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Female Club-Goer:

Female Club-Goer: Petrified Partier


Female Club-Goer is a character in Season Five of the Showtime series DEXTER.  

She is briefly held hostage by Carlos Fuentes inside Club Mayan.


After a stakeout at Club Mayan fails to capture the Fuentes brothers, Lt. Maria LaGuerta sets up another attempt. Outside the club, Debra Morgan and Angel Batista wait in a van, watching everyone on a surveillance camera. Inside the club, LaGuerta, Officer Cira Manzon, and Detective Joey Quinn work undercover, mingling with the patrons.

Their informant, Yasmin Aragon, informs the team that the brothers have entered the club via a secret entrance. Despite Debra’s objections, LaGuerta orders Yasmin and Cira to sit with Marco and Carlos in the V.I.P. section. When Carlos attempts to fondle Cira’s leg, he discovers a pistol and the brothers react violently. Cira is punched to the floor and Yasmin is accidentally shot and killed. Quinn and Marco engage in a shootout, with a party-goer dying in the crossfire.

Debra observes the commotion via camera and rushes into the club, shouting, “Move! Move! Move!” to the screaming patrons. She spots Carlos and pulls her gun.

Debra: “Stop right there. Down on the ground. Police! Drop the gun!”

Carlos grabs a terrified club-goer and holds a gun to her head.

Carlos: “Back away!”
Debra: “Drop the gun now!”
Carlos: (recognizing Debra) “Oh, you again. You should walk away before this one gets more than just a little cut.”

Debra is now faced with a situation similar to her last encounter with Carlos, when he sliced Jandro Mendoza’s throat. Afterward, Debra regretted that she didn’t shoot Carlos first.

Debra: “Drop the gun right now.”
Club-Goer: [Crying] “Please!”

This time, Debra takes the shot and lands a bullet directly into Carlos' forehead, which spares the hostage.

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