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Federal Agent:

Federal Agent: Protective Detail

Federal Agent is a character in Season Two of the Showtime series DEXTER.

He is one of the FBI Agents assigned to safeguard Dexter Morgan after James Doakes goes on the run.


Dexter discovers that his blood slides are missing and believes that Special Agent Frank Lundy has them. At that moment, Debra answers a knock at the door and she finds two FBI agents with orders to bring Dexter to the station. Accepting that he's been found out, Dexter says nothing and calmly goes with them. 

At the station, Lundy and Captain Thomas Matthews present Dexter with [Dexter’s] blood slide box, having found it in Doakes’ car. They ask him to explain and Dexter simply replies that they’re trophies. Lundy and Matthews then reveal that their prime suspect is James Doakes, which takes Dexter by surprise. After going over their evidence against Doakes, they assign Dexter to be lead forensic tech on his own blood slides.  

Lundy assigns a protective FBI detail to Dexter in case Doakes comes after him. While being escorted home, Dexter receives a call from Rita. After Dexter confirms that his relationship with Lila is over, Rita states that she still has feelings for him. Dexter answers that he has feelings for her, and they agree to meet the next day. The Federal Agent advises Dexter that “communication” is important.

Before Dexter is allowed into his apartment, an FBI agent checks to make sure that it’s clear. The agents then stand guard outside the front and side doors. Dexter tells them to not let anyone wake him up under any circumstances.

Dexter sneaks out through a bathroom window and takes his boat to the cabin in the Everglades to clean up a murder scene. While he’s carrying bags of remains to the dock, Doakes suddenly appears and trains his gun on Dexter, revealing that he put a GPS tracker on Dexter’s boat. Doakes is thrilled to have caught Dexter red-handed as the Bay Harbor Butcher. However, Dexter overpowers him and locks Doakes in a cage inside the cabin. He then returns to his apartment, entering through the same window. The agents never realized that Dexter was gone for hours.  

Dexter has only been asleep for a brief time when he’s awakened by the Federal Agent at his door. Rita has showed up with coffee and Dexter lets her inside. She’s concerned for him, having heard on the news that Doakes is the Bay Harbor Butcher. When Rita asks why he’s being guarded by the FBI, Dexter says it’s an excuse for the government to spend money. The conversation then turns to their troubled relationship and they make plans for an outing with Cody and Astor.

Dexter persuades Frank Lundy to pull his protective FBI detail to which Debra objects. Dexter convinces her that a trained killer like Doakes won’t come out of hiding because of a grudge. He also asks Debra to move into her new apartment.

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