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Drug Dealer is a character mentioned in Season Eight of the Showtime series DEXTER.

He’s the third victim of Dexter Morgan, and the first one that was shown photos of his victims.


Dexter is at Evelyn Vogