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Argentina is the eighth of twelve episodes in Season Seven of DEXTER, and the eightieth overall episode of the series. Directed by Romeo Tirone and written by Arika Lisanne Mittman, it first aired 18 November 2012.

The estimated number of viewers for the episode during its original airing was 2.25 million.[1]

Dexter tries to keep Debra in the dark about his relationship with Hannah, but a surprise visit from Astor, Cody and Harrison throws a wrench into his plans. Fresh out of jail, Isaak renews his pursuit of Dexter while Quinn continues his power struggle with the Koshkas.


In the morning, Dexter gets dressed, still shocked that Deb asked him to kill Hannah. Hannah is in the kitchen chopping up what she calls "special herbs" from her garden. Dexter offers to help and she hands him a small knife. He sets it down, though, and selects a cleaver, saying it's more his style. While eating an omelet, Dexter notices a calendar on the wall set to January 1996 (the year Hannah took off with Wayne) and jokes that she's lost track of time. Hannah explains that she likes the picture of Argentina.  

Dexter visits Deb at home and asks if she really meant what she said. Deb says, "Yeah, Dex, I meant it. The good news is I've already vetted her for you. She's killed three people that we know of. That's not including what she did with Wayne. And Price had a tissue sample and a lab report on Beverly Grey that proved she was poisoned with aconite. But, go figure, some asshole broke into his apartment and disappeared all the files on Hannah." Dexter argues that she doesn't know that she killed Sal Price or even that he was murdered. Deb then plays the recording of Hannah confessing to killing Linda Johnson. She continues, "You want more? Let's talk about how she didn't allow her husband's body to be embalmed. She fits your code, Dex." She can't believe it when Dexter refuses to kill Hannah. Deb says it was very hard for her to ask and she wishes there was another way, but he’s all she has left.

They're interrupted by a text from Astor about her grandfather's kidney stones acting up.

Dexter tries to convince Deb that it's for her own good if he doesn't kill Hannah. He claims she won't be able to live with herself knowing she's responsible for a murder. "I care about you too much to let you do something you're gonna regret. I'm sorry, the answer is no."

Isaak emerges from The Fox Hole after the police drive off, tricked into following an Isaak lookalike. There is drug inventory to move so George Novikov tries to get Isaak to forget about his vendetta with Dexter but it’s a fruitless attempt. Still determined to kill Dexter, Isaak takes a gun out of the glovebox.

At Sadie's Donuts, Dexter orders the usual, along with Boston Cremes for Deb. While he's waiting, he thinks, Deb's got 24=hour police surveillance on Isaak. Which means I know where he is at all times. He's moved into Viktor's apartment and hardly gone anywhere other than The Fox Hole and a few restaurants. Dexter reaches to answer his phone and drops his keys. As he bends down to pick them up, he narrowly avoids being shot by Isaak who is firing into the store from his car. Dexter sees Isaak in time to evade another shot. Isaak drives off, leaving the shop damaged but with no casualties. Francisco blames local gangs for the destruction.

At the station, Deb tells Dexter that he is a witness so she can arrest Isaak. However, he says. "You already tried that once, Deb. It didn't work. You really want an investigation into why Isaak Sirko is trying to kill me?" He tells her to let him handle it. When he informs Deb that the kids are coming to Miami, she agrees to let them stay at her place with patrol security. Dexter reminds her that her house isn't kid-friendly, due to her gun, pay channels, and empty fridge, and she agrees to make changes. She then tells Dexter that she's going to pay Hannah a visit and let her live happily ever after.

Maria LaGuerts leaves to take care of "some business on the other side of town." A happy Batista announces that he is the new manager of Papa's Cafe and invites his coworkers to stop by after work.

Hannah is ordering supplies when Debra arrives but she immediately hangs up.

Hannah: "Lieutenant. You, uh, in the market for some orchids?"
Deb: "I'm not buying anything from you."
Hannah: "Look, I think you have the wrong idea--"
Deb: "Shut up. I'm not interested in anything you have to say, 'cause you're a fucking liar. I know who you are. I know what you are."
Hannah: "Well, I think you'd be surprised at the things that you don't know about me."
Deb: "Sal Price shared everything with me. So you may think you're safer because he's dead, but actually, it's worse. He was just a writer. I'm a cop. Whatever you're hiding, I'm gonna find out."
Hannah: "Sal Price was a storyteller. He wanted to sell books. He didn't care if they were true or not."
Deb: "You admitted to him on tape that you killed with Wayne. How convenient that he died before he had a chance to write about it."
Hannah: "Lieutenant, what were you doing when you were fifteen years old? I'm guessing you were probably on a soccer team or something, right? Me? I was just some dumb farm girl who was wakened in the middle of the night by an older boy that I had a crush on who said, ‘Let's go on a trip.’ I was in over my head."
Deb: "You knew exactly what you were doing then. You're in over your head now."
Hannah: "I don't know why I care so much about what you think, but somehow I do, so, I'm sorry."
Deb: "You haven't even begun to be sorry."

