George Novikov
Character Profile
Portrayed By
Jason Gedrick
Season Seven
First Appearance
Are You...?
Last Appearance
The Dark... Whatever
Appears in
Ten Episodes
Full Name
George Novikov

Manner of Death
Shot in the chest by Joey Quinn
Mid-40s (at death)
Personal Status
Marital Status

Professional Status
Manager of a Miami strip club
Koshka Brotherhood
Killer Profile
"No Known Alias"
Number of Victims
At least 1 (directly)
Modus Operandi
Killing Method
Shot victim at close range in the gut
Method of Disposal
Acts on the orders of the higher ranking members in the Koshka Brotherhood

George Novikov is a character in Showtime's series DEXTER.

George is the manager of one of several Miami strip clubs that are owned by Isaak Sirko, the head of a crime syndicate.

George was also one the Main Antagonists of Season Seven, being the secondary antagonist after Isaak Sirko. It should be noted that rather than be an antagonist to Dexter Morgan or even Debra Morgan, George is a personal antagonist to Joey Quinn due to their history together. His immediate superior is Viktor Baskov who he has a very low opinion of in terms of his impulsiveness and the high profile he gives the Koshka Brotherhood. He is also the first secondary antagonist who ultimately kills the Main Antagonist (Isaak Sirko) of a season.


George Novikov is a Caucasian male in his mid-40s with wavy dark brown hair, chocolate brown eyes, and is tall in stature at about 5 feet 11 inches, with a medium and athletic build. George Novikov is quite a handsome and attractive individual who always appears to be very well dressed in formal, or semi formal attire that is very businesslike and sharp designer wear that is probably the most expensive type of quality designer brands. George Novikov always appears to give the impression that he is someone who is not to be messed with. His attitude and body language makes him come across as a very important, powerful and a very independent individual, (hence he probably doesn't enjoy the fact that he now has to answer to his new arrived boss Isaak Sirko). George Novikov's facial expressions consist of many smirks, grins, and ice cold smiles that also make him appear to be an ice cold character who is fearless, smooth, charismatic but yet very cocky in his dealings with Miami Dade Police department, especially in regards to his using Detective Joey Quinn to his own advantage.


George is shown as a mid-level boss within the Koshka Brotherhood, running the chain of Miami strip clubs known as The Fox Hole which acts as a cover for the Brotherhood's true business practices (illegal drug and weapon trafficking). Compared to his boss Isaak Sirko, he puts high priority into insuring their business stays ahead of their competitors such as the Colombians however, Isaak had previously sent Viktor Baskov to take over George's operation as they were steadily losing business to the Colombians.

When Isaak arrives, it's clear that George fears him to some degree as his attitude immediately switches to a nervous surprise. It could be that George knew Isaak as a killer in the past but he certainly was wary of him. George stands by as an assistant during Isaak's time in Miami, first believing Isaak to be there in aide of their business flow but then as an errand boy in Isaak's vendetta against Dexter Morgan, the man responsible for the death of Viktor Baskov. It's clear as he openly warns Isaak time and time again of this vengeful streak clouding his judgement, putting their business at further risk as he focuses on that rather than keeping the Koshka Brotherhood's control. Evidently George finally has enough and asks the rest of the Brotherhood for permission to remove Isaak from power by killing him. His request is granted and three assassins are put at his disposal, though all three are killed before they can complete their assignment (two by Dexter Morgan and one by Isaak himself). Deciding enough is enough, he takes matters into his own hands and confronts Isaak after the third assassin fails, shooting him in the gut leaving him to bleed out while walking off.

Away from the business is George's connection with Detective Joey Quinn whom he knew back during narcotics. Confident in his "dirty cop", George used to be able to pay Quinn off for any situation and used this to his advantage in the past. Assuming Quinn was the same way during Isaak's vendetta, he tries to pay off Quinn to lose the "blood evidence" linking Isaak to a crime scene that landed him in jail but Quinn is initially resilient. With pressure from Isaak growing at this time, he decides to use another angle apart from the cash (which was $10,000): using Quinn's recent love interest (and one of George's employees) Nadia against him. Quinn reluctantly agrees, becoming more and more angered after losing first the blood evidence then being hounded for more "favors" (though George insists that he'll also pay him for the work). Quinn finally has enough when George forces Nadia to have sex with him and openly mocks Quinn, wanting him to stop ignoring the favors he's asking for. This results in Quinn throwing George through a window and beating him senseless on the floor of his club, before walking off "giving notice" of his refusal to aide George any longer.


