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Fred's Fish & Game

Fred’s Fish & Game is a location in the Showtime special event series Dexter: New Blood.

It's a store that belongs to Fred Jr. and is the workplace of Jim Lindsay, an alias for Dexter Morgan.


12 Main Street
Iron Lake, NY


Dexter (as Jim Lindsay) opens up Fred's Fish & Game shop where he’s worked for the past two years. His boss, Fred Jr., notices a box of pastries and asks, "Please tell me you have a strawberry cream cheese sweet roll in there?" Dexter presents the requested item to his grateful boss. Fred Jr. tells him that he and his husband, Pastor Brian, are going to adopt a dog and they disagree on its name. Brian wants to call him "Garfield" but Fred Jr. prefers the name "Gromit." When he asks for Dexter's opinion, Dexter calls himself "Switzerland."

The first customers through the door are two young men, soon identified as Matt Caldwell and Bill Harris. Immediately, Matt walks over to the counter. He reads Jim’s name tag and Dexter asks if he can help him. Matt states that he “just rolled into town with his posse” and is going to do a little hunting and he needs a new knife and a “big-ass gun.” When Dexter shows him the knives, Matt picks out the largest one and slashes the air in front of Dexter, who backs away with “Hey! Easy there!” Matt laughs and asks, “Is there a problem?” When Dexter says that he has “kind of a thing about blood,” Matt laughs again, mocking him with “Oh, Ooh!” Matt directs his attention to the rifles and Dexter recommends one. However, Matt whispers that his friend Bill already has that one, and he wants a gun that's going to make his gun “look like a Super Soaker.” Matt then points to a large gun prominently displayed on the wall, and Dexter asks if he’s sure because it costs $9,000. Matt brags that he got a” nice Christmas bonus at Morgan Stanley.” Dexter, though, is reluctant to sell him the rifle and remarks that it has more firepower than he needs to hunt in the area. Matt sarcastically asks “Jim” if he hunts and Dexter says he hasn’t killed any animals since he was a teenager.

When Dexter asks Matt for his ID for a federal background check, Matt thinks it’s ridiculous. He points to a photo on the wall of when he was on Fred Senior’s Little League team when he was six, adding that his father bought him his first rifle in the store when he was ten. The computer beeps, showing a 24-hour hold while the FBI checks Matt’s record. Matt pressures Dexter to sell him the rifle anyway, but Dexter holds firm. After a brief stare down, Matt swears and buys the knife. He then creeps up on Bill, who is in another part of the store, and holds the knife to his throat. Matt laughs at Bill’s startled reaction and they leave to go drinking. Dexter thanks them for shopping at Fred’s Fish & Game.

Dexter has murdered Matt Caldwell and is keeping his body under his fire pit. Since Dexter can't bury Matt in the frozen ground or dump him in the iced-over lake, he looks for another option. With no customers in the store, he scrutinizes a map of the area.

He focuses on the old iron mine. It's remote and filled with tunnels. He obtains permission from his boss to join the search, but heads to the iron mine instead.

At Fred’s, Dexter meets Garfield, Fred Jr.’s new puppy but he wriggles to get away from Dexter. He shortly gets an emergency alert that the high school is in lockdown. He immediately calls Angela who tells him that there are multiple injuries and Harrison is involved. Dexter races to the school.

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Dexter told Matt Caldwell that he's been working there for a "couple of years" in "Cold Snap".