Lost Boys is the tenth of twelve episodes in Season Four of DEXTER, and the forty-sixth overall episode of the series. It first aired 26 November 2009 on Showtime.

Dexter chases Arthur to a video arcade and watches him kidnap a 10-year-old boy. Dexter is unable to follow him, so he has a mission to find this "Lost Boy" before it's too late.


Dexter is chasing Arthur and sees that he is stalking two siblings with their nanny. Arthur kidnaps the boy, Scott Smith, in an arcade by pretending to be a cop, and telling Scott that his parents have been in an accident. Later, Dexter learns that there are several ten-year-old boys missing. He believes that a boy begin Trinity's cycle of four victims, not three, as Lundy believed. Dexter meets Jonah, expecting to discover where his father might have gone to hold the boy captive. Dexter asks Jonah to help him by looking through Arthur's computer and desk for information to help him.

Dexter has to confront the real possibility that he may have more in common with Trinity than he'd like to admit. Secrets abound - from Cody, who is forced to defend one of Dexter's lies, Masuka, who can't bring himself to confess what he witnessed at Thanksgiving, and Debra, whose recent discoveries force one of Miami's finest into making an impossible decision.

Meanwhile Debra gives an interview to Christine Hill and asks Angel to check the journalist's reaction when she asks how she could have been so fast to arrive at the crime scene. Angel sends samples of Christine's DNA from a toothbrush given to Debra by Quinn to Masuka and after the DNA analysis, they find that Christine and Trinity are relatives and Christine is arrested. 

Extra Information
Title Meaning:
Lost Boys - Refers to the revelation that Trinity actually has four kills in his cycle,
with the newly discovered kill being a little boy, meant to represent Arthur himself.
"Tell Me That You Care" (1959) by Jodie Victor is Arthur's sister Vera's favorite song,
it played on gramophone. Another song is “Venus”.

Coincidentally, we discover that in fact Trinity kills four people in each cycle,
he's also a volunteer with "Four" Walls One Heart, a community program that builds homes for the homeless.
He also keep trophies of killing from it.
"You're a dear boy Arthur. So innocent, kind hearted. Promise me you'll always stay that way"
- Arthur, to Scott

"A hypodermic needle. The perfect drug delivery system.
Rapid, efficient- especially in the right hands"
- Dexter, to himself

"I promise you no one's ever gonna hurt you again. Especially me"
- Dexter, to Harrison

"Hey, Dex. Where are you off to?"
- Debra, to Dexter

"Kill the guy you're looking for. Save a kid. Remember to pick up diapers."
- Dexter, thinks about answer, but says nothing.


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