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Gene Marshall is a character in the Showtime series DEXTER, as well in Dexter Early Cuts.

He was an arsonist, and one of Dexter Morgan's earlier kills.

Season One[]

The Ice Truck Killer has retrieved one of Dexter's latest victims, Valerie Castillo, from the ocean, leaving her body in the auto salvage yard. This results in a homicide investigation which finds a possible witness to her murder -- young Oscar.

Worried that he might be identified by the boy, Dexter decides to eliminate  evidence that would implicate him. After dark, he packs up his blood slide box and kill tools, and heads out to sea on his boat.

Dexter first throws his kill tools overboard, before reluctantly picking up the blood slide box that holds his valued trophies. He sits down, opens the box, and runs his fingers across the slides as he reminisces. When Dexter holds up the second slide, he remembers Gene. In a flashback, Gene is wrapped in plastic, with a cut on his right cheek. Small candles are placed around his head.

Gene’s Last Words[]

  • “Have you ever watched someone burn alive?”


The names of Gene’s victims were obtained from a now defunct Showtime website. Their photos are shown in Season 1 of Dexter Early Cuts.

Timeline Inconsistency[]

In Early Cuts, Gene Marshall is killed in 1993, and Alex Timmons is killed in 2003. Despite Dexter taking his first blood slide from Alex, Gene also has a blood slide in Dexter's first box. ("Return to Sender")


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