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Tinity and Scott Smith

Arthur and Scott in the fallout shelter

Fallout Shelter is a location is Season Four of the Showtime series DEXTER.

It’s a backyard underground bomb shelter where Arthur Mitchell, aka The Trinity Killer, holds Scott Smith (a kidnapped boy) prisoner.


Dexter Morgan witnesses Arthur kidnap a boy from the arcade, but he’s unable to follow him. He immediately calls Arthur, who warns Dexter that if he sees the police, the boy will pay the price.

Scott wakes up in a bunker-like room, confused by his surroundings. Arthur is kneeling on the floor, playing with a toy train set. When Arthur addresses Scott as “Arthur,” the boy corrects him.

During an online search, Dexter discovers that a 10-year-old boy has gone missing in every city where Arthur has carried out a kill ritual. He realizes that Arthur actually kills four victims each time --not three.

Meanwhile, Arthur tries to get the boy to relive his own childhood memories, but Scott is stubborn and won’t play with the trains. When Scott remarks that he’s hungry, Arthur instructs him to put on pajamas, but the boy refuses, with a defiant reminder that his name is “Scott.” Arthur then climbs the stairs to the outside, leaving the boy locked underground, alone.

During the night, Arthur returns to the shelter, bringing burgers and drinks. Scott is obviously very hungry, but Arthur won’t let him eat until he puts on the pajamas. Arthur plays an old record, “Venus” by Frankie Avalon and begins to eat a burger. Scott finally relents and puts on the pajamas -- over his clothes.

Arthur, while listening to the song, begins to cry. Scott asks why he’s sad and Arthur says that it was the favorite song of his sister, Vera. He tells Scott that she died, and then keeps repeating that it wasn’t his fault. Scott expresses his sympathy and tells Arthur that it's okay to call him “Arthur” and they can play with the trains. Arthur, thankful, makes Scott promise that he’ll always stay “innocent.” Arthur then walks over to a freezer, takes out a cup of ice cream, drugs it, and gives it to Scott.

Meanwhile, Dexter is looking for Scott by visiting empty homes in the area (which he believes Arthur may be using). After a several failed attempts, he walks through another house, searching for hidden doors or hiding places where Arthur might have stashed the boy.

Outside, in the overgrown back yard, Dexter stumbles across an air vent protruding from the ground. He locates a hatch leading down to a bomb shelter, however, Arthur has moved the boy, and the room is empty.

Dexter seems to have reached a dead-end, but then he spots a bit of powdered cement on the floor. Dexter realizes that Arthur has been so successful in hiding bodies of boys because he has been burying them in cement at the Four Walls One Heart sites.

Dexter hurries to the current build site where he finds Arthur seconds away from burying the unconscious boy in wet cement. After a struggle, Dexter rescues Scott, though Arthur manages to escape.

Arthur is captured by Dexter and wakes up in the fallout shelter. He’s immobilized by plastic wrap and surrounded by the photos of his many victims. The model train set is on the floor. Turning his head, he sees Dexter perched nearby watching him.

Arthur claims to have been following his path, that God led Dexter to him. “Hardly,” says Dexter, slicing Arthur’s cheek. Arthur admonishes him for so clearly taking pleasure in killing, something that he himself never did. Dexter agrees that Arthur is a special kind of monster; nevertheless, he destroyed his family. Arthur didn’t know that his daughter, Christine, was dead, but dispels his grief by dismissing her as weak.

Dexter chides himself for thinking he could learn something from Arthur. Dexter says he’s no better than Arthur, but wants to be. Arthur warns Dexter that he’ll never be able to control his demon. He claims to have tried by praying to be changed. Dexter retorts, “That’s not trying. That’s just waiting to be stopped.” Arthur points out that it worked. Dexter asks for advice on what he can do -- leave, disappear, fake his own death and start over? “No point,” Arthur says. “You’ll still be you.” Dexter insists that he’s good for his family, but there is doubt in his voice.

Arthur requests that Dexter start the model train and he does. He also drops the “Venus” record onto the player and Arthur sings along. Then Dexter holds a framing hammer over Arthur’s head and turns it so the claw side is down. Arthur lifts his chin, and Dexter strikes

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