Hannah and tries to earn her trust by claiming he was "wrong" about her involvement in the killing spree. As the two slowly become closer, Dexter discovers more about the fates of those who crossed paths with Hannah. Beverly Grey, who was Hannah's mentor in the plant nursery business, died of a heart attack, not unlike Hannah's husband. A postmortem found traces of Aconite, which can be derived from a plant found in Hannah's garden. Dexter weighs the evidence of her guilt and finds enough proof for her to be killed.

The two meet several times, with Hannah even showing up at his apartment, carrying a flowering plant. She seems to take a liking to Dexter, despite the mysterious excuses he uses to constantly see her. When Dexter discovers Aconite growing in her garden, he tells Hannah that he wants to "take her out." Hannah is reluctant at first but eventually is won over by Dexter. Remembering that Randall had promised to take Hannah to Christmas Village - a holiday-themed attraction in the perennially sunny Miami area - Dexter takes her there for their date. In fact, Dexter has decided that the now closed attraction will be her kill room.

Leading Hannah inside Santa's Holiday Adventure, Dexter awes her with its beautiful display of falling snow and holiday lights. Hannah is touched and thanks Dexter for bringing her there. Dexter then injects her with a syringe of M99. She wakes up naked, bound to a table by Dexter's shrink wrap, and with duct tape over her mouth. Dexter removes the tape, expecting to hear her beg for her life, which she does not do. Instead, she tells him to do what he has to do. Dexter stands up with knife in hand, raising it above to deliver the killing blow. However, he alters his swing and strikes down into the table, and suddenly cuts her free from the wrap rather than end her life. Hannah sits up and stares into his eyes, allowing her desire to take hold. The two share a heated kiss as the plastic falls off her body. Dexter strips off his kill attire, and the two have sex on the kill table.

After the sex, Hannah holds Dexter's knife against his throat and demands to know why he almost killed her. He admits that he kills "bad people," and Hannah asks if he thinks she is bad. Dexter says that she fits the general description, after which Hannah tells him, "You have no idea." Dexter begins to kiss her, leading to them having sex again, as Hannah drops the knife.

When Dexter drops Hannah off at her house, they agree to never have sex again or try to kill each other. Sal Price (crime writer), parked down the street, notices Dexter and Hannah returning from an overnight date. Dexter asks Sal to keep it out of his book and offers to reveal Wayne Randall’s last words if he agrees. Sal says he will think it over.

At the flower mart, Sal pressures Hannah to be interviewed for his next book, and references Dexter. Annoyed, she agrees and arranges a meeting at her house as long as he keeps Dexter out of the book. Later, Hannah tells Dexter about Sal, and he says Sal doesn’t need to die, and promises to handle the situation.

To prove he was murdered by Hannah, Debra has Jake Kirkwood exhumed through his sister to run tests. However, since Hannah did not allow the the body to be embalmed, there is no tissue left.

During her interview with Sal Price over her first kill at age fifteen, Hannah reveal all and appears to have an emotional break down. However, it's a diversion to put poison on his pen since he compulsively keeps one in his mouth. Meanwhile, Dexter has broken into Sal’s apartment again to gather DNA to frame him for the murder of Christy Lawson. Sal later goes to Dexter’s apartment to interview him. While there, Sal suddenly drops dead of an apparent heart attack. Dexter is furious, realizing that Hannah poisoned him against his wishes.

Furious over Sal's death, Debra calls Hannah in for questioning. She has very little proof against Hannah and instead baits her. When Debra mentions her past miscarriage, Hannah becomes distraught. Watching from outside the room, Dexter narrates, "She's not acting."

When Vince Masuka informs Debra that no poison was found in Sal, according to the toxicology report, she’s outraged. Debra begins an unrelenting pursuit to bring Hannah to justice.

After Debra listens to Sal's interview with Hannah, she calls Dexter (who is with Hannah). He’s taken by surprise when she requests that he kill Hannah.

Debra: "Hannah McKay killed Sal Price. She’s gonna walk. She’s gonna get away with it. And we both know she’s going to kill again. He didn’t deserve to die. I can’t let this happen. There has to be some fucking justice. It’s you, Dex. You know what I’m saying? She deserves it. I want you to make it right. Do what you do."

