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Earl Doorman:

Earl Doorman: Victim of The Trinity Killer

Earl Doorman [1] is a character in Season Four of the Showtime series DEXTER.

He is the third shown victim of The Trinity Killer. Being a father of two, Earl was the last of Trinity's kill cycle.

Season Four[]

Earl was only seen alive twice, once when talking to Arthur Mitchell and the Security Guard, and again when being bludgeoned by Arthur. He was struck about six times with a hammer before succumbing to the final blow. Dexter Morgan witnessed the kill on a security camera and followed Arthur to his house afterward.

Earl's corpse is discovered after the weekend, and the homicide team arrives on scene.


  • The address of the office building in which Doorman is killed is 100 Oceangate, Miami, FL.
  • Earl's last name is spelled as "Doorman" on the white board in "The Getaway," while in the newspaper article in "Hungry Man" it's spelled as "Boorman."
  • They type of hammer that Trinity used was a Grant 24-Ounce steel framing hammer, model number 514.

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