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Elderly Man:

Elderly Man: Consoler

Elderly Man is a character in Season Three of the Showtime series DEXTER.

At Oscar Prado’s wake, he talks for a moment with an apparently grieving Dexter Morgan.


Dexter returns to Freebo’s house to kill him, but finds him fighting with another man. Freebo escapes and the man attacks Dexter with a bayonet. During a struggle, Dexter stabs and kills the man with the same weapon. Dexter flees, concerned that he may have broken Harry's Code by killing an unvetted innocent person.

The next day, Dexter works the crime scene and discovers that the man he killed is Oscar Prado, the brother of ADA Miguel Prado. Miguel seeks an explanation and invites Dexter to Oscar's wake.

During Oscar’s wake, Dexter and Miguel talk briefly before Miguel must leave to interact with other attendees. As Dexter stands by himself at the coffin, pondering why Oscar’s death weighs so heavily on him, an elderly man walks up.

Elderly Man: “Did you know him well?”
Dexter: “Not as well as I thought.”
Elderly Man: “Sorry.” [He pats Dexter’s shoulder.]

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