Dexter refuses to kill Hannah and tells Debra that not only is there no proof, but he won't do it for Debra's sake, which disappoints her.

Dexter is again at Hannah’s house. He tells her that the Koshka Brotherhood trying to kill him and that he must somehow kill Isaak Sirko first. Hannah suggests that he learn what makes the guy tick, and offers her van to him to use for surveillance. Dexter enjoys having someone to talk to about his kills.

That night, Debra spots Dexter with Hannah's key chain. She realizes they are seeing each other and it leads to a huge argument. Debra gets emotional and lets it slip that, on the night she saw him with Travis in the church, she was going to tell him she was in love with him. Dexter is taken off guard and isn't sure what she means. Debra isn't sure either, and states that she’s even more screwed-up than her serial killer brother.

Dexter has Hannah on his boat, giving her a fast, choppy ride. She's deathly afraid of the water, a result of her father throwing her into a pond to sink or swim when she was little. She almost drowned, but for a fisherman saving her life.

Hannah is later kidnapped by Isaak and his bodyguard, Jurg Yeliashkevych, in order to blackmail Dexter into killing Oleg Mickic and Benjamin Caffrey, two hitmen trying to kill Isaak. Dexter is very worried about Hannah, while Debra says he doesn't have to save her nor does she deserve it. However, Dexter is determined to save her and he agrees to work with Isaak. Dexter is eventually allowed a talk with Hannah and she admits she misses him and that Jurg has not hurt her, with Dexter using this opportunity to take a picture of her location. Hannah later convinces Jurg to allow her to use some of the vegetables out back to make fried green tomatoes. She intentionally makes them too spicy to incapacitate Jurg, and she hits him over the head with a blender. Jurg stabs Hannah in the stomach, but she then kills him with a lamp. She crawls to get the key only to pass out from her wound.

Dexter tells Hannah how he truly feels about her

Debra arrives on the scene and calls an ambulance. Hannah (who later regains consciousness) asks Debra why she saved her if she hates her so much. Debra says she was only doing her job and because of how important she is to her brother. Dexter arrives, worried and happy that she's alright. Hannah notices that he's shaking and he tells her that he's only felt this fear once before, i.e. when his mother was murdered in front of him.

Hannah is home from the hospital and sporting a scar from twelve stitches. Dexter tells her that the Phantom Arsonist has struck again, and Hannah says it's understandable that Dexter wants to kill him. However, Dexter says he won’t kill him because of a promise to Debra. When he remarks that his Dark Passenger wants him to be elsewhere, it arouses Hannah’s curiosity. Dexter explains that Dark Passenger is what he calls his need to kill, and that it’s like a thing living inside him, telling him what to do, saying he has to kill, not leaving him any choice. Hannah refuses to accept this, and tells Dexter that he does have a choice and he’s not a puppet. She insists that it’s just him wanting to kill.

In the midst of their discussion, Hannah's disreputable father, Clint McKay, knocks at her window. He’s out of jail, and apologizes to Hannah for being a bad father. He insists that he’s a changed man and wants to make it up to her. Although Hannah distrusts him, they meet for coffee and she shows him the flower mart. Things go well, and Hannah texts Dexter with an invite to meet them for dinner at Dane's Restaurant. While they are eating, Clint mentions that he is starting a crawfish farm in Louisiana. Impressed, Hannah invites Clint to stay at her house instead of a motel.

The next morning, Clint tries to persuade Hannah to give him $20,000 to start up his crawfish business. Hannah politely refuses, which Clint takes as an insult and furiously drives off in his pickup truck. Dexter discourages Hannah from trusting him, but she insists that there is still good in him. Later, Clint returns and drives his truck through her garden and greenhouse, destroying them. At first, he claims it was just a drunken accident. Then he yells at Hannah, accusing her of being at fault for her mother's death. He calls her a killer and a "mistake." Hannah begins to cry uncontrollably. Dexter grabs Clint in a choke hold and angrily orders him to leave the premises.

Clint appears uninvited at Dexter’s apartment and tries to blackmail him for the $20.000. He demands the money in exchange for not telling Miami Metro that Hannah poisoned a counselor in front of a witness, Arlene Schram. He admits that the money is for gambling debts and not a crawfish farm. (It turns out that Clint had already notified Miami Metro about Arlene.)

