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Our Father is the first of twelve episodes of Season Three of the Showtime series DEXTER, and the twenty-fifth overall episode of the series. It first aired 28 September 2008.

Dexter's life seems to be smoothly back on track, until he targets a dope dealer who's also in the sights of Assistant D.A. Miguel Prado; Internal Affairs pressures Debra to rat on her new partner.


Over a year has passed since the deaths of Sgt. James Doakes and Lila West.

While Dexter is receiving a temporary crown, his dentist asks about his summer. Dexter recounts going to a carnival and winning a prize. In a flashback, the prize is shown to be Cal Rooney, one of Dexter’s victims.

Dexter enjoys settling into a “nice, normal world” and views Rita Bennett as the “scaffolding that holds that world in place.” He tells her that “life is good.”

As Dexter makes pancakes for breakfast, Cody asks if he will come to “Dad Day” at his school tomorrow. Dexter agrees and a happy Cody hugs him. Rita tells Dexter that he is a “great, generous guy.”

Dexter researches a drug dealer, Fred "Freebo" Bowman, who got off for killing two female college students.

As part of his routine, Dexter brings a box of Sadie's Donuts to work, calling himself “Dexter the Donut Guy.” Vince Masuka takes a lemon custard and asks Dexter to proofread his article for Forensics Quarterly.

Joey Quinn, the new detective, tells Debra that her shorter hairstyle makes her look younger which she doesn't like. Afterward, Debra asks Dexter why Quinn, who has only been in homicide for two weeks, noticed her hair but he didn't. As Dexter stumbles for an answer, Debra adds that she's also given up men, liquor, and smokes for the last twenty-seven days. She reminds Dexter to meet her that night at 7:30 p.m. in The Blue Room to celebrate their dad’s birthday.

Lt. Maria LaGuerta asks Det. Angel Batista why he's wearing the same clothes as the day before. He says that he went out and had a great time. She then announces to the department that Angel will be promoted to Sergeant in two days.

Pretending to be a junkie, Dexter shows up at Freebo's place. A young doorman, Wendell Owens, lets him into the dimly lit house. Freebo is sitting on the couch, playing a golfing video game. Freebo's girlfriend, Teegan Campbell, enters the room to ask for a “hit.” When Freebo tells her to fuck off, she storms out. Dexter completes the transaction and decides to kill Freebo.

Dexter sets up a kill room in an empty house that was raided earlier by Narcotics. The drug rats won't return for a while, he thought.

As Debra is buying coffee at a snack stand, an unknown woman begins talking to her. Debra asks who she is and the woman introduces herself as Yuki Amado from Internal Affairs. She wants Debra to keep an eye on Joey Quinn and report back to her, however, Debra refuses to do it.

That night, Dexter returns to Freebo's house and finds him fighting with another man, Oscar Prado. When Freebo runs out of the house, the man attacks Dexter with a bayonet. Dexter soon overpowers him, then stabs and kills him. Dexter flees, shocked that he broke Harry's Code and perhaps killed an innocent person. He hurries to the house with the kill room and takes it down.

Rita, in an amorous mood, calls Dexter to her house for sex. He says that she's on fire lately. When she asks if he's “complaining,” he replies that he's “complying.” Afterward, they sit on the floor outside the fridge and eat chocolate pudding.

The next morning, Dexter is called to the crime scene in Freebo's house. He learns that the man he killed is Oscar Prado, the brother of Assistant District Attorney Miguel Prado and Sheriff Lieutenant Ramon Prado. Dexter asks why Oscar was at the house and he’s told that Oscar was confronting Freebo about selling drugs to youth club kids. Dexter searches for the crown that fell out of his mouth the night before.

Dexter returns to the station, occupied by the thought of killing someone that he didn't first prove was a murderer. As he walks by a police car, a K-9 barks furiously at him. Batista tells Dexter that Maria hooked up with Miguel back when he was in law school and she was just starting out in law enforcement.

Batista holds a briefing about the murder. Debra reports that a substantial amount of drugs were found in Freebo's house, and Masuka reports that Oscar's aorta was cleanly severed in one penetration. The weapon is missing, apparently taken by the killer, whom they think is Freebo.

Miguel gives an official statement on television, as Ramon, Maria, and government officials stand behind him.

Dexter researches Oscar's record but he only finds two tickets for speeding and an illegal U-turn.

Since Debra is having no luck finding witnesses, Quinn gives her the name of his C.I. from his days in Narcotics. She meets the guy, Anton Briggs, at Beach Taqueria. She shows him a photo of Freebo, but Anton insists that he only knows him from the news for killing two coeds.

Dexter gives a speech about blood spatter to the kids at Cody's school, which either bores or disgusts them. However, Cody and Rita are very appreciative that he showed up.

Miguel calls Dexter and demands to see him right away at Freebo's house. Once there, Miguel asks Dexter to use his forensic expertise and describe the scenario in which his brother died. Dexter, with no difficulty, describes every step. Miguel, sounding like a prosecutor, asks Dexter why he searched the Sheriff's database for information on his dead brother. Dexter claims that the death got to him and he was just trying to understand it. Miguel questions Dexter about life after death, and invites Dexter to Oscar's wake that night.

As Batista, Masuka, and Quinn are discussing the evidence that points to Freebo, an excited Debra interrupts them. She loudly states that she's learned from the C.I. that Oscar was a “fucking junkie.” She doesn't realize that Miguel is standing behind her and can hear every word. After this, Maria tells Batista to take Debra off the case.

Dexter attends Oscar's wake which leaves Debra alone in The Blue Room drinking cranberry juice. Batista shows up in the bar, and they toast Harry. As Debra laments not yet having her detective badge, Angel further upsets her by taking her off the case.  

Dexter questions his loyalty to Harry and the Code.

Rita and Dexter continue to engage in frequent sex.

To Debra's annoyance, Batista assigns her to the case of a "Jane Doe" whom Dexter recognizes as Teegan. He assumes that Freebo killed her. Before they view the corpse, Dexter finally compliments Debra on her new hairstyle.

Debra is envious when Batista receives his Sergeant's shield.

Dexter returns to the dentist to have his crown repaired.

The homicide team heads to The Blue Room to celebrate Batista's promotion. Debra half-jokingly calls him “Sergeant Asshole.”

Yuki Amado again pressures Debra for info on Quinn. Debra again refuses to cooperate, stating that her co-workers are more than badge numbers, they're her friends. Yuki threatens Debra's attempt to earn a detective shield.

Rita still craves chocolate pudding and is making more when Dexter arrives at her house. Suddenly, she recalls instances of this happening in the past and realizes that she is pregnant. Dexter is taken off guard and says nothing.


  • I'm entirely confident you've earned the privilege of being re-purposed as fish food. -Dexter (voice over, about Freebo)
  • There were so many lessons in the vaunted Code of Harry. Twisted Commandments handed down from the only God I've ever worshipped. One through Ten, Don't Get Caught. That I got covered. But, killing someone without knowing if he's guilty... I'd love some help on this one. But my God is dead now. -Dexter (voiceover)

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