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Firing Range

Firing Range is a location in Season Seven of the Showtime series DEXTER.

It’s a shooting facility where Dexter Morgan kills Oleg Mickic, a hitman.


Outside Miami, near the airport


The Koshka Brotherhood has sent two hitmen to kill Isaak Sirko, so he kidnaps Hannah McKay to force Dexter to eliminate the threat.

Dexter first goes after Oleg Mickic, an ex-military assassin, who prefers to use high-powered rifles and always tries them out beforehand. Dexter assumes that if Oleg is using a sniper rifle, he will practice at an outdoor range that sells the correct type of ammo. There are only two local ranges that fit that description, so Dexter goes to the one nearest the airport.

As Dexter stands in a shooting stall next to Oleg, he repeatedly fires a pistol at a target. When he misses, he shrugs at Oleg, who just shakes his head.

Oleg lies down as he takes aim at the target and calibrates the rifle sights. Several times, he hits the bullseye, but then he suddenly misses. Looking down, he sees a large, bloody knife protruding from his chest. Dexter covers Oleg’s mouth with his gloved hand to silence him. Oleg quickly dies and Dexter casually walks away.

Later, Deb asks Dexter if Miami Metro will be getting a call about a body. He says they won’t because the killing was outside their jurisdiction.


  • It’s unknown who discovered Oleg’s body or what police department handled the crime scene, but it wasn’t Miami Metro.

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