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It's Alive! is the Season Two premiere, and the thirteenth overall episode of the Showtime series DEXTER.

Thirty-eight days have passed since the previous season's finale. James Doakes is making it difficult for Dexter to resume his killing, and his first opportunity is ruined by something unexpected. Debra returns to work and finds herself under scrutiny from the public. Treasure hunters make a gruesome discovery on the ocean floor.


For weeks after murdering his brother Brian, The Ice Truck Killer, Dexter is being followed by a suspicious Doakes. Trying to act "relentlessly normal," Dexter takes up bowling and is surprised that he is good at it. However, when he starts thinking that he needs to kill someone, he gets a gutter ball. Doakes becomes bored watching him from the bar and gives up and takes a night off. Dexter is finally alone to pursue a blind voodoo priest, Jimmy Sensio, who has been poisoning people. However, once Jimmy is on the table, Dexter finds himself uneasy and ultimately unable to kill the man, and lets him go.

When Dexter returns home, he finds himself locked out by Debra who has been staying with him. He's annoyed at the mess she has made and hints that she should move out. He washes the blood off of Jimmy's blood slide before sleeping on the couch.

In a flashback, teen Dexter argues with Harry when he cancels a hunting trip. The gun goes off during a struggle and Harry is almost shot.

The next morning, Dexter brings a box of donuts to Rita's house, but Cody and Astor are disappointed by the flavors. Rita takes Dexter into her bedroom, hoping to make love before he goes to work. She takes off her bathrobe and they begin kissing, However, Dexter is unable to perform sexually and he apologizes, saying it's due to pressure at work.

At work, Dexter is researching Jimmy Sensio when Doakes walks into his office. Dexter quickly flips to a sex site that shows nude women. Doakes asks what he is really up to, remarking that Dexter hasn't rented a single porn title in ten years. Dexter asks how he knows that and suggests that Doakes is harassing him. When Doakes dares him to report him, Dexter thinks that there is an easier way to deal with him.

Debra, who is staying at Dexter's apartment, is exercising incessantly and is barely able to sleep as she struggles with the memories of Brian, her ex-fiancé, trying to kill her. She returns to work at the police station amid cheers, but Sgt. Maria LaGuerta expresses concern about her emotional stability. Debra, though, is determined to resume a normal lifestyle. Lt. Pascal wants Debra out in the field even though Maria says that she is not ready. Maria notices a bouquet of red roses sitting on the floor. Pascal claims that she is allergic to them.

At a homicide scene at a rocky breakwater, the victim's mother pleads with Dexter to kill her son's murderer, gang lord Little Chino. The woman's young daughter, Marissa, reminds himself of having witnessed his own mother's brutal death.

Rita takes her children Astor and Cody to see Paul in prison. He insists that he was framed by Dexter. He claims that Dexter dragged him out of Rita's house before drugging him and tipping off the police — and that if she can find his missing shoe it will prove his innocence. Rita tells Paul that there is no shoe, despite having found it over a month ago. She later admits that she found the shoe, but refuses to believe that Dexter is involved. Paul has a bruise on his lip and says he's not doing well in a federal prison with hardcore inmates.

While Dexter is sitting with Debra looking through Little Chino's police file, Doakes walks Chino into the room. Both Dexter and Debra are astonished at how tall and strong he is. Deb calls him a "beef bus."

In another flashback, Harry reprimands Dexter for almost shooting him, mentioning that his heart is beating out of his chest. An excited Dexter places his hand on Harry's chest and states that it is amazing.

In an interview, Eva tells Angel Batista that her son was forced to go with Little Chino on the night of his murder. She agrees to testify against Little Chino, only to be refused due to her past history as a drug user.

That night, Maria overhears Pascal and her boyfriend, Bertrand, arguing at the station. She notices Maria listening and tells her that Bertrand is cheating on her.

When Rita takes Debra out to a bar, a man recognizes Debra as the fiancée of the Ice Truck Killer. He touches her on the shoulder and she instinctively punches him in the nose, certain that he was trying to grab her.

Dexter leads Doakes to believe that he is bowling for the night but instead brings Chino to Jimmy's kill room. Chino wakes up in the middle of DeExter's procedure and manages to break out of the plastic wrap and escape.

A flashback shows the attempts of a teenage Dexter to feel his heart pound by standing on the edge of a roof. Harry thinks that Dexter is trying to commit suicide but Dexter replies that he was only trying to fell alive.

Again, Paul calls Rita and tells her that he doesn't think he can survive in prison, but Rita ignores him and hangs up on him. She later gets a phone call that Paul had died in prison after getting into a fight with another inmate. It's revealed that he was bludgeoned to death with a pipe. Rita feels guilty for not heeding his warnings. Dexter finds her crying outside her house, sitting on the steps.

At the end of the episode, Debra turns on the television in Dexter's apartment and shows him the news -- a team of scuba divers has discovered thirty garbage bags a few miles offshore of Miami. Each one contain parts of Dexter's dismembered victims. As he watches the newscast, Dexter's heart races.


  • I'm on edge. Thirty eight days, sixteen hours, and... twelve minutes have passed since I killed my brother. In that entire time, I haven't had a single night to myself. Sergeant Doakes makes sure of that. He follows me everywhere now. -Dexter voiceover
  • I wish I could have fun. With Doakes tailing me, my life's been all Jekyll and no Hyde. No moon-lit play dates, no late night social calls. Not one. My brother would be so disappointed. -Dexter voiceover

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