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Gawker: Protester outside La Botanica

Gawker is a character in Season Five of the Showtime series DEXTER.  

He’s an angry bystander at the La Botanica crime scene.


Dexter has brought the injured woman who witnessed him kill Boyd Fowler to a vacant Visitor Information Center. He tends to her wounds but then is forced to inject her with M99 when she tries to escape. While there, he receives a phone call from Debra. Although Dexter is on bereavement leave, she begs him to help her at a crime scene. He finally agrees, which surprises her. Dexter, though, has an ulterior motive. It’s an opportunity to bring the woman’s fingerprints and learn her identity.

Debra gives Dexter La Botanica's address. When he arrives, he finds news vans and a group of people shouting at the police.

Debra: “Dex, over here. You're just in time. The coroner's chomping at the bit to remove the body.”
Dexter: “It's a bit of a circus.”
Debra: “Are you kidding me? It's Barnum and Bailey.”
Gawker: “[yelling in Spanish]”
Debra: [to gawker] “Yeah, yeah, yeah. We're working on it!”
Dexter: “What's he saying?”
Debra: “I have no idea. But the general complaint is there are fewer beheadings in the rich parts of Miami.”
Dexter: “Beheadings?”
Debra: “Yeah. And that's not even the fucked up part.”

She takes Dexter inside and shows him an eyeless head set atop a pedestal.

Dexter: “Whoa, you weren't kidding about the fucked up part.”

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