Hungry Man is the ninth of twelve episodes in Season Four of DEXTER, and the forty-fifth overall episode of the series. It first aired 22 November 2009 on Showtime.

Dexter senses something wrong within Arthur's family. It doesn't seem like what he've seen in surface. So he tries to spend Thanksgiving Day with his family to learn more.


Dexter stops by Arthur's house to find Jonah being yelled at by his father. He later finds that Jonah has destroyed his dad's car. Dexter learns that Arthur terrorizes his family through beatings and mind games. As Dexter joins them for dinner, Jonah snaps and tells off his father. Dexter is forced to intervene and show the monster inside of him.

Meanwhile, Elliot kisses Rita. Batista also gets closure on an old case. He and LaGuerta finally admit to what has been obvious for some time. Debra uses the holiday to continue her investigation of the Trinity Killer, a pursuit which threatens her brother's safety and brings to light surprising revelations about someone else close to her.

Elsewhere, Joey Quinn spends the holiday with his reporter girlfriend Christine Hill, but he clearly has commitment issues and is starting to feel hemmed in. After he leaves, she gets a surprise visit from the Trinity Killer, who is revealed to be her father.

Extra Information
Title Meaning:
Hungry Man - It's about Dexter, who is metaphorically hungry to delve into Arthur's life,
before he kills him. This episode also sets on Thanksgiving day, and shows people eating food.
This is the first time that Rita and Masuka appear together in an episode.

While Det. Batista and Lt. Laguerta are notifying the husband of a homicide victim of the arrest of the killer, he is said to be in a persistent vegetative state. During this scene, his eyes are sometimes open and sometimes closed. This can happen with a vegetative state, but not a coma.[1]
"Not all happy families are alike. They are happy, aren't they? Are they normal kids?
How can you tell a loving wife from a frightened one? A friendly neighbor, co-worker, sister, son?
Are any of them what they seem? Or are they little bombs waiting to explode?"
- Dexter, to himself

"What kind of a father keeps a coffin in his garage?"
- Dexter, to himself about Arthur's coffin.
"What kind of a father keeps blood slides in his shed?"
- Harry responds

"Are you the one my mom told me not to talk to?"
- Astor, to Masuka in their first meeting


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