"Blinded by the Light" is the third of twelve episodes in Season Four of DEXTER, and the thirty-ninth overall episode of the series. It first aired 11 October 2009 on Showtime.


The Trinity Killer forces a woman called Tarla Grant to jump from a store at the old port; otherwise he would kill her husband and two kids. Meanwhile Dexter is having troubles at home and in his community, since Rita does not allow him to drive because of the car accident he was just in. Astor is showing the typical behavior of an adolescent; and a vandal is destroying the properties leading to the neighborhood organizing a watch group to report incidents and placing security lights that may affect Dexter's secret life. Quinn, Debra and Dexter are assigned to investigate the jumper case and despite the reluctance of Debra, the case is closed as a suicide. Meanwhile Dexter associates the tourist killer with Johnny Rose and when Angel and LaGuerta visit his girlfriend Nikki Wald, the couple opens fire on the police officers. The relationship of Debra with Anton is becoming strained due to the presence of Lundy. Dexter decides to punish the hooligan that is creating trouble in his life and has a surprise.

The problem in Dexter's community and with Rita is affecting his daily life. Debra is questioning her relationship with Anton. Angel and Lt. LaGuerta are having trouble trying to hide their relationship. While complaining about his job, Quinn unwittingly divulges classified information, to the reporter in bed. The Trinity Killer is shown to be really a deranged middle-aged man.


  • During the scene where LaGuerta brings in some information about Johnny Rose, Detective Hill can be seen in the background talking with another officer. The camera changes to show Detective Quinn, who is near the entrance to the Homicide Department and Detective Hill can be seen behind him outside of the department in one of the other offices. When the shot returns to LaGuerta, Hill is still standing behind her next to another officer.
Extra Information
Title Meaning:
Blinded by the Light - Mainly refers to the motion-sensor lights near Dexter's house. It also may be referring to the many good things that people give him, but that have instead created more problems for him. It proves that for some people the light produces more darkness than good.
The warehouse the Trinity killer forces the woman to jump off of is the same warehouse teenage Dexter stands on top of to "feel alive" by the heartbeat in a flashback during the first episode of season 2 "It's Alive!"

The song Rita sings in the car while driving with dexter is "Karma Chameleon"
"The danger of community is that those who don't belong are looked upon with suspicion.
Those of us who prefer to work alone, the lone wolves, risk being singled out"
- Dexter, to himself

"If this is the latest victim of Lundy’s Trinity Killer ,then he’s a very different monster than I am.
Why her? Why here? What is Trinity’s code? Does he have one?"
- Dexter, in Tarla Grant's crime scene

"Great. Security lights. Just what every serial killer needs."
- Dexter, to himself


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