Left Turn Ahead is the eleventh episode of Season Two of DEXTER, and the twenty-third overall episode of the series.

Lila tries to blackmail Dexter into taking her back. Dexter contemplates turning himself in to the police. After Lila discovers that Dexter is the Bay Harbor Butcher, she takes a drastic action to protect him.


Dexter continues to brood over the realization that even his father couldn't accept the code of ethics he had developed and committed suicide.

Doakes begins to think that Dexter's code only lets him target those who deserve to die, and that Dexter is tired of keeping up his facade. Doakes tries to persuade Dexter to turn himself in to the police because it will protect those he cares about.

In an attempt to get the upper hand on Dexter, Lila accuses Angel Batista of rape and Angel is soon relieved of his duties. Dexter visits Lila in the hospital and tells her that she is desperate and that her scheme will not work. In return, Lila says that they are "soul mates." Dexter leaves her room and meets with Angel to talk about the situation.

With little progress in the Butcher case, the FBI assigns Deputy Director Max Adams to take over the case, thereby pushing Special Agent Lundy off to the side. The knives that Dexter planted as evidence against Doakes are found, and the search for Doakes intensifies.

Meanwhile, Maria LaGuerta is doing her best to prove that James Doakes is not the Bay Harbor Butcher.

Doakes manages to escape from his cage, but the people he ends up with are drug runners tied to Jimenez. They take Doakes hostage and force him to retrieve the drugs stored inside the cabin. Dexter happens upon the scene, and he and Doakes work together to take the guys down. Immediately after this, Dexter imprisons Doakes again.

When Dexter decides that he is indeed going to turn himself in, he gives himself a day to get his affairs in order, including signing over a living trust to Debra. He also spends an afternoon on his boat with Rita and the kids,

Dexter asks Lila to drop the charges against Angel because he won't around anymore, so there is no end game in it for her. Lila tries to extract more information, but Dexter says goodbye.

Debra does a little digging and learns that Lila is in the US illegally and can be deported on an expired visa. She goes to Lila's loft and orders her to leave Dexter and his family alone. Lila isn't scared off and she steals Dexter's GPS device, which leads her to the cabin where he's holding Doakes.


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