It's Alive! is the Season Two premiere, and the thirteenth overall episode of Showtime's series DEXTER.

Thirty-eight days have passed since the previous season's finale. Doakes is making it difficult for Dexter to resume his killing, but his first opportunity is ruined by something much more unexpected. Debra returns to work and finds herself under scrutiny from the public. Treasure hunters make a gruesome discovery on the ocean floor.



Jimmy Sensio on Dexter's table.

Five weeks after murdering his brother Brian, The Ice Truck Killer, Dexter is being followed by a suspicious Doakes. Trying to act "relentlessly normal," Dexter is finally alone when Doakes gives up and takes a night off. He pursues a blind voodoo priest, Jimmy Sensio, but finds himself uneasy and ultimately unable to kill the man, and lets him go. At a homicide scene, the victim's mother pleads with Dexter to kill her son's murderer, gang lord Little Chino. He sees the woman's young daughter, Marissa, and is reminded of himself as a boy, having witnesses his mother's brutal death. He leads Doakes to believe that he is bowling for the night but instead brings Chino to Jimmy's killing room. Chino wakes up in the middle of Dexter's procedure and manages to break out of the plastic wrap and escape.

Debra, who is staying at Dexter's apartment, is exercising incessantly and barely able to sleep as she struggles with memories of Brian, her ex-fiancé, trying to kill her. She returns to work at the police station; Sgt. Maria LaGuerta expresses concern about her emotional stability but Debra is determined to resume a normal lifestyle. When she takes Rita out to a bar, a man recognizes Debra as the fiancée of the Ice Truck Killer. He touches her on the shoulder and she instinctively punches him in the nose, certain that he was trying to grab her.

Rita takes her children Astor and Cody to see Paul in prison. He insists that he was framed by Dexter—that Dexter dragged him out of Rita's house before drugging him and tipping off the police—and that if she could find his missing shoe it would prove his innocence. Rita tells him that there is no shoe, despite having found it over a month ago. She later admits that she found the shoe, but refuses to believe that Dexter is involved. That night, she receives a call from Paul's prison and learns that he was killed in an inmate altercation.

Flashbacks throughout the episode show the attempts of a teenage Dexter to feel his heart pound. At the end of the episode, Debra turns on the television in Dexter's apartment and shows him the news. A team of scuba divers has uncovered thirty garbage bags, each containing parts of Dexter's mutilated victims. As he watches, his heart races.

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