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FBI Guy 2:

FBI Guy 2: Member of Special Task Force

FBI Guy 2 is a character in Season Two of the Showtime series DEXTER.  

She works on the Bay Harbor Butcher Case, supervised by Special Agent Frank Lundy.


The Bay Harbor Butcher sends a manifesto to The Miami Tribune, after which Frank Lundy and Debra Morgan meet with the newspaper’s lawyer and publisher. Afterward, the Special Task Force holds a meeting. The manifesto is displayed on whiteboards in large lettering.

Lundy: “Our injunction stopped the Tribune from publishing the manifesto -- for now. At the very least, we'll have time to get a jump on things before the news frenzy hits. So, let's take advantage of this window. Our goal for the next 48 hours is to wade through this shining piece of social commentary. I've never seen so many dense and convoluted ideas in my life, but we need to search them all for clues to his identity. So, first impressions?”
Batista: “I got something. There are a lot of literary references in this document.”
Masuka: “How do you know?”
Batista: “I like to read books.”
Masuka: “What kind of books?”
Batista: [annoyed] “All kinds. Who cares? Anyway… I see lots of references, like this one. ‘You can't depend on your eyes when your imagination is out of focus.’"
Masuka: [chuckles] “He's a Trekker! That shit's straight from Deep Space Nine.”
Batista: “What? Mark Twain said that. It's one of his most famous quotes.”
FBI Agent 2: “Twain was never on Deep Space Nine. He was on Next Generation.”
Batista: “He didn't say it on Star Trek.
FBI Agent 2: “Okay, so what's it from?”
Lundy: [rolling his eyes] “A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court. Angel, what other literary quotes are in that manifesto?”

Batista nods and points them out.

Later, there is another meeting of the Special Task Force.

Masuka: “According to the psycholinguistic analysis of the manifesto, our killer is a white male in his fifties.” Lundy: “What else?"
Masuka: “Uh, the killer has no girlfriends and considers himself a good Catholic.”
Batista: “Hold on. Hold on. Hold on. How can you tell all that by putting words in a computer?”
Masuka: “I don't know, dude. It's science.”
Batista: “How ‘bout common sense? I think the guy we're looking for is pissed off at God, and that’s why he kills people.”
FBI Guy 1: “Really? I actually found him very politically motivated.”
FBI Guy 2: “Yeah, like a modern-day revolutionary.”
Batista: “Which would suggest that he's killing for social change.”

Everyone begins talking at once in raised voices; Lundy leans forward, listening.

Lundy: “This is what he wants.”
Debra: “What's that?”
Lundy: “Confusion, chaos -- It's what the killer wants. He's always been an intensely private figure, dispatching victims silently. Now he's suddenly a media whore? It doesn't make sense."
Debra: “He's creating a clusterfuck.”
Lundy: “Very good, officer Morgan. The killer's making us chase our tails. You know what that means?”

Lundy writes LAW ENFORCEMENT BACKGROUND on the whiteboard.

Lundy: “He knows how we work. Look how he hits every major theme -- political, environmental, religious. In one section, he manages to weave together Julius Caesar, Berlin, Germany, the Pittsburgh Steelers, and Gandhi. It's scattershot. He knew that this would send us scurrying like squirrels for nuts.”
Batista: “Yeah, but to suggest that he might be one of us -- how can you be sure?”

Lundy doesn’t answer, but he appears to be very sure.

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