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Dr. Evelyn Vogel's House

Evelyn Vogel's House is a location in Season Eight of the Showtime series DEXTER.

Dr. Vogel lived here after she moved to Miami in 2011.


275 Bayline Drive
Coral Gables, FL

Season Eight

Dexter Morgan is shown inside Vogel's house as they watch old video tapes of Harry Morgan talking about young Dexter's dark inclinations. Vogel later calls Dexter to tell him that someone has broken into her house, and he arrives to help her. Although they find no one inside the house, they discover a DVD left on her desk. It shows a video of Lyle Sussman being forced (by an unknown person) to suffocate Leonard Welks.

While at home, Vogel receives a text message to look outside. On her front step, she finds two little gift-wrapped boxes labeled as "His" and "Hers." Inside are pieces of Lyle Sussman's occipital lobe -- the part of the brain responsible for vision. Dexter believes that it means they are being watched by the killer.

Later, Dexter tells Vogel that he stalked Ron Galuzzo at the mall and it frightens her. She asks Dexter why he didn't kill Debra when she found out that he was the Bay Harbor Butcher. Dexter is taken aback and states that he would never kill her because he loves her. Vogel presses him on what he loves about Debra and he stumbles with his answer. Vogel points out that he's only mentioned what she does for him.

Another time, while Dexter is at Vogel's house, he receives a call from Joey Quinn about Debra. She appeared at the police station drunk and confessing to the murder of Maria LaGuerta. Dexter heads to the station, taking Vogel with him.

Debra is temporarily staying with Vogel and receiving therapy from her. While there, she watches old tapes of Harry talking to Vogel about young Dexter and the Code. Harry is very worried that the Code won't keep Dexter in check. Dexter shows up at the door but Vogel won't let him see Debra. During the night, Debra breaks into Vogel's desk and watches another tape of Harry. He was extremely distressed because he had caught Dexter dismembering a man. At the end, Harry solemnly said, "I don't think I can live with this."

Dr. Vogel counsels Dexter and Debra after Debra attempted to kill herself and Dexter by driving a car into a lake. Afterward, Dr. Vogel is kidnapped from her home by A.J. Yates. Dexter and Debra rescue her, and both Debra and Vogel accompany Dexter on the Slice of Life as he disposes of Yates into the ocean.

Dexter observes Zach Hamilton entering Vogel's house. When he confronts her, Vogel admits that he is now one of her patients and she doesn't want Dexter to kill him. In fact, she wants Dexter to teach Zach the Code, which he finds preposterous.

Debra mentions her concerns about Hannah McKay to Vogel. Later, Dexter and Vogel discuss how to handle Zach's urges to kill.

When Dexter, Hannah McKay, and Zach Hamilton return from the Keys, they stop at Dr. Vogel's house, and she invites them in for dinner. During their discussion, they figure out that Zach was framed for Cassie Jollenston's murder.

Dexter discovers the identify of the Brain Surgeon and he turns out to Vogel's son, thought dead. Dexter wants to kill him but Vogel insists on meeting him first at a cafe. Instead, Dexter drugs Vogel and goes to the cafe alone, however, Saxon eludes him. In the last scenes, Saxon appears with his mother inside her house.

The house ends up being a crime scene when Saxon slits his mother's throat in the front window, while Dexter is watching.

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