Fearless is a fictional cargo ship owned by the Koshka Brotherhood in Showtime’s series DEXTER.


  • Docked at Port of Miami, Pier 18, Northwest Corridor

Season Seven

An assassin, Benjamin Caffrey, has targeted Isaak Sirko. Caffrey starts following Dexter Morgan, believing that he will lead him to Isaak. Dexter, who is cooperating with Isaak (because he's holding Hannah McKay hostage), spots Caffrey, and phones Isaak. Isaak tells Dexter to lead Caffrey to Fearless, where he'll be waiting.

Caffrey follows Dexter to the ship, and is about to attack Dexter from behind with a knife. Just then, Isaak appears on an upper deck and calls out, “Sweetheart!” Caffrey turns to look and Isaak shoots him several times in the chest. Dexter and Isaak throw Caffrey’s body overboard, along with their own weapons, ending their animosity.

As Dexter is washing the blood from the deck, Isaak walks straight into George Novikov, his employee at The Fox Hole, the man who convinced the Koshkas to kill Isaak. George shoots Isaak in the stomach, and is about to shoot him in the head. However, he hears Dexter approaching, and takes off. Dexter rushes to Isaak, and realizes the severity of his wound. Isaak accepts that he is dying, and asks Dexter to bury him at sea where Dexter had previously dumped his lover.

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