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Gene Figg is an unseen character in the Showtime series DEXTER

He is Camilla Figg's husband who dies from lung cancer a year before she is herself diagnosed with terminal lung cancer.


According to Camilla, Gene was six feet tall, 200 lbs before he wasted away to a skeleton while ill. He and his wife were heavy smokers.

Season One[]

Dexter visits Camilla in the file room, hoping to learn more about his past. He asks how Gene is doing and she tells him that he has "good days and bad," and had just finished his first round of radiation. Dexter jokes that Gene wasn't a good bridge player, causing Camilla to chuckle and say that he and Dexter's adoptive father Harry would get so mad when she and Dexter's adoptive mother Doris took them to the cleaners.

Season Two[]

Camilla informs Dexter that James Doakes was asking about Dexter's old file. Doakes was furious when she made excuses and didn't give it to him. Dexter reassures Camilla that he will take care of the matter. She says not to get her fired, as she has only a year left before retirement and is looking forward to staying home with Gene.

Season Three[]

While Dexter is visiting Camilla in the hospital, she remarks that Gene would always light her cigarette before he passed it to her. She calls him a "sweet, sweet man."

Suffering from pain, Camilla expresses her eagerness to see Gene "on the other side." Camilla reveals that though she stayed with Gene through the end-stages, he had asked her to end his life. Camilla breaks down in tears explaining that she couldn't because she is Catholic. She states that killing someone is a mortal sin and a one-way ticket to Hell. She adds that suicide is, also. Camilla then suggests that, since Dexter isn't Catholic, he could end her life. For the moment, Dexter declines. Later, he changes his mind and feeds her the "perfect pie." He holds Camilla's hand as she dies.

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