Elliot Larson:

Elliot Larson: Neighborly Love

Elliot Larson is a character in the Showtime series DEXTER.

He was a friendly neighbor of the Morgans. Following their wedding, Dexter and Rita moved to Kendall into a house next door, becoming Elliot's neighbors.


Elliot Larson is a tall, nice-looking man of average build.


Not much is known about Elliot's early life. His ex-wife's name is Kate, and they have two children.

Season Four

A few weeks after the Morgans moved into the neighborhood, Elliot and his wife started to have problems. Dexter and Rita could hear them loudly arguing. This led led to a Elliot and Kate separating, with Kate moving out the house. This left Elliot as a single father.

Much to Dexter's annoyance, Elliot started to spend more time at the Morgans' house and with their children. In time, Elliot began to develop a romantic interest in Rita. During Thanksgiving, he shared a kiss with her, which was witnessed by Vince Masuka. When Dexter found out about the kiss, he later punched Elliot in the face.

Season Five

After Rita's death, Elliot was interviewed as a potential witness and suspect, but he was cleared. While Dexter was packing up the house, Elliot apologized to Dexter for kissing Rita. While holding a kitchen knife, Dexter momentarily considered stabbing Elliot.

Later, Elliot met Lumen Pierce during the brief time that she stayed at Dexter's otherwise unoccupied house.


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