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Fiona Camp:

Fiona Camp: Delusional Stalker

Fiona Camp is a character in Season Three of Showtime's series DEXTER.

She was obsessed with a man named Jack Rice, whom she killed when he rejected her advances.


From the moment that Fiona laid eyes on Jack Rice at the coffee shop where she worked, she believed they were meant for each other. She imagined they were in a relationship, and began to stalk him. When Jack rejected Fiona's advances, she bludgeoned him with a statue in his home. She then set up the scene to look like the murder had been committed by a robber who was responsible for several similar crimes in the area.

When questioned by the police, Fiona was extremely emotional and presented herself as Jack's fiance. With the help of a fake photo of her and Jack together, she initially avoided suspicion.

Dexter soon discovered that the blood spatter did not match someone who was the height of the alleged killer, but fit perfectly for someone of Fiona's height. Debra then confronted Fiona, saying that none of Jack's friends knew her, and the photo of Fiona and Jack together was photo-shopped. Officer Debra Morgan and Detective Joey Quinn were able to get a confession by using the "bad cop/good cop" routine.



  • Fiona to Joey Quinn: "Before Jack, my life was an unanswered question. Days and nights spent looking for something. The first time he came into the cafe, I -- I felt him. We were connected, you know? Everywhere I went, he was with me. Jack made me real." (Dexter Morgan, who was listening, later used the same words to propose to Rita Bennett.)

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