George is on the phone with the higher-ups in Ukraine, talking about Isaak. "I'm not suggesting a coup here. More like a realignment. I'd never do anything without the support of the brotherhood, but I feel like something has to be done or this whole thing's gonna explode in our faces." [pause] "Okay. Consider it done."

Afterward, George pops his head into Quinn's car and claims he couldn’t get Nadia's passport because the guys in Kyiv pull the strings. George offers cash if he'll do another job. Quinn refuses and threatens to call I.C.E. to check the immigration status of his employees if he hurts Nadia. After directing obscenities at George, he speeds off, tires screeching.

While following Isaak, Dexter gets a call from Jamie to let him know they are three hours away. They plan to meet at Angel's new restaurant. The kids are arguing in the car and Astor wants to leave Cody on the side of the road.

Dexter breaks into Viktor Baskov's apartment, planning to kill Isaak and blame it on the Colombian cartel. Unexpectedly, he runs into a hitman, also there to kill Isaak. Dexter pretends he's the building super and the hitman, noticing Dexter's gloves, says sarcastically that he’s the Avon lady. Despite the hitman having a gun, Dexter quickly gains the upper hand, slashes his throat, and says, "We could've just gone halfsies." Dexter returns Isaak's photo to the hitman's pocket and quickly leaves when someone's dog starts barking.

Maria asks the marina master at Coral Cove Marina to run some names. She's surprised when he tells her that Dexter Morgan had a slip there until May 2007 when he suddenly moved his boat, even though he had eight months to go on his lease.

The kids, Dexter, Deb, and Jamie have dinner at Angel's restaurant. Astor and Cody are at each other's throats. When Cody reveals that Astor has been smoking pot, she storms off. Dexter and Debra remind Astor that it's illegal and talk to about vices causing problems, but she remains angry.

Back at her beach house, Deb tells Dexter that he was right about not killing Hannah. She says it must have been hard for him to resist and thanks him for caring.

Dexter shows up at Hannah's house. He tells her that Isaak Sirko, the head of the Koshka Brotherhood, wants to kill him and he needs to kill Isaak first. Hannah suggests that he learn what makes the guy tick and lends him her van to use for surveillance. Dexter enjoys being able to talk to her about his kills. They kiss and head to the bedroom.

Nadia assures Quinn that she only has to work two more years for George because he likes his dancers young. She makes him promise that he'll never do anything for George again. While she’s taking a shower, Quinn answers the door. It's George who shows Quinn that he has audio of him agreeing to get rid of the evidence on Isaak. He tells Quinn to keep watch later when they move product or the recording will go on the cloud. Quinn threatens to take him down, but George retorts, "I got the Koshka brotherhood behind me… Who's gonna save your ass? Miami Metro?"

Upon entering the apartment, Isaak and Jurg Yeliashkevych find the hitman's body. Jurg identifies him as one of George Novikov's men, which means the Brotherhood gave permission to have Isaak killed. Isaak understands that he can no longer return to Kyiv because he's a dead man there. He only has his loyal bodyguard now. Isaak’s offshore accounts will last some time but he won't have access to the corporate accounts. Jurg notifies the cops who are assigned to follow Isaak, and soon the homicide team arrives to investigate the murder.

Miami Metro processes the scene while Isaak sits on the couch, making sarcastic comments. He denies knowing why anyone would want to kill him and he has an alibi because the police have been tailing him. Dexter describes the murder: "These scuff marks indicate a struggle. They fell to the floor. And the killer cut his carotid artery with one swipe of a very sharp knife." Isaak says mockingly, "My, my. You couldn't have described that better if you'd been there yourself." Dexter is now aware that Isaak knows he's the killer. Dexter asks Masuka to finish up because he has plans with the kids. Masuka grumbles, "Fine. But one of these days, I'm gonna track down some of my kids so that I can skip out on work." Dexter departs, thinking, "Kill ya later, Isaak."

Dexter joins Jamie and the kids at the beach and he helps Harrison build a moat for his sandcastle. He then talks privately with Astor who says she misses the beach because it reminds her of her mother. Neither Orlando or Miami feel like home to her. Dexter says he understands and provides supportive advice. When he tells Astor that he won't tell her grandparents that she was smoking pot, she smiles in relief.

