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Frosty Swirl S7E2

Crime scene near Frosty Swirl

Frosty Swirl is a location in Season Seven of the Showtime series DEXTER.

It’s an ice cream stand across the street from a dig site where police find one of Wayne Randall’s victims.


Convicted spree killer Wayne Randall has offered to help the police find the remaining bodies that he buried fifteen years ago. The first search site is across the street from a Frosty Swirl, and Dexter and Lt. Debra Morgan are among those working at the scene.

Curious about Wayne’s motivations, Dexter has a few interesting conversations with him.

On the third day, Dexter remarks to Debra that he's craving an ice cream cone, so she crosses the street to buy him one.

Meanwhile, Wayne reminisces about his ex-girlfriend Hannah McKay. He tells Dexter that Hannah only thinks of him as a "killer" now, and she's not wrong. He adds that he needs to kill "one last person." To Dexter's surprise, Wayne suddenly darts into the street in front of an oncoming tanker truck, spraying Dexter with blood. Wayne, hit full force, is instantly killed.

Debra turns in shock and runs back across the street, dropping the two ice cream cones.

Dexter surmises that Wayne never cared about finding the bodies. He just wanted out of prison for a day or two of "sunshine and Frosty Swirl" before committing suicide. Wayne seemingly couldn’t handle life in prison, and Dexter wonders if he could.

The body of Janice Dubois is recovered from the scene.


  • "They still use real ice cream. At least everything hasn't gone to hell." -Wayne to Dexter

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