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Turning Biminese is the fifth of twelve episodes in Season Three of the Showtime series DEXTER, and the twenty-ninth overall episode of the series. It first aired 26 October 2008.

Dexter hears the story of a husband who has gotten away with murdering two wives for financial gain and tracks the man to Bimini, but Rita has a medical emergency while Dexter has disappeared.


Rita undergoes an ultrasound exam as Dexter muses about helping to start a life, rather than ending one.

While they’re playing golf, Miguel asks Dexter if he can see the “picture of the baby.” Miguel holds it up and tells Dexter that his life is going to change forever now. When another golfer hits their golf cart with a ball, Miguel loses his temper. Changing the subject, Miguel tells Dexter about the case of a South Beach guy who murdered his first wife and got off using a high-profile defense team. The man recently murdered his second wife, but Miguel has no jurisdiction because she went missing in international waters.

Dexter and Miguel join their significant others for lunch at Miguel’s country club. Rita enthusiastically thanks Sylvia for the massage at the spa. Dexter is taken off guard when the ladies suggest that he sell his apartment so that he and Rita can buy a bigger house. When Dexter says that he plans to keep his apartment, Rita is unpleasantly surprised. She and Sylvia explain why that’s impractical while Dexter feels "like Custer, surrounded on all sides, doomed."

Dexter returns to home that night to look up Miguel's wife-killer, Ethan Turner. This leads to a daydream where Dexter's father tells him of the 50/50 nature of marriage.

More flirting between Debra and Anton as he brings her to Tilly, a junkie who used to buy drugs from Freebo. The junkie says that Freebo's "gone" and his go-between, Wendell, said he’s not coming back. Tilly tells them if they want to see Freebo, they have to go through Wendell.

A third skinning victim is called in, and the homicide department hears from Maria that they will have to share the case with the Sheriff's Department. The victim’s name, Dlana Nelson, appears later on a file. Masuka doesn’t joke around with his co-workers anymore because Quinn called him a “foul person” and no one came to his keynote address.

At Debra’s request, officers bring in Wendell Owens for questioning. Dexter avoids him for fear of being recognized since he spoke with Wendell at Freebo’s house on the same day he killed Oscar there.

Over the phone, Miguel tells Dexter that Ethan Turner will definitely not be prosecuted for the murder of his second wife. He adds that Turner left the children of his first wife penniless.

The improving detective skills of Debra are on display as she connects with Wendell. He starts to trust her and joke with her while they wait for his mother's approval for questioning. From his desk nearby, Quinn eavesdrops on their conversation. Debra offers to buy Wendell lunch from the “roach coach” and he asks for burgers, fries, and onion rings.

Debra asks Dexter how long before he moves out of his apartment because she wants to move in. He asks Debra why everyone assumes he’s giving it up. Just then Ramon steps off the elevator, looking for Maria. As Ramon heads to her office, he notices Wendell sitting at Debra’s desk. Maria accuses Ramon of becoming the liaison between the departments so he can insert himself into Freebo’s case. Even so, Maria says that Miami Metro will cooperate fully with the Sheriff’s Department, unless it turns out the skinned victim isn't related to the two previous murders.

Dexter does a little Turner recon, pretending to shop. He speaks with the victim-to-be about scuba diving and observes him hit on a few women.

After being unusually reticent and well-dressed the past few episodes, an emotional Masuka tells Angel and Debra that his feelings have been hurt by the department's lack of interest in his recently published journal article.

Debra returns to her desk to find Wendell missing. Quinn tells her that Wendell's mother would not give consent for questioning once she found out Freebo was involved. Debra thinks Quinn may have deliberately cut Wendell loose.

Angel finds the undercover detective who last week almost busted him for soliciting a prostitute. She turns down his offer of a date, but it's clear there might be some interest.

Dexter and Rita have a tiff when he tells her he doesn't want to look for houses.

As Dexter is readying his boat to take it out and kill Turner on a cruise, Miguel shows up at the dock. He asks where Dexter is going fishing and Dexter tells him at Mercy Reef. Miguel says he’d like to go too (as he watches Dexter’s facial expression), but then says he has to be in court.

Ramon speaks with the department about re-interviewing some of their witnesses. This is quickly shot-down by Masuka, who tells everyone how forensics conclusively proves this new murder is not related to the last two. He says the woman had a tattoo dug out post-mortem and she was smothered, not strangled. When Ramon scoffs, the team defends Masuka and he finally smiles.

Another daydream with Harry has Dexter being compared to Turner in terms of how he will balance his killing and his marriage. Dexter then boards the sea taxi to the cruise ship, while keeping an eye on Turner. His kill tools are hidden in a golf bag.

While looking at a new house with Sylvia, Rita finds herself bleeding and she's taken to the hospital.

Despite the wishes of Wendell’s mother, Debra drives to his house to (unofficially) talk to him. Wendell takes her card and reveals that Freebo owed a lot of money to someone that scared him. Meanwhile, someone is watching the meeting through binoculars.

Dexter sneaks up on Turner and knocks him out with a needle of M99 to the neck. He then lays down sheets of plastic in Turner’s room. After a few words about the recent changes in his life, Dexter plunges a large knife into Turner's chest. He dismembers Turner and shoves his body parts through a porthole of the ship.

Meanwhile, back at the hospital, Rita is worried because they can't find Dexter. Miguel arrives and orders the Admit Nurse to find the Chief of Staff. He and Sylvia try to comfort Rita.

Debra shows up at Anton’s apartment to tell him about a lead. She knocks repeatedly until an unknown woman answers the door. She tells Debra that she and Anton were showering. No longer smiling, Debra is leaving when she receives a call from Miguel telling her that Rita is in the hospital and Dexter can’t be reached.

Dexter returns to the dock, musing about giving up some of his freedom. Finally checking his cell phone messages, Dexter rushes to the hospital and is relieved to learn that Rita and the baby are going to be okay. Surprised at how much the potential problem with the pregnancy bothered him, Dexter tells Rita that he's ready to get married. He also lets Debra know that she can have his apartment.

While helping Dexter tuck in his kids, Miguel tells Dexter that Turner went missing on the cruise ship and the Coast Guard couldn’t find him at Mercy Reef. He concludes that Dexter was on the cruise ship and took care of Turner. Miguel feels that Dexter executed justice, but Dexter replies, “It’s not like that.” Before he leaves, Miguel tells Dexter that he doesn’t have to lie to him, and has his respect and support.


  • There are many ways to stop the heart. Electric shock. Bad diet. Sever the aorta -- my personal favorite. But to start one beating… This is a first. -Dexter [voice-over]
  • “Lying naked on a table, helpless, no thanks.” -Dexter to Miguel regarding a massage (and his ritual)
  • How many times have I walked down this sidewalk? Sun in my face. Cool ocean breeze on my skin. Taken a dip in the pool to relax, appreciating the wisdom of those three little words: No children allowed. -Dexter [voice-over, outside his apartment building]
  • “You know, I can take Inappropriate Masuka. I can take Porn-loving Masuka. I can even take Flatulent Masuka. But this Dress-shoe Wearing, ‘Please-and-Thank You’ Zombie Masuka is fucking creeping me out.” -Debra to Vince Masuka
  • “That’s not opinion. That’s science. And science is one cold-hearted bitch with a 14-inch strap-on.” -Vince Masuka to Ramon Prado
  • And here I am. Paradox personified. Taking life. Creating life. -Dexter [voice-over, when killing Ethan Turner]
  • When Harry saw what I truly was, he was repulsed. It destroyed my brother, consumed Lila. But not Miguel Prado. Somehow he looks at me and he’s...proud. -Dexter [voice-over]

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