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Finding Freebo is the second of twelve episodes of Season Three of the Showtime series DEXTER, and the twenty-sixth overall episode of the series.

Assistant District Attorney Miguel Prado, the brother of the man that Dexter killed in self-defense, initiates a friendship with Dexter


Dexter reflects on the revelation that Rita is pregnant. He has never considered parenthood and as the couple leaves the doctor’s office, it sounds as if neither is sure what to do.

Back at the station, everyone is focused on the murder of Miguel Prado's brother. Except for Dexter, no one else has figured out that Jane Doe was Freebo's girlfriend. All Debra knows is that the girl had drugs in her system and that the square patch of skin missing from her shoulder was not a tattoo. Both Batista and Debra give Dexter police files to go over again.

Dexter enters the lab to find Masuka burning incense in a Buddha. Masuka says that he's doing it to give him luck while Forensics Quarterly is deciding whether to publish his article, and he's also put up a crucifix.

Miguel meets with Maria, and insists that she let him play a larger role in finding his brother's killer. Maria says that she has her best people on the case and she knows from experience that distancing yourself from situations like these can be helpful. Dexter notices Miguel with Maria and closes his office blinds to avoid him.

While interviewing hookers in an attempt to identify Jane Doe, Debra is accosted once again by Yuki Amado, who says she can get Debra her detective shield tomorrow if she will help I.A. acquire information on Quinn. Debra rejects the offer. Yuki needles Debra, saying that all she has are her cop friends and treadmill and she should expand her interests into gardening or scrapbooking.

Dexter looks up Teegan, Freebo's girlfriend and Debra's Jane Doe, in the system, finding her last address at a local sorority. This is followed by more reflection about potential fatherhood and the selection of a name. Harry appears in a daydream holding a baby.

Miguel invites Dexter and Rita over to his house for dinner and says that he rarely takes no for an answer.

Debra visits the club where Anton’s band is playing and makes a desperate and obscenity-riddled plea for him to help her. He agrees to look at Jane Doe's picture and, though he doesn't recognize her, he agrees to ask around.

At Miguel’s house, Dexter and Rita have separate conversations with Miguel and his wife. It’s clear that neither is sure about keeping the baby.

Miguel presses Dexter for more information about his brother Oscar's case. He reveals to Dexter that his other brother, Ramon, has acquired the cell phone belonging to Freebo's mother. Dexter worries that this may lead Miguel to the currently unknown whereabouts of Freebo before he has a chance to kill him.

Dexter goes to a sorority kegger and learns Teegan’s new address from a couple of party girls.

Dexter and Rita discuss the pros and cons for having the baby, and end up with dramatically more cons.

Angel and Quinn appear at the residence of Zack Adelman, a former associate of Freebo, and discover that he's doing drugs with his girlfriend. To avoid arrest, Zack provides information on one of Miguel's recent high-profile convictions, Chicky Hines, that show he's likely innocent. When they tell Maria, she hates having to undermine Miguel’s conviction on top of his brother's murder.

Angel couldn't be happier for Dexter upon learning of Rita's pregnancy. It doesn't convince Dexter, who flashes forward to the potential hazards of a serial killer fathering a child.

Anton brings Debra to the apartment of Javier Garza, a pimp, who admits to having slept with Teegan and then passing her to Freebo.

At a Miami Beach cafe, Miguel informs Ramon that Freebo has just called his mother's cell phone and he'll have a location that night. Maria shows up and Ramon loses his temper at her. After Ramon leaves, Maria tells Miguel about the wrongful conviction of Chicky Hines. Although he's initially upset, Miguel thanks Maria for being straight with him.

Debra's information on Teegan allows the department to officially connect the cases, which gives Dexter a greater sense of urgency. Batista tells Debra the quality of her recent work is "how you earn your shield." Quinn warns Debra that she better not "wear out" his C.I.

Dexter climbs through a window at Teegan's place only to find a totally nude Freebo surfing porn on the internet. Dexter sneaks out unseen and returns home to get his kill supplies. While there, Rita shows up and tells Dexter that she's definitely keeping the baby, but offers Dexter the option of not being a part of its life.

Dexter heads back to Teegan's place, captures Freebo, and drags him through the rain into a detached garage. As Dexter begins the lead-up to killing Freebo, he’s unaware that Miguel is sitting outside in a parked car holding a gun. Just after stabbing the bayonet he used to kill Oscar into the side of Freebo's neck, Dexter hears someone stalking near the garage.

Dexter removes his gloves and apron and walks outside with the bloody knife. Dexter and Miguel are shocked when they see each other. Dexter explains the knife, claiming that he was following up on a forensics lead and has just killed Freebo in “self defense."

Miguel recognizes the weapon as having belonged to his father who gave it to Oscar. He gives Dexter a bear hug and says that he wasn't sure if he would have been able to follow-through with killing Freebo himself. Dexter convinces Miguel to leave the scene without going into the garage to allow himself "plausible deniability."

Miguel clutches Dexter's face and gives him a heartfelt "thank you," as the camera pans down to reveal some of Freebo's blood on the back of Miguel's shirt.


  • What kind of father would I be? After all, I kill people. -Dexter (in voice over)
  • "You seem uncertain. It's uncomfortable, isn't it? Just when you think you've answered all the questions, another one smacks you in the face. Life, life, life. Life is just like that. Which is why I prefer death." - Dexter (to Freebo)

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