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Dress Code is the seventh episode of Season Eight of DEXTER, and the ninety-first overall episode of the series. Directed by Alik Sakharov and written by Arika Lisanne Mittman, it premiered 11 August 2013 on Showtime. The estimated number of viewers for the episode during its original airing was 1.90 million.

Dexter hunts down Hannah to figure out why she's back in Miami. Dexter takes on a protégé and starts teaching him the Code.


After being drugged by Hannah McKay, Dexter wakes up unharmed in an industrial area near Kendall. Dr. Vogel calls to thank him for not killing Zach, but Dexter says he can’t talk and hangs up to return a call from Deb. She's confused and he texts her the location where to pick him up. The last thing he remembers is Hannah at the door. Hannah drugged us, left me stranded in the middle of nowhere. If she's come back because she wants one or both of us dead, then why are we both still here?

Debra arrives to pick up Dexter and asks if it was Hannah. He confirms that he saw her before he blacked out and suggests she poisoned their food. Deb wants to turn in Hannah to the U.S. Marshal Service, but Dexter says they can’t because she knows everything about him. When Deb reminds him that Hannah didn’t talk the last time she was arrested, he says, “Because she was in love with me. Drugging me and leaving me on the side of the road might suggest that's changed.”

Dexter's plan is to find Hannah’s license plate number in footage from surveillance cameras. Upset, Deb says, “The moment I asked you to kill her was the moment that I started to lose myself, and I'm just starting to get back. I don't want to deal with this. I want her gone.” Dexter promises to deal with it.

Dexter is putting in a request for the traffic footage when Zach unexpectedly shows up at his door. Dexter warns him that he could have been followed, but Zach scoffs, claiming that Quinn is easy to lose. Dexter orders Zach to never come to his home again, and says they can never be seen in public together. Dr. Vogel has told Zach that Dexter has a code and he has questions. While they’re talking, Cassie and Oliver greet them as they leave for a night swim in the pool, and Zach remarks that Cassis is cute. When Dexter instructs Zach to get a day job, he asks, “Why? I have money.” Dexter retorts, “You're a weird guy who lives with his mom. You might as well be wearing a sign. Look, all I'm saying is that you need to have some kind of cover life, something that makes you look ordinary.”

Elway notices Deb using the company computer to search for Hannah McKay and asks what she’s doing. Deb says it’s none of his business and accuses him of invading her personal space and always trying to flirt. When Elway offers to pick up lunch for her, Deb holds up a sandwich and asks if they’re done. To Deb’s surprise, Elway angrily answers, “You know what? We're not done, actually. See, Deb, you came to me six months ago, on an emotional wreck, saying you just quit the force and you needed a job. I gave you that job. I gave you good pay, good benefits. I didn't ask a lot of questions. I put up with a lot of weird shit from you because you're good at your job and because I'm a nice guy. So I'm really, really sorry if this cramps your style, but next time, maybe you want to try a little gratitude instead of always being such a fucking bitch. Now we're done.”

Dexter pulls up traffic footage and sees Hannah driving a rental car. He calls the Vista Marina rental company, pretending to be a Detective Cooper investigating a hit-and-run. He’s given both a phone number and the local address, listed as Slip 23. Dexter thinks he found this information a little too easily.

Jamie is ready to move out of Angel's place and is looking at apartments. She hints to Quinn about them possibly living together since she needs to know before she signs a long term lease. Quinn agrees to think about it.

Niki apologizes to Masuka for blowing up about the check and they make amends. She will call him later when she gets off work at a sports bar so they can grab dinner.

Dexter sees Hannah getting off a yacht with a man who appears to be her significant other. The Hannah McKay I know hated the ocean. But it does make for an easy escape into international waters. Brave of her to be walking around Miami like that. Or maybe she's found someone to protect her.

