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Edie's Diner

Edie’s Diner is a location in Season Two of the Showtime series DEXTER.

It is a ‘50s-style restaurant in Miami located next to a Narcotics Anonymous meeting hall.


After being pressured by Rita Bennett, Dexter attends a NA meeting. During a break, as Dexter pours himself a cup of coffee, Lila walks up to him. She states that the coffee sucks, and it’s better next door. When she tells him to come with her, he follows her without saying a word.

The diner is nearly empty and they take seats across from each other in a booth. Dexter agrees that it’s good coffee and thanks her. Lila immediately displays her manipulative side by asking how full of shit he is. She says that he gave a nice performance in the meeting and asks if he downloaded it from a website for addicts. Dexter is taken by surprise and denies lying, then asks why she thinks he was lying.

Lila: “I don’t know...Bob.”
Dexter: (chuckles) “Well, it is anonymous.”
Lila: “Everyone in that room has heard or lived far worse than anything you’ve ever done.”
Dexter: “I doubt it.”
Lila: “Oh, so you’re super-junkie.”
Dexter: “I don’t mean to imply that what you’ve been through hasn’t been difficult.”
Lila: “But there’s no way that I could know what you’ve experienced, right?”
(Dexter raises his eyebrows in affirmation.)
Lila: “I couldn’t possibly feel that need. Like a thousand hiding voices whispering, 'This is who you are.' And you fight the pressure, the growing need rising like a wave, prickling and teasing and prodding to be fed. But the whispering gets louder until it’s screaming, 'Now!' and it’s the only voice you hear...the only voice you want to hear. And you belong to it, to this...shadow self. To this...”
Dexter: “Dark Passenger.”
Lila: “Yes. The Dark Passenger (as she smiles).
Dexter (disturbed by her comments): “I’m sorry, but I need to go. Thanks for the coffee.”

Dexter hurries out of the diner, leaving Lila sitting alone in the booth. He worries that if she can recognize his dark urges, maybe the others can, too. He decides the NA program program is too risky, and Rita will have to understand. However, when he tries to convince Rita that he doesn’t need the program, she breaks up with him.

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  • Edie’s Diner was actually located in Marina Del Rey, CA. The place closed its doors in 2007, later reopening under a different name. [1]