Frank Lundy FBI Agent/Former Love Interest of Debra Morgan

Frank Lundy
Character Profile
Portrayed By
Keith Carradine
Seasons Two and Four
First Appearance
Waiting to Exhale
Last Appearance
Dex Takes a Holiday
Full Name
Frank Lundy
Special Agent Lundy
Agent Lundy
Grundy (Deb's Boyfriend)

Special Agent Grandpa (Joey Quinn)
Special Agent Rockstar (Dexter Morgan)

Manner of Death
Shot by Christine Hill
60 (at death)
Personal Status
Marital Status
Connie (deceased)
Immediate Relatives
Unnamed daughter
Professional Status
Special Agent with the FBI (Retired)
Bay harbor butcher investigation leader

Trinity killer

Frank Lundy was a high-ranking and illustrious FBI Special Agent recruited by Captain Thomas Matthews to lead the task force dedicated to identifying and arresting the Bay Harbor Butcher.

After he retired from the FBI, Lundy returned to Miami to hunt the Serial Killer known as Trinity. Lundy was shot and killed in a parking lot by a person connected to Trinity.


Lundy was cool, calm, confident and incredibly knowledgeable. With his extensive background and subsequent knowledge of the criminal mind, he often discovered crucial case evidence that the frustrated Miami PD normally overlooked. [citation needed]

Lundy is famous with police agencies due to his breaking of seemingly impossible high-profile criminal cases (e.g. Green River Killer and the DC Sniper), leading many to consider him to be a "rock star".[1]

Season Two

During the Bay Harbor Butcher Investigation, Lundy gradually becomes dangerously close to discovering that Dexter is the Butcher he is seeking. During the investigation, he becomes involved in a relationship with Debra. Lundy's influence greatly assists Debra in coping with her lingering traumatic emotions from her experience as the Ice Truck Killer's prisoner. At the end of the investigation, Dexter outmaneuvers and frames Sergeant James Doakes as the Butcher; this leads Lundy to spearhead the entire police forces in a full-scale manhunt to find Doakes. After Doakes is murdered by Lila West in a seemingly accidental explosion, the case is considered closed and Lundy moves on to find another serial killer in Oregon.

Season Four


Lundy surprises Dexter

2013-08-23 1652

Debra and Lundy re-unite for the last time.

Lundy returns to Miami with the intention to find the mysterious Trinity Killer. By this time, he had also retired from the FBI. Sexual tensions arise between him and Debra and eventually they resume their love affair, resulting in Deb ending her relationship with Anton Briggs. In the fourth episode he was fatally shot twice outside of his apartment. Debra was with him at the time,
2013-08-23 1655

Debra watches Lundy take his final breath.

and she was shot once in the hip. At first, she expected it was one of the Vacation Murderers, but later found out it was the Trinity Killer's estranged daughter. Deb was devastated by Lundy's death for some time.

Despite knowing how dangerous Lundy had been to him during the Bay Harbour Butcher case, Dexter felt sincere regret upon Lundy's death, acknowledging that he was a worthy opponent who did not deserve such a sorry death.


Season Two

Season Four


  • It is found very comical to the viewers who have watched the series "Criminal Minds", as the roles are reversed where Keith Carradine played mass serial killer Frank Breitkopf who was being tracked down by the FBI's BAU. An ironic note is that both characters had the given name Frank.
  • In 2012 Keith Carradine voiced a main antagonist in a videogame Hitman: Absolution. Ironically, his character was named Blake Dexter and is an owner of a company named Dexter Industries. One of company's taglines is "Dexter protects you" which is also very ironic, since in Season 2, where Lundy is antagonistic towards Dexter, many people consider Dexter's Bay Harbor Butcher identity some kind of a protector.
  • Lundy is the first main antagonist of the series to survive the season in which he is a main antagonist. 
  • It is possible that Frank Lundy is based on John Douglas, a prominent FBI agent who pioneered criminal profiling. They have similar traits and, interestingly, both contributed to the Green River Killer's eventual downfall.


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