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Do You Take Dexter Morgan? is the last of twelve episodes in Season Three of the Showtime series DEXTER, and the thirty-sixth overall episode in the series. It first aired 14 December 2008.

Dexter attempts to calm the unstable Ramon now that Miguel is out of the picture; Debra is about to receive her detective's shield but is blind-sided with information that could derail her promotion.


Miguel Prado's corpse lies in the middle of a park as Dexter is silently waxing philosophical about death. The authorities arrive and Dexter and the team begin to process the body which has been made to look like a Skinner killing by Dexter. Ramon and Dexter have a contentious moment, with Miguel's brother telling Dexter he will "find out why this happened."

A few days later, Dexter arrives home with Rita, having been physically pushed out of Miguel's funeral by a drunken Ramon. Dexter and Rita's wedding, though, will still take place as planned and Sylvia plans to be at the rehearsal. A card from Rita's mother (who cannot attend) contains the phrase "Let's hope the third one's the charm." When Dexter asks about the line, Rita says it refers to her third pregnancy which Dexter thinks could be a lie.

While he's driving, Dexter tries to think of wedding vows but he's interrupted by a phone call.

Dexter returns to his apartment to find that someone had broken into it. Cops are all over the place and an officer tells him that a neighbor had seen a man matching the description of Ramon. After they’re gone, Dexter checks his blood slides and is relieved they haven't been disturbed. His wedding suit, though, has been shredded.

Although Ramon doesn't meet the Code’s criteria for killing, Dexter has no intention of ignoring him. He grabs Ellen Wolf's ring and takes it with him.

On his way to Ramon's house, Dexter thinks about using the ring to tie Miguel to Ellen Wolf's murder. By threatening to ruin Miguel's reputation, it should get Ramon off his back. Ramon's wife tells Dexter that she hasn't seen him since the funeral and has no idea where he might be.

Back at the office, Dexter contacts Sheriff Jesse Whitaker in an attempt to locate Ramon. He pretends that he's calling on behalf of Ramon's wife. Whitaker informs Dexter of a few bars that Ramon frequents.

Dexter also enters Rita’s maiden name into a Michigan database and learns that she had been married for six months when she was sixteen to John Alan Ackerman. Dexter realizes that Paul Bennett was actually her second husband, and he will be her third -- “the charm.”

Angel briefs the department that they are on high-alert to catch Jorge Orozco a.k.a. George King who was a former torturer for the Nicaraguan military. He says the case is now huge since King is believed to have killed A.D.A. Miguel Prado.

Angel informs Debra that he has recommended her for detective, pending only the formality of Maria's signature. His reasons are that she saved the life of a C.I. and identified The Skinner. An excited Debra tells Dexter the news and he tells her that Harry would be proud. She mentions Dexter getting married, adding, “The Morgans are gonna be alright."

Debra asks Francis if she’s found any info on Harry’s C.I.s yet. Francis, though, hasn’t finished combing through everything. She advises Debra that some things are left in a box.

Maria is upset after hearing that a local highway may be named after Miguel. Privately, she tells Dexter that she wants to make public their findings about Miguel’s involvement in Ellen's murder. Dexter talks Maria down, reminding her that there is no usable evidence linking Miguel to Ellen and that tearing Miguel's life apart would only hurt his family and the Cuban community.

Debra runs into Anton outside the station. He seems happy to learn that she is getting her detective shield. They speak simultaneously, with Anton saying he has to go and Debra suggesting they grab coffee. Debra watches Anton as he walks away.

Dexter has not been able to track down Ramon at any of his favorite watering holes. As Dexter picks up Astor and Cody from school, a blue car is shown following him.

A furious Angel tells Debra that he has learned she slept with Anton while he was their key witness and feels he must inform Maria. Debra lets it slip that she knows Angel met Barbara Gianna while looking for hookers.

Angel goes to Maria's office and confesses to seeking prostitutes during a "dark time." The information doesn't seem to greatly bother her. He then says she needs to know something regarding his recommendation of Debra for detective.