Dexter meets with Clint under the pretense of giving him the money. Instead, he injects Clint with M99, takes him out on his boat, where a terrified Clint begs for his life. Dexter, though, stabs him in the chest and throws him overboard. When Dexter returns to Hannah, he finds that she had withdrawn the money from her bank. Dexter doesn’t tell her that he killed her father, but does assure her that she won't be seeing him again. Thankful for what Dexter did, Hannah confesses that she loves him to which Dexter replies, "...I think I love you, too.

Debra visits Hannah's old roommate, Arlene Schram, to question her about her involvement in the death of the counselor. After some nervous responses ending with, "I have to think about it," Debra leaves Arlene with a warning. Arlene then contacts Hannah and they discuss the situation in Arlene's car. Hannah promises to take care of it.

Debra is about to go for a night run when Hannah surprises her by dropping by her beach house. As they are talking outside, Debra sips from her water bottle. Despite Hannah trying to make peace, Debra resolves to see Hannah behind bars. The following day, Debra has a car accident when she blacks out at the wheel while on her way to Arlene's house for more questioning. Dexter initially thinks Debra took too much Xanax because of stress. However, Debra is sure that Hannah is involved.

Dexter questions Hannah about Debra's car crash, and Hannah takes offense, stating that she is innocent and would never harm his sister. While trying to convince Dexter, Hannah proudly says that she has never made a mistake. Still wondering if Debra was purposefully drugged, Dexter searches Debra's beach house for signs of a break-in, and discovers a blonde hair. He then searches Debra's car and finds her water bottle which may have been tampered with. Dexter has the lab analyze the water, and the results show that the water contains a concentration of nearly 40% alphrazolam, which Dexter realizes is Hannah's doing.

Dexter feels betrayed and believes that his sister will never be safe from Hannah. To protect her, he gives Debra the pen with poison on it. Dexter returns to Hannah's house, and she greets him with a kiss. She senses something is wrong by Dexter's behavior. Just then, cop sirens are heard, and Debra walks up to Hannah and places her under arrest for the murder of Sal Price. Before she is taken away, Hannah quietly tells Dexter, "You should have killed me."

Hannah in jail, awaiting trial

Dexter visits Hannah in jail and she admits to poisoning Debra. She said she did it because Debra tried to separate her from Dexter. He says that he had no choice but to turn her in because she might try to hurt Debra again. Although angry that Dexter chose his sister over her, she assures him that she won't reveal his secret when she goes to trial. Dexter and Hannah share a passionate kiss before Hannah bites Dexter's lip as a sort of revenge. She leaves him with, "Goodbye, Dexter."

Just before her arraignment, Hannah is confronted by Debra at the court house. Hannah plans to plead "not guilty" and tells Debra that she will confess her crimes when Debra confesses hers. Debra replies that her conscience is clean, to which Hannah reminds her that she is lieutenant of Miami Metro Homicide but still knows about Dexter's secret. Hannah asks Debra how she can bring her to justice, but not her brother. The judge charges Hannah with 1st Degree Murder with no right to bail.

In a staged encounter, Arlene slips Hannah a drug during an embrace, to which Hannah swallows on her way out of the courthouse. In the prisoner transport van, Hannah overdoses and is sent into a seizure. Going accordingly to her plan, Hannah is brought to the hospital where she manages to escape, while her nurses are gone. Once she is free, Hannah places a potted black orchid outside Dexter's apartment door as an ominous goodbye. She walks away with a determined look on her face.

Season Eight

Dexter and Debra are sharing a cup of coffee at her beach house and he informs her that he is taking on an apprentice. Debra suddenly becomes groggy and faints. When he attempts to help her, Dexter collapses as well. Just before he passes out, Hannah appears and asks him if he remembers her.

Dexter wakes up on the side of the road in an industrial area of Miami, and calls Debra to pick him up. When she arrives, Debra immediately deduces it was Hannah who came back to get revenge on them for turning her in. Dexter requests footage from the CCTV cameras on the light posts in the area where he woke up, and sees Hannah behind the wheel of a van, having moved him while he was unconscious. With the license plate number, he calls the van's rental agency to find out the driver's info. He's told that it was rented to a Maggie Castner, which turns out to be Hannah's new identity. Dexter finds the marina where Hannah is staying on a yacht, and spots her in the company of a man in a suit. He follows them to the exclusive Red Coral Club.

