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FBI Agent (Dig Site):

FBI Agent (Dig Site):  Impatient Investigator

FBI Agent (Dig Site) is a character in Season Seven of the Showtime series DEXTER.

He becomes frustrated with Wayne Randall during a search for his victims.


Wayne Randall, an incarcerated spree killer, has agreed to reveal the burial spots of his unfound victims. He is temporarily released under police supervision and directs the team to an area across from a Frosty Swirl.

After hours of fruitless digging, an FBI agent becomes irritated with Wayne.

Wayne: “It was fifteen years ago. Give me a fucking break.”
FBI Agent: [angrily] “Where are the bodies, Wayne?”
Wayne: “Closer to the road.”
FBI Agent: “So why'd you tell us to dig here?”
Wayne: “Because this place looks completely different. Look at these mini-malls. You think I like being out here with you in the fucking heat?”
FBI Agent: [to team] “All right. Listen. We're moving. Strike this.”

The police and diggers begin moving their equipment to another spot that’s nearby.

Wayne: [to Dexter, referring to the agent] “One more wit, he'd be a fucking half-wit.”

While Wayne and Dexter are talking, the FBI Agent interrupts to say, “All right. Let’s  break for lunch. We’ll pick this up in an hour.”

Dexter takes advantage of the lunch hour by leaving to break into Louis Greene’s penthouse.

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