George Novikov is a very smooth, confident, charismatic and relaxed character, probably because he had quite a high ranking mob position, plus he is also very wealthy. He is both cocky and respectful at the same time. George Novikov is usually quite sarcastic in his dealings with Miami Dade Police Department, behaving as an untouchable criminal player. George also seams to be annoyed at the fact that he must answer to Isaak Sirko, however he maintains his respect and honor with his dealings with the head boss Mr. Isaak Sirko. However, this respect is only to a certain degree, as when pushed, George is more than willing to betray Isaak should he believe Isaak is unworthy of being a leader. As such, he had no hesitation to order hitmen after Isaak (though he did need the Brotherhood's approval first) and even killed Isaak himself without hesitation or remorse and seemed glad to have killed him.

George is also very snobbish, believing he can easily get what he wants due to his position in the Brotherhood. It's this attitude that he has with Joey Quinn that he uses Quinn to steal the evidence against Isaak or he'd risk losing Nadia to another strip club and one that would treat her badly. Also, he's not very honorable like Isaak as he told Quinn he "tried" to get Nadia's passport for him only to say he couldn't, which he really never tried and plans to use Quinn as much as he wants. When Quinn refused to deal with him again, George resorted in having sex with Nadia by force or she'd lose her job and maybe more, showing George is rather perverted and a very cruel and selfish man, being more than willing to force others into situation they don't want to. He even mocked Quinn for believing he can't just not get back to George or his blackmail attempts and thinks that Quinn is his "dirty cop" and should learn to disobey him and learn from Nadia about taking "jobs" seriously. However, George failed to noticed Quinn's main weakness: his temper, which resulted in George receiving a well deserved beating by being thrown out of a window in his office and beaten badly by Quinn who told George that was his "notice".

Early life

George joined the Koshka Brotherhood at an unspecified time and worked for them as a mid-level drug pusher and club manager for Isaak Sirko. Prior to Isaak arriving in Miami, he had a past "business relationship" with former Narcotics officer Joey Quinn, often using him for favors by slipping him some cash to look the other way. This could explain Quinn's expensive vehicles and lifestyle in his introduction to the series as well as Yuki Amado's investigation into him.


Season Seven

George is first seen at the Foxhold where Quinn and Batista are investigating the death of Mike Anderson and question all the workers there after Soroka's death at the hands of George's worker Victor Baskov. He later calls Isaak in Kiev telling him Victor made his flight and should be landing in Kiev soon.

He is later constantly annoyed by the police coming and closing down his business and his refusal to talk with them and give them the shooter and George continues to act like he knows nothing. However, he is later visited by Isaak who asks of Victor's location revealing he never left Miami. George admits he doesn't know and says he'll make sure none of the workers will reveal nothing or they will pay. As he points out that Viktor did a stupid thing he wouldn't betray them, Isaak confirms he believes him and leaves to visit Tony Rush.

George later calls in Nadia who, having become acquainted with Quinn, and coerces her to gain information on the investigation or risk death. Isaak then mentions Viktor had the bracelet from Soroka and they can track him with it. He later shows his surprise hearing that Viktor is dead and later accompanies Isaak and Jurg in tracking the signal to Dexter Morgan's boat and find Louis Greene on it and Isaak kills him after getting information out of him and has George dump the body out in the ocean, much to George's annoyance.

After arriving back at The Fox Hole, they go over the information on both men and Isaak deduces it was out of revenge on Mike Anderson's death. As George starts badmouthing Viktor, Isaak yells stating Viktor was a good man and was doing George's job from keeping the Colombians from taking their trafficking. George later shows his annoyance over Quinn arriving back to shut them down again and attempts to bribe him like "old times" revealing Quinn's dirty cop past with George, while Quinn plays dumb not knowing what he's talking about. George then points out to Isaak that they have a shipment coming in soon and can't do anything about the cops and that they got Viktor and angrily asks why are they still here. Isaak points out it's likely done off the radar and George points out they are bleeding money and Isaak gets the idea on using Alex Dubrozny as a fall guy on the case. George, Isaak and Jurg visit him and coerce him into killing himself for the sake of his family and George threatens to kill them regardless and Alex shoots himself under Isaak's influence.