Dexter takes a call from Hannah. She needs her greenhouse key which she inadvertently left in her van, and he says he's at Hobie Beach. Hannah arrives, smiling, and asks why he's there. Suddenly, Dexter’s name is called out and Hannah notices Jamie and the kids playing in the water. She has the wrong idea until he explains the situation. Hannah tells Dexter that he is lucky to have a normal life and kids, which she can't due to her notoriety.

That night, Debra spots Hannah's key chain and realizes Dexter has a relationship with her. This leads to a huge argument and she berates herself for believing that he didn't kill Hannah for her sake. Deb becomes emotional and lets it slip that when she found him in the church killing Travis Marshall, she was there to tell him she was in love with him. Dexter is shocked and isn't sure at first what she means. Debra isn't sure either, but thinks she's even more screwed-up than her serial killer brother. Deeply hurt, she continues to sob and orders Dexter to leave.

Dexter follows Isaak and his police escort, while thinking about what Deb said about being in love with him. It may explain why she didn’t arrest him, keeps believing his lies, and is giving up her values for him. When Isaak enters a dimly lit bar, Dexter follows him. Alone at the bar, Isaak reaches for his gun, but then greets Dexter in a friendly manner. As they banter about civility, Dexter soon realizes that it’s a gay bar and Isaak reveals that Viktor was his lover. He tells Dexter that he took from him the only thing that really mattered. Dexter advises Isaak to cut his losses but Isaak won’t give up his vendetta. The two talk about being outliers in society and Isaak thinks under different circumstances they could have been friends.

Isaak has moved to a secret hideout. In despair, he listens repeatedly to Viktor's last voice message.

From his car, Quinn watches a drug transfer at The Fox Hole.

Maria LaGuerta is at a marina, staring at Dexter's boat, apparently close to connecting the dots.

Astor shares a joint with Debra at the beach house.

Dexter returns to Hannah, reflecting on the meaning of "home."


  • I need to find some way to get her [Hannah] out of Debra's head, even if I can't get her out of mine. -Dexter (voiceover)
  • Even though everything I just said is true, it doesn't make me any less of a liar. -Dexter to himself, after telling Deb why he won’t kill Hannah
  • I'm not gonna stop seeing Hannah just because she's a murderer... and my sister wants to kill her. - Dexter (voiceover)
  • "Anything in your kitchen besides salsa and beer?"- Dexter to Deb
  • "Well, they [the kids] can't stay at your fucking apartment. Isaak probably has his own key by now." - Deb to Dexter
  • "I don't love kids in general, but I love your kids."  -Deb to Dexter
  • With all the people who want to kill Isaak, why is it so hard to get him dead? - Dexter (voiceover)
  • "Can we not talk about fetal pigs at dinner?"- Astor to Cody
  • "Sometimes the things that seem like a good idea in the moment are the things you'll end up regretting later." -Debra to Astor as Dexter listens
  • My family. All that's left of it is here, under one roof. It should feel like home. So why do I want so badly to be somewhere else? - Dexter (voiceover)
  • "Fortunately, you've managed to catch me in between gentleman callers." -Hannah, joking, to Dexter
  • "I have never been able to talk to anyone about my kills before. Not like this. No judgment, no fear, no panic." - Dexter to Hannah
  • "I'm kind of tired of talking. Maybe I can show you what a booty call is." - Hannah to Dexter
  • "My, my. You couldn't have described that [hitman murder scene] better if you'd been there yourself. - Isaak Sirko to Dexter
  • "You know, when I was younger, someone told me who I was, and I pretty much took his word for it." - Dexter to Astor
  • "No matter where I go, I'm Hannah McKay, the spree killer's girlfriend. Nobody has a clue who you are."- Hannah to Dexter
  • "You're a serial killer, and I'm more fucked up than you are!"- Deb to Dexter
  • “She [Hannah] doesn't have the best track record with men. I don't even want to talk about the fucking body trail that you've left in your love life.” -Deb to Dexter
  • "Do you sit around and talk about who you're gonna take out next?" -Deb to Dexter about Hannah
  • "There has to be some vestige of civility left, even in this corner of the world." - Isaak to Dexter
  • "I don't understand much about love." - Dexter to Isaak
  • "We're outsiders, you and I. On the periphery. Watching everybody else. Pretending we're just like them, but knowing we're not." - Isaak to Dexter
  • "It's a shame, really. Under different circumstances, I think we could have been great friends."- Isaak to Dexter
  • Everyone wants an Argentina. A place where the slate is wiped clean. - Dexter (voiceover)
  • So is home the place we run to, or is it the place we run from... only to hide out in places where we're accepted, unconditionally. Places that feel more like home to us... because we can finally be who we are. - Dexter (voiceover)

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  • Astor and Cody appear for the last time in this episode.




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