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Elway Investigations

Elway Investigations is a business and location in Season Eight of Showtime's series DEXTER.

It's a private company that can be hired to conduct skip tracing, surveillance of individuals, and background checks. It's located inside an office building.


After Debra Morgan shoots Maria LaGuerta, she abruptly leaves her job as Lieutenant ofMiami Metro Homicide. She is hired as a private investigator by Jacob Elway, and is given leeway concerning her cases, procedures, and hours. As time goes by, Debra has second thoughts about her new job, and is inclined to re-join the police department. However, this doesn't sit well with Elway.

Featured Investigators

Featured Cases

  • Andrew Briggs - He was an armed robber who had stolen jewelry from a mob's store. Debra was supposed to capture Andrew and recover the jewelry. However, Briggs was first killed by Dexter Morgan. Debra found the jewelry but it was taken from her by force by Javier Guzman, a hitman known as El Sapo. Fueled by anger, Debra shot and killed El Sapo
  • Niki Walters - Debra was asked by Vince Masuka to look into his daughter's financial history.
  • Kevin Wyman - Jacob used Debra as a decoy while he recorded proof that his sister's boyfriend was cheating on her.
  • Lucy Gerard's Husband- When Jacob and Debra presented Lucy with photos of her husband having sex with another woman, she denied that it was him.
  • Hannah McKay - Jacob was determined to collect the reward for her capture. However, Hannah drugged Jacob and managed to escape to Argentina.

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