Everything Is Illumenated is the sixth of twelve episodes in Season Five of DEXTER, and the fifty-fourth overall episode of the series. It first aired 31 October 2010 on Showtime.

Dexter strives to bring some normalcy back into his life by plotting to take down a serial killer. Lumen requires his help.


Dexter and Debra are packing up the items in Rita and Dexter's old house. Dexter finds Lumen's sunglasses, remarking that Lumen is another thing he has moved on from. 

Meanwhile, Debra and the Miami Metro crew are going over their strategy to get into Club Mayan. Mathews comes in and thinks that this is a waste of time. After LaGuerta talks to him, they get one night to make something happen. Debra is introduced to Liddy by Quinn, who he hired to keep an eye on Dexter.

Dexter finds a new target, Lance Robinson. As he is setting up the kill room, he gets a call from Lumen who just brought a man she suspected of being a man who raped her to an abandoned warehouse and shot him. When Dexter arrives, the two discover that the man has escaped and called the police, using a nearby payphone. Dexter finds the man, and he turns out to be a kids' dentist. He tries to save him from bleeding out. As Dexter and Lumen leave the room, the dentist calls the other rapists, and tells Lumen that they will find her. Dexter snaps his neck and begins to clean up the blood.

Debra gets called away from her stake out at Club Mayan to go to the warehouse. Masuka states that there definitely was a homicidal situation there. Meanwhile, Dexter tells Lumen to go to his house and clean herself up. As she is leaving, Lance wakes up from the M99 and escapes. Dexter chases him down and in the nick of time stops him from being seen by Debra and Masuka. Dexter quickly stages the two deaths to make it look like something else, and Masuka describes it as "auto erotic mummification".

After the stakeout, Batista informs LaGuerta that he met someone who thinks she can bring the Fuentes Brothers into the club. At the house, Dexter and Lumen talk. Dexter asks who the other people were.



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