Dexter follows the couple to a private club, but he's refused entry because of the dress code. He phones Zach to help him gain entry since his father has a membership. Zach provides Dexter with the suitable attire and they breeze past the bouncer. Dexter spots Hannah and the man at the bar. Zach is impressed that she’s Dexter’s ex-girlfriend. When the man walks away, Dexter tells Zach to text him when he returns. He surprises Hannah and asks why she drugged him and left him on the side of the road. She advises him to leave before her husband returns. Taken off guard that Hannah is married, Dexter remarks, “Well, he seems rich. You were always a pragmatist.” Although Zach texts him that the guy is on his way back, Dexter lingers.

Hannah’s husband is not pleased to see Hannah talking to another man. When she introduces them to each other, Miles reveals that he knows Dexter dated Hannah and had her arrested. The conversation is tense, and soon Miles and Hannah leave the club. Zach asks Dexter if they are going to kill him, and Dexter replies that he only kills people who deserve it.

Dexter looks up Miles online, learning that he made a fortune in international casinos and has the power and the reach to obtain a new name and new passport for Hannah.

Deb stops by Dexter’s apartment and tells him that the Marshals, FBI, and Homeland Security haven’t reported a single sighting of Hannah. He informs her that Hannah is married to wealthy Miles Castner and they’re staying on a yacht. Deb hopes her husband is sleeping with one eye open.

Dexter doesn’t believe that Hannah loves Miles and thinks her marriage is just part of a cover life. His comments cause Deb to accuse Dexter of still being in love with Hannah, which he denies. She reminds him of how important it is that they get Hannah out of their lives, and Dexter says he’s working on a plan. Deb doesn’t think he can be objective, stating, “One little toss of Hannah's pretty blonde hair, and you turn into a fucking moron.” Harrison hears Hannah’s name and asks about her.

Masuka decides to surprise his daughter, Niki, by dropping by the sports bar where she works. When he enters, he notices the topless waitresses, and Niki herself is topless. Shocked, Masuka tells her that he wasn’t aware the place was a “breastaurant” which causes Niki to chuckle. However, Niki isn't ashamed and explains that she’s just doing it for the money until something better comes along. Averting his eyes, Masuka admits going to these kinds of places all the time, but he had never viewed “daughter boobs.” Niki laughs at the remark.

Deb and Dr. Vogel meet to discuss Hannah. Deb wants Hannah arrested, but Vogel reminds her that she knows too much. She advises Deb to trust Dexter, and to consider all consequences before she takes matters into her own hands.

Masuka mentions to Dexter the forensics that still need processing, and suggests an extra set of hands to help with the paperwork.

From his office, Dexter notices Zach Hamilton and his attorney enter the homicide department, and he wonders why they are there. Deputy Chief Matthews leads Zach and the attorney into Angel’s office, and Angel asks Quinn to join them. The attorney and Zach demand that the police stop their 24-hour surveillance of Zach, and show photos of Quinn tailing Zach. Matthews backs Zach and they leave. Quinn is angry but Angel orders him to let it go. Quinn notifies Angel that he and Jamie are moving in together.

Masuka presses Angel to let him hire a lab assistant, claiming it was Dexter’s idea. Angel agrees to a part-time position.

In the parking lot, Dexter impresses upon Zach the importance of patience and control. When Zach insists that his urges are too strong to control, Dexter says, “Long before my father taught me how to do what I do, he taught me how not to do it.”

Miles confronts Dexter at a gas station, with Dexter assuring him that there’s nothing going on between him and Hannah. Miles warns that he'd sooner see Hannah in prison than lose her. He threatens to make a few calls and ruin Dexter’s life if he doesn't stay away from her. When a car impatiently honks, Miles leaves. Dexter worries that Miles is a threat to Hannah.

