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Goodbye Miami is the tenth episode of Season Eight of DEXTER, and the ninety-fourth overall episode of the series. Directed by Steve Shill and written by Jace Richdale and Scott Reynolds, it first aired 8 September 2013 on Showtime.

The estimated number of viewers for the episode during its original airing was 2.34 million.

With Dr. Vogel's help, Dexter tries to lure the Brain Surgeon into a trap so he can get him on his table. An important person in Dexter's life is murdered before his eyes.


Oliver Saxon is having breakfast with Evelyn Vogel at her house. She remarks that it makes her feel like his mother again. Saxon retorts that she gave up that privilege a long time ago. Vogel apologizes for the mistakes she’s made in the past and wants to make it up to him. When she offers to find care for him in a facility, Saxon firmly states that he will never be locked up again. He claims that it’s her fault that he killed his brother, because she ignored him and only cared about Richard Jr. He’s especially angry that she helped Dexter while he was "rotting away" in a psychiatric hospital with no visits from her. Vogel begs to help him now but he doesn't trust her. To her dismay, her son storms out.

Dexter takes Harrison to Debra’s beach house where Hannah McKay is hiding out. He tells Hannah that the investigation into her is dying down but she still needs to lay low because her face is all over the news.

They discuss their plan to leave Miami and move to Argentina. By traveling as a couple with a child, they think it will be easier to evade law enforcement. Dexter lists the things that he needs to do first, which include selling his boat and killing Saxon. He tells Hannah that Dr. Vogel isn’t thinking clearly.

Debra returns home and disapproves of Harrison spending time with Hannah. Dexter takes Debra outside to break the news of his move to Argentina. At first, she thinks he’s joking until he insists that he’s not. She doesn’t want him to go and says it’s stupid to leave the country with a fugitive. Dexter, though, stresses that he needs to start over someplace new in order to have a life with Hannah and Harrison. Upset, Debra returns into her house.

Joey Quinn and Jamie Batista are eating dinner at Papa’s Cafe. She’s in a happy mood because she’s soon graduating, and also being recruited by a special needs academy in Atlanta. Jamie, though, tells Quinn that she isn't going to accept the position because she wants to stay in Miami with him. She’s surprised when Quinn advises her to focus on her career and says they’ll find a way to “make it work.”

At his request, Vogel meets with Thomas Matthews in his office. He's at a dead-end looking for Zach Hamilton and wants her help. He asks her to Imagine how Zach’s parents must feel, adding that she knows what it’s like to lose a child. Vogel tells Matthews that she wishes she could help but doesn’t know anything, and then quickly walks out.

Dexter is in his office researching Oliver Saxon. He already knows that Saxon drowned his brother at age fourteen and, at age seventeen, burned alive seven children. Dexter wishes he knew how many more he’s killed since then. He learns that Saxon moved to a dozen cities across two continents without being arrested or leaving a trace. Dexter wonders if Saxon might be the "perfect psychopath."

Dexter spots Vogel leaving Matthews office and asks to speak with her. He tries to convince her that she’s in danger but she refuses to believe it. It’s because she had met with Saxon and he didn’t harm her, though she isn't sure if they’ll see each other again. Due to guilt, Vogel refuses to turn her back on her son, and she doesn’t want Dexter to use her safety as an excuse to kill Saxon. Despite this, Dexter knows that her life is at risk and he feels the need to protect her.

While at lunch, Debra tells Quinn that Dexter is leaving Miami and she’s worried he won't return. Quinn advises her to think about what is best for her brother and says changing things up is often better for everyone involved. As an example, he says that when he left New York, it was tough to leave his friends and family. However, it was the best thing he ever did for himself. Debra also tells Quinn that Batista gave back her detective badge, which he’s happy to hear.

Niki Walters shows up late to a hit-and-run crime scene smelling of marijuana. She tells Masuka that she didn’t know she had to work because it’s Saturday. Masuka is furious that she’s high and sends her home. Before she leaves, Niki informs her father that he has no right to tell her what to do at home. Dexter talks privately with Angel and gives his notice, claiming that he needs a break from death in his life. Angel wishes Dexter the best and states that he will always have a home at Miami Metro. Dexter asks him to keep the news confidential for the time being.

Back at Debra’s beach house, Hannah tells Dexter that the sooner he kills Saxon, the sooner they can start their new life together. Dexter agrees but he doesn’t know how to find Saxon. He decides to use Vogel's computer to locate him. Since Vogel doesn’t want Dexter to kill her son, Hannah asks, “Why are you doing this?” Dexter replies, “Because it’s what I do. It’s… who I am. It’s all I know.” Hannah replies, “Dexter, you’re more than that.” She wonders if they can really have a fresh start in Argentina.

Dr. Vogel arrives home and finds Saxon waiting for her. He opens the door of his truck, says he wants to show her something, and tells her to get in. This scares her and she just stands there until Saxon says, “I’m not gonna hurt you… Mom. Trust me, if I wanted you dead, I wouldn’t be holding this door.” She warily climbs into his truck.

