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First Deputy:

First Deputy: Police Van Attendant

First Deputy is a character in Season Seven of the Showtime series DEXTER.

While he and another deputy are transporting Hannah McKay from the courthouse to the jail, she has a self-induced seizure.


Dexter visits Hannah in jail after she’s arrested for poisoning Sal Price. She asks him to get rid of the evidence against her, but he refuses. After Dexter leaves, Hannah calls Arlene Schram, desperate to get out of jail, and begs for her help.

Hannah: “I can't do this. I can't spend my life in here. I need you to help me. I need this to be over.”
Arlene: “No, you're stronger than that. You haven't even had your trial. I--I can come visit you.”
Hannah: “Arlene, you owe me. I took care of the counselor for the both of us. And now I need your help, okay? I can't live like this.”
Arlene: “Tell me what to do.”

At her hearing, Hannah is charged with first-degree murder and is denied bail. Arlene begins to sob and slips something to Hannah while the two embrace. Hannah quickly swallows it as as she’s escorted out of the courtroom by the bailiff.

While Hannah is being transported back to jail by two deputies, she suddenly has a seizure caused by whatever Arlene gave her.

Hannah: [Grunting and gasping] [Gagging]
First Deputy: (rushing to her aide) “Shit! What the fuck?”
Second Deputy: (to driver) “Seward Memorial Hospital, now! She's having some sort of seizure.”
First Deputy: (on phone, upon arrival at hospital) “She seems stable. We're bringing her into Seward Memorial emergency right now. We'd better contact her next of kin.”

Later, Hannah escapes from the hospital and goes into hiding.

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