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Angel, Jamie, Louis S6E8

Electric Lotus

Electric Lotus is a location in Season Six of the Showtime series DEXTER.

It’s an Indian restaurant where Angel Batista, Jamie Batista, and Louis Greene have dinner together.


Angel disapproves when his younger sister, Jamie, begins to date Louis -- lab tech and computer geek. Jamie invites Angel along on her date with Louis, insisting that if he’s going to judge Louis, he should get to know him first.

Later, Angel, Jamie, and Louis share a booth at an Indian restaurant as exotic music plays in the background. Louis attempts pleasant conversation by mentioning his jealousy over Angel’s car -- a 1977 Firebird Trans Am. Louis describes his own car as a rare limited edition Volkswagen. It’s obvious, though, that Angel isn't giving Louis a chance. Hoping that Angel will become more friendly to Louis, Jamie gets up to use the ladies’ room, encouraging them to keep talking about “car things.” She gives Angel a brief look, meaning, “be nice.”

While she’s away, Louis attempts to win over a stern-faced Angel.

Louis: “Wow. She's amazing. I can't believe that a girl like that could be interested in a guy like me.”
Angel: “She's interested in a lot of people.”
Louis: “Oh.”
Angel: “My sister's a really nice girl. She has a hard time saying no.”
Louis: (frowning) “So she dates a lot of guys?”
Angel: “She's young. She's in school. She's not in a place in her life to be taking anybody too seriously.”
Louis: [nervously) “Okay.”
Angel: “I know you seem like a nice guy.” [He leans back to reveal the gun in his shoulder holster.] “I just wouldn't want to see you get hurt.”
Louis: [feeling threatened] “Hmm.”

The next day, at the police station, Louis ignores and deletes a text from Jamie.