Saxon takes Vogel to his kill room in the old psychiatric hospital, and locks the door behind them. The room has been set up to look exactly like the treatment room in the hospital in England where he spent three years of his life. He tells Vogel to take a seat on the exam table, which he says reminds him of when he was strapped to a similar chair and force-fed his meds.

After detailing his mistreatment, Saxon asks his mother to show him how to exist free in the world as a killer… like she helped Dexter. He says that he wants her to love him. She then agrees to "find a way" and promises she’ll talk to Dexter. Saxon warns her not to make the same mistake that she made with Richard Jr. He cautions her to choose right this time, by choosing him. They embrace.

Dexter locates Vogel's spare key and breaks into her house to gain access to her computer. By using Saxon’s downloaded spyware, Dexter is able to find videos of two kills as they’re being committed by Saxon -- Lyle Sussman and Zach Hamilton. Dexter downloads them onto a flash drive.  

Max Clayton drops into Angel’s office to tell him the investigation into Hannah is being dropped to low priority. He overhears Angel on the phone looking for a replacement for Dexter. Clayton is intrigued when Angel explains that Dexter is leaving the department to spend time with his son.

Jamie has just moved in with Quinn, so she’s surprised when he breaks up with her. He tells her that it’s not working out and apologizes. Jamie is convinced that Debra is the real reason behind it. When Quinn insists that Debra has nothing to do with it, she accuses him of lying.

Debra returns home to find Dexter, Hannah, and Harrison enjoying themselves on the patio but is reluctant to join them. Dexter walks a beer over to her. For a few minutes, they talk about him leaving. Debra is scared that her whole family is moving and worried what her life will look like. Dexter remarks that maybe it looks better.

While Dexter is researching Argentina in his apartment, Vogel stops by to see him. She’s still optimistic that she can help her son and believes that he doesn’t enjoy killing. Dexter scoffs and shows her the video of Saxon cutting into Zach’s skull. This horrifies her and she finally agrees that her son will never change and Dexter can kill him. Dexter instructs her to set up a meeting with Saxon in public and he will take it from there. She only asks that Dexter won’t let him suffer.

Clayton stops by Debra’s house and talks to her on the beach. He reveals his suspicions, and warns her that Hannah is dangerous and Dexter’s life is at risk. Debra does her best to convince Clayton that Dexter and Hannah are not together. After Clayton leaves, Debra informs Hannah of what just happened, reminding her to stay hidden. Hannah thanks Debra for covering for them.

Debra informs Jacob Elway that she's quitting her job at his organization but he  already knew, having been told by his friends at the police department. He’s miffed and won’t allow her to give two weeks notice, or even pack up her stuff, stating that security will do it.

While Hannah is babysitting Harrison, he falls off Debra's treadmill and cuts his chin. She calls Dexter but he doesn't answer. Hannah rushes Harrison to urgent care where the receptionist watches her closely.

Dexter sets up a Kill Room in a place where he had long ago set up another kill room. As he hangs up the photos of Saxon’s first and last victims, Dexter reflects on how far he's come. He feels like a different person now who is looking forward to starting a new life.

At the police station, Jamie yells at Debra to fuck herself when the two cross paths. This confuses Debra until Angel explains that Jamie blames her for Quinn ending things. He says Jamie believes Quinn is still in love with her. Debra informs Angel she's officially coming back, but in a week or two.

Debra takes Quinn outside and asks if he broke up with Jamie because of her. He says it was partly the reason, but he wanted to end things with Jamie, anyway. Debra admits to still having feelings for Quinn and then kisses him.

Clayton talks with the urgent care receptionist after she reports seeing Hannah McKay. He checks the log, noting that the woman signed in as Debra Morgan.

When Dexter returns to the beach house, Hannah apologizes about Harrison’s urgent care visit. He's concerned that she's been exposed. Hannah also tells him that Clayton was there earlier and talked with Debra.

Vogel calls Dexter to say that Saxon is on his way to her house. This annoys Dexter because he had instructed her to meet Saxon in public. He’s torn about whether to stay with Hannah or help Vogel. He decides to protect Vogel.

Vogel and Saxon are sharing tea and making small-talk. He's very aware that she's scared, especially when he asks, “When you’ve seen as many people die as I have, you know when they’re afraid. What are you afraid of, mother?”

Dexter pulls up to Vogel's house and gets out of his car. As he walks to the door, his phone rings. It's Saxon, who tells Dexter to watch the window. He looks up to see Saxon standing behind Vogel, holding a knife to her throat. Saxon looks at Dexter and says, "Mother chose the wrong son… again." He then slits her throat. Dexter breaks down the door, hurries to Vogel, but she dies in his arms.


  • Nothing will change after I’m gone. Blood will continue to pool, I just won’t be here to photograph it. - Dexter, narrating
  • “What could be better than hanging out with two serial killers.” - Debra to Dexter


  • The dead cyclist murder investigation is never mentioned again and thus it is has little impact on minor storylines or major story arcs.

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