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Frat Guy 1:

Frat Guy 1: Dirt Road Driver

Frat Guy 1 is a character in Season Five of the Showtime series DEXTER.  

He offers a ride to Lumen Pierce as she’s fleeing Dexter Morgan.


Dexter returns to the Visitor Information Center and finds Lumen lying on the floor, apparently unconscious. When he bends down to check on her, she hits him over the head with an object. Immediately, she runs out the door and locks it. However, Dexter's strength prevails and he bursts through the door, giving chase. Lumen happens upon a dirt road where a red car is approaching. She runs into the road, holding her hands up, and shouting.

Lumen: “Stop! Stop! Help me! Help! Help me!”

The car stops, and three young men inside look quizzically at the bedraggled woman.

Frat Guy 1: “Do you need a ride?”
Frat Guy 2: “Yeah, what are you doing out here?”

Lumen backs away, hesitant to enter a car with males.

Frat Guy 2: “Hey, where are you going? Man, she is fucked up!”

The car speeds away, leaving Lumen behind.

Dexter sneaks up on Lumen and captures her. By force, he takes her to Boyd’s marsh and shows her the barrels of dead girls. This finally convinces Lumen that he saved her from the same fate, and she begins to trust him.

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