Following Isaak's attempt to kill Dexter having gone to shooting out three Colombians, George states he'll have some hitman go after him and then Isaak asks about Quinn who is with Nadia and George points out how he has some business with him in the past and just leave a bag of cash and he'll do anything for them. Jurg then goes out to Quinn's car and leaves a bag of money with him. However, after some influence from Nadia, Quinn returns the money stating he's not for sale. George visits Isaak in prison and reveals Quinn having returned the money which he finds surprising since he's never done that before. Isaak tells him not to disappoint him and George leaves a little worried.

At night, in place of Nadia, he visits Quinn at a restaurant and Quinn, realizing what George is doing says "if you hurt her, I will put a bullet through your motherfucking head" prompting George to tone down the death threats. Quinn demands to know what he wants and George points out he owes him despite Quinn stating otherwise. He tells him to get rid of the evidence against Isaak and if he doesn't, Nadia will be sent to another strip club and likely be abused and hurt a lot more. Quinn is still adamant, but George pressures on stating if he does Nadia will be a free woman and Quinn demands her passport if he does this and George agrees and even leaves the money from before saying it's "like old times, huh Joey". Quinn later takes the evidence against Isaak and shows great guilt and regret in his actions.

After confirming Nadia alive and well, Quinn barges into George's office and demands her passport and her being done with him and his business, but George says otherwise, revealing her to still be working for him and says he tried to get her passport (though in truth he never tried and lied about doing so and plans to use Quinn as much as possible) and says he can make it up and Quinn refuses to listen and George coldly states that Joey has no ground to stand on and he would like to maintain their cooperation, as he would be fired and imprisoned once the Miami Metro Police Department finds out he stole evidence. to which Joey walks away. He later visits Isaak after the later got out of prison and attempts to convince him to leave Miami and doesn't until Dexter is dead. George, seeing Isaak is too obsessed with killing Dexter, George finally has enough and asks the rest of the Brotherhood for permission to remove Isaak from power by killing him. His request is granted and has an assassin arrive in Isaak's apartment, but is killed by Dexter before he has a chance.

When Joey is at Nadia's home, George appears and shows him a recording of their conversation at the restaurant, meaning George has leverage to make Joey do his bidding. Quinn later watches over there shipment coming in with frustration on his face for being forced into George's demands.

After the first assassin fails, the Koshka Brotherhood send in two notorious hitmen, sniper Oleg Mickic and American assassin Benjamin Caffrey, who even Isaak himself fears. After Mickic is killed by Dexter at a firing range, George meets with Caffrey and suggests that he follow Dexter, knowing of Isaak's obsession with him. When Joey shows up at The Foxhole to see Nadia, he finds out that George forced her into sex due to Quinn not getting back to his calls, to which he, after seeing Nadia upset, angrily enters George office. George then openly mocks Quinn, wanting him to stop ignoring the favors he's asking for. This results in Quinn throwing George through a window and beating him senseless on the floor of his club, before walking off "giving notice" of his refusal to aide George any longer. He later arrives at the shipping yard after Caffrey fails to find Isaak and points a gun at him and shoots him in the gut leaving him to bleed out while walking off before Dexter can stop him.

Later, as Nadia calls Quinn to help her and is about to be shipped off to a far away strip club, Quinn arrives at the Foxhold and meets George who puts a gun on Quinn calling him "Lancalot" who mocks him for trying to be a hero. He brings out Nadia and pulls her by her hair and demands she say to Quinn who owns her and Nadia refuses and smacks him in the face prompting George to do the same which makes Quinn enraged and pulls out his gun demanding George let her go. George refuses and mocks him, stating even he knows Quinn won't shoot him in his own club and as he continues to beat on Nadia, Quinn shoots George in the chest, killing him. As Batista attempts to run to George's office as the bouncers hold him off, Quinn makes it look like a struggle and has Nadia shoot him in the arm to make it look like self-defense and she does just before Batista enters the room. Quinn has Nadia then take her passport from George's vault and has Batista not put her in the report due to the Brotherhood would come after her if they knew she was involved they'd kill her and Nadia leaves thanking Quinn for everything while Batista knows there's more to this. He later questions Quinn to what really happened and Quinn reveals some of what really happened and he shot George, but knowing how dirty George was, reluctantly chooses not to rat Quinn out and knows Quinn did this for a reason but thinks Quinn did this for another reason.


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