Good Samaritan Hospital

Good Samaritan Hospital

Good Samaritan Hospital is a location in Showtime's series DEXTER.

Harry Morgan, Lila West, and Janet Thorton have been independently treated here.

Season Two

Dexter Morgan was called to this hospital by Dr. Hill due to a matter concerning Lila Tournay. Dexter soon learned the reason he was there. Lila West had been admitted after she accused Angel Batista of drugging and raping her. Dexter insisted it wasn’t true and that he needed to speak to Lila. Dr. Hill escorted Dexter to Lila’s hospital room and left him alone with her.

Lila, lying in a hospital bed, told Dexter that he was “sweet” to come see her. Dexter confronted her about the rape allegation against Angel, but Lila feigned ignorance. He said it was a desperate attempt by her to win him back. Lila began to caress Dexter’s hand, but he pulled away. Lila agreed not to press charges against Angel, if Dexter promised to take her back. He asked why she couldn’t just let him go. Lila answered, “Because I’m your real soul mate, not I see you inside. I’m the only one.” Dexter retorted, “Look where it’s gotten you,” and left the room.

Season Eight

After Dexter found Janet Thorton near death in A.J. Yates' basement, he dropped her off near the E.R. for this hospital. The name of the hospital is confirmed when Angel Batista gives Dexter a bag with Janet's clothes inside and asks him to analyze the blood on them.

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(Flashback) While walking down a hall in the hospital, Dexter has a memory of a younger Debra approaching him while crying, saying that her father had died, which implies this where Harry Morgan was pronounced dead.


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