Still in the car with the kids, Dexter is aware that he has a tail. He runs a yellow light which causes the car following him to run a red light. A mounted camera shoots a picture of the car having an accident. Dexter turns around and sees the driver of the car flee the scene and assumes it’s Ramon.

Just prior to the rehearsal dinner, Dexter catches Rita in a lie about how many times she has been married, but does not call her on it. An intoxicated Ramon arrives and pulls a gun on Dexter, but he’s brought down when Angel and Debra show up from behind him.

At the office, Debra is sent the photo from the hit-and-run fender bender that Dexter witnessed. The car was stolen and the image shows that it was clearly King behind the wheel.

Dexter pays a visit to Ramon in his holding cell. Ramon says that Miguel hired him as a bodyguard because he was worried about Dexter. Ramon reveals that most of his transgressions were the result of cleaning up after Miguel's mistakes. The two appear to come to an understanding regarding their respective issues. Ramon seems pacified and Dexter elects not to tell Ramon about Miguel and Ellen.

The only bit of evidence found in the stolen car that King was driving is a tobacco leaf. This leads Debra and Quinn to a tobacco company listed on one of King's old tax returns, but they strike out.

It’s the night before Dexter's wedding. Having just been fitted for a replacement wedding suit, Dexter walks out of a clothing shop. Suddenly, King sneaks up from behind and hits him across the face with a blunt object.

The morning at work, Debra finds Masuka going back over the evidence from King's car.  On her desk, Debra notices a stack of her father’s C.I. files, left by Francis. Maria asks Debra into her office, ultimately giving her a detective shield after Debra defends her relationship with Anton.

Dexter wakes up tied to a table in an abandoned tobacco warehouse with King waiting to torture him. It’s a familiar situation for Dexter, but from an unfamiliar perspective. He feels no fear but, while lying there, Dexter realizes how much he wants to raise his son with Rita. He also forgives Harry.

Debra shows up at Anton's apartment to tell him that she has recused herself from the case and wants to be with him. As they embrace, her phone rings. It's Masuka who has learned that the tobacco leaf in the car was twelve years old and from a company that moved three years ago.

As King whistles menacingly, Dexter tries to take control away from him. He informs King that he killed Freebo and provides details of the murder and disposal. King accuses him of lying. Dexter calmly tells King that finding Freebo is just his flimsy excuse to keep on killing because he enjoys it. Dexter says that Miguel wanted him dead so he used King’s obsession. King has heard enough and walks away to get his skinning knives.

Dexter rocks the table back and forth until it falls over. This crushes Dexter's hand but allows him to get out of the ropes. The two fight, with Dexter getting the better of King while police sirens wail. As Debra and two squad cards pull into the warehouse area, Dexter breaks King's neck. When the first squad enters the area, King's body falls from above, lands on the hood, and is dragged underneath for several feet. Dexter escapes through a nearby window.

Dexter arrives late to the wedding hotel, sporting a cast on his hand. He briefly speaks with Rita and decides to let her keep her secret since he has so many. Debra helps Dexter with his tie and the two share a moment about Harry.

Dexter vows to be the best husband and father he can be, which is completely honest. During the reception, Dexter seems content with his future as a husband and father. While he’s dancing with Rita, a small drop of blood falls unnoticed from his cast onto the back of Rita's wedding dress. Life is good, Dexter thought.


  • There are few milestones in life that evoke a stronger response than our final act. Death. - Dexter [voice-over]
  • You don't always have to destroy a wounded animal. Sometimes you just remove the thorn. - Dexter [voice-over, regarding Ramon]
  • What do I have to offer a child? Just... me. Demented Daddy Dexter. - Dexter [voice-over]


  • When Batista gives a briefing on the Skinner, a picture of the killer without facial hair is shown on screen. This picture is photoshopped from a promo shot for the series 24, wherein actor Jesse Borrego played Gael Ortega in the third season. The picture appears at approx. 14 minutes.
  • The car following Dexter has a front license plate. Florida does not require front license plates.

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