Dexter meets Hannah at her old greenhouse. All the plants have died. He tells her about his encounter with Miles and asks why she married him. Hannah says he was there to give her a new life, a new identity, and money after her escape. Dexter pressures her to answer why she is in Miami and why she drugged him and Deb. Hannah confesses that she wanted Dexter to kill Miles because he is obsessively controlling and jealous, and she feels like she's in prison. She says she can’t risk doing it herself because his family suspects her of being a gold-digger. However, she's changed her mind because she’s realized how much she loves Dexter and doesn't wasn't to manipulate him into doing something that might be bad for him.

Deb asks Elway if she can borrow the high-tech GPS tracker, and apologizes for overreacting earlier. She tells him that he has no idea who she really is. Elway says he wants to find out.

Cassie almost catches Deb putting the GPS tracker on Dexter's car. Deb plays it off as looking for sunglasses in her brother’s car. The two talk about Cassie's brief romantic connection to Dexter. Although Cassie has met a new guy who’s into her, she’s still hung up on the “mysterious man next door who hasn’t called.” Ultimately, Debra advises her to stick with the good thing she's got going now.

Masuka shows up at Lucky Pete’s and offers Niki a lab assistant position at Miami Metro. She’s not very interested because she makes more money at the sports bar, but promises to think about it.

Dr. Vogel calls Dexter to meet with her. They first talk about Hannah, and then Vogel expresses her concern for Zach who came to her in an agitated state. Dexter says it’s because he didn’t let him kill his father and his urge is growing stronger. Dexter defends the fact that he waited for years before he killed the first time, but then realizes it’s different for Zach because he has already killed. Vogel reminds Dexter that Zach is his responsibility and he needs to take this very seriously. Dexter leaves Zach a voicemail asking to meet at his studio the next day.

While entering his car, Dexter is jumped and beaten up by three of Miles' henchmen. He wonders what Miles will do to Hannah.

Deb admits to Elway that he doesn't deserve how she treats him. She thanks him and says he’s the reason she’s surviving.

Cassie hears Zach pounding on Dexter's door and politely tells him that he’s probably not home. Zach glares at Cassie and storms off, telling her to give Dexter a nasty message.

Miles confronts Hannah aboard the yacht when she returns from shopping. He’s discovered that she met with Dexter and flies into a jealous rage, pinning her to the bed. He warns Hannah that he will keep her as a prisoner aboard the yacht, and states that she belongs to him. Hannah struggles and kills Miles.

Dexter sneaks aboard the Reverie and finds Hannah kneeling over Miles’ dead body. She explains what happened and Dexter asks for bleach, bags, and a saw or ax. He promises that everything will be okay.

Dexter and Hannah dump Miles at sea from his boat. When they return, Deb watches them from her car. They ask each other if they regret not killing each other and they don’t. Hannah adds that she doesn’t enjoy killing, unlike him. Hannah has bought herself a few days' time by telling the crew that Miles wanted to go to New York. Abruptly, Dexter is called to a crime scene at his apartment building and asks Hannah not to leave town before they speak again

Cassie has been murdered in the same fashion as Norma Rivera. Oliver is there, sobbing. He asks Dexter what happened and says they were going on a date that night. Dexter examines Cassie and tells Angel that someone held her down and beat her to death. He wonders if Zach did this while he was with Hannah, and is concerned that he won’t be as good a teacher as Harry.


  • “Trust me, no one knows what it's like to fall in love with the wrong person more than I do. But you better get your fucking head on straight. We have got to get her out of our lives.” Deb to Dexter about Hannah
  • Harry was a good teacher to me because he was normal, human. But can anything good come from putting two killers together, whether it be student and teacher or whatever Hannah and I have? - Dexter to himself, at Cassie’s murder scene
  • "I didn't realize this place was a breastaurant" - Vince Masuka


  • The phone number that Dexter is given from the rental company is 813-398-2723. The area code is actually for the city of Tampa and surrounding areas.
  • In this episode, Dexter tells Dr. Vogel that he first killed at age 19. Earlier, in "Sunshine and Frosty Swirl", Dexter tells Deb that he's been killing since age 20.

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