At first, Dexter is denied entrance to the club, but wealthy Zach Hamilton is able to get him inside. When Dexter spots Hannah, he tells Zach to keep an eye on the man with her and to warn him if he returns. Dexter confronts Hannah, who is now known as Maggie, and asks her why she drugged them. She warns him that he should leave before her husband, Miles Castner, returns. When Zach sees Miles walking toward Dexter and Hannah, he sends a text message. Dexter, however, ignores the warning and insists on getting an answer from Hannah as to why she returned to Miami. Miles approaches them and immediately tells Dexter that he knows all about him -- how he was Hannah's boyfriend, but betrayed her to the police.

The next day, Debra stops by Dexter's apartment and they talk about Hannah. Debra thinks that Dexter still loves Hannah, which he unconvincingly denies. Debra warns Dexter that getting back in touch with Hannah will only cause more trouble. Debra later talks to Evelyn Vogel about her concerns with Hannah's reappearance into Dexter's life.

Dexter meets Hannah at her old greenhouse to ask again why she is in Miami. She reluctantly confesses that she wanted Dexter to kill her husband, Miles, because he is possessive and controlling. Hannah says she can't do it herself because Miles' family views her as a gold digger, and it would raise suspicions and more investigation by the police. Hannah, however, says she has changed her mind for Dexter's sake. When Dexter attempts to kiss her, she backs off and walks away. Miles learns that Hannah and Dexter were together and sends three of his henchmen who brutally beat up Dexter outside of his apartment building. Dexter is concerned that Miles will also harm Hannah and hurries to the yacht.

On the yacht, Hannah says that she was only out buying dresses, but Miles knows she met Dexter at the greenhouse. Miles angrily accuses Hannah of wanting to return to Miami is to see her former boyfriend. He seizes Hannah and attempts to rape her. Dexter sneaks on the yacht to save Hannah from Miles, but it turns out she already killed him by stabbing him with his eyeglasses. Dexter instructs her on how they will cover up the murder, and when he promises that everything will be okay, she believes him. Together, they dump Miles' body into the ocean. When they return, she asks Dexter if this is the way he makes people disappear. While they are talking, Dexter receives a message about a crime scene at his apartment building. Before he departs, Hannah promises not to leave town before they talk again.

Still angry about everything that has happened, Debra follows Dexter and Hannah to the Florida Keys and almost arrests Hannah. However, Hannah tells her that she truly loves Dexter, and Deb believes her. While there, Hannah and Deb meet Zach Hamilton, a budding serial killer. Dexter, Hannah, and Zach return to Miami together and are invited to dinner by Evelyn Vogel.

Since it's clear that Jacob Elway and the authorities are looking for her, Dexter obtains a new identity for Hannah so that she can flee the country. But, after they have sex in her hotel room, Dexter asks her to stay in Miami with him.

Max Clayton, a U.S. Marshal, arrives in Miami to look for Hannah. Dexter drives Hannah to Arlene Schram's new house to pick up the money Hannah has been stashing way. Desperate to protect her, Dexter moves Hannah to Debra's beach house, to which Deb reluctantly agrees. Dexter misleads Clayton to buy them more time so that Hannah and Dexter can arrange to move to Argentina, where Hannah has always wanted to live. Before they can leave Miami, Dexter is determined to kill Oliver Saxon, Dr. Evelyn Vogel's psychopathic son. Meanwhile, Hannah stays at Deb's beach house, helping cook and babysit Harrison.

Hannah encourages Dexter to kill Oliver Saxon so they can leave for Argentina. Debra arrives home to find Hannah, Dexter, and Harrison together. Dexter encourages Deb to join them, saying that she's family, too. Max Clayton shows up at Deb's beach house, nearly catching sight of Hannah.

Disobeying Hannah, Harrison plays on Deb's treadmill and is thrown off. He gashes his chin, requiring a trip to the clinic where a receptionist recognizes Hannah and calls it in. Clayton interviews the receptionist and and shows her a photo of Hannah.

Because Hannah had signed in as Debra Morgan, claiming to be Harrison's mom, both Elway and Clayton question Deb, but she covers for Hannah. Debra insists that she does not know Hannah's whereabouts and that Dexter is not presently dating her. Hannah, moving to a hotel, expresses her gratefulness to Deb for protecting her.

As a hurricane approaches Miami, Hannah goes to the airport to wait for Dexter and Harrison. She hides in the ladies' room because is there, looking for her and blocking her exit. Dexter plants a suspicious-looking backpack near the seats and tells a flight attendant that Elway left it there, allowing the trio to escape Elway successfully.

Hannah and Harrison then board a bus to the Jacksonville airport, with Dexter planning to meet them later. Elway boards the bus as well, surprising Hannah. He tells Hannah that he will arrest her and turn Harrison over to CPS once they reach their destination. In the last few minutes of the trip, Hannah offers Elway a cup of tea from a thermos, which he scoffs at, assuming it is poisoned. However, she has used the thermos to cover her grabbing a needle filled with M99 tranquilizer, and stabs him in the leg with it. Hannah drinks the tea and tells Elway that he will wake up in Tallahassee, with a headache and feeling embarrassed. Hannah and Harrison change buses in Daytona and successfully fly out of Jacksonville. In a final phone call with Dexter who is on the Slice of Life, Hannah expresses her happiness. When they hang up, Dexter throws his phone overboard, buries Debra at sea, and apparently heads toward the storm.

Later, in Argentina, Hannah reads an article about Dexter's disappearance, in which he is presumed to be dead. She wipes away tears to hide them from Harrison and asks him if he wants to get ice cream. The two walk away down an Argentinian street, apparently to start a new life together as mother and son.

Elway remains the only living person who knows that Harrison was alive and traveling with Hannah, although it's likely he reported it.

Dexter: New Blood

Hannah died of pancreatic cancer, which caused Harrison to be placed into foster care. He later informs Dexter of Hannah's death after tracking him down in Iron Lake.


  • Hannah McKay. She spent six years in juvie after pleading guilty to being Wayne Randall's accomplice. She always claimed she was just another one of his victims. Wayne called her the Robin to his Batman, but with better legs.- Dexter to himself ("Run")
  • "Do what you gotta do." ("Do the Wrong Thing") - Hannah to Dexter, while on a kill table
  • "She is everything that is wrong with our lives. She is a vortex. She is a black hole. She sucks everything into her being, leaving nothing behind." -Deb to Dexter, about Hannah ("Dress Code")

Murder Victims

  • Linda Johnson - Stabbed to death while accompanying Wayne Randall on his killing spree
  • Hael Baker - Murdered with rat poison when he molested her and Arlene Schram (a witness)
  • Jake Kirkwood - Hannah's first husband whom she poisoned with Aconite when he threatened to leave her if she didn't have an abortion
  • Beverly Grey - Poisoned with Aconite to inherit her flower shop and put her out of her misery
  • Sal Price - Poisoned his pen with Aconite when he began digging into her past and threatened to expose her
  • Jurg Yeliashkevych - Bashed over the head with a blender, then a lamp, while being held hostage
  • Miles Castner - Hannah's second husband whom she stabbed in the neck when he tried to rape her

Attempted Victim

  • Debra Morgan - Poisoned her with own medication, appearing as an overdose, after Deb threatened her and her relationship with Dexter

Attempted to Kill Hannah

Fugitive Status

Wanted for:

  • Murder in the First Degree
  • Unlawful Flight to Avoid Prosecution
  • Conspiracy to Commit Murder

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  • Hannah is a unique case in Dexter's sexual encounters as she was initially an intended victim whom he cut free, engaging in sex on the table where he was going to kill her. ("Do the Wrong Thing" / "Chemistry")
    • She is also the only attempted victim that Dexter has slept with, as Lila West was a love interest prior to being killed by him, and he never attempted to kill Lumen Pierce (though the thought crossed his mind to let her die since it was risky to save her).
  • Hannah has the highest number of kills of any female character in the series.
  • Hannah's name resembles the Japanese word for flower, hana (花), which is fitting since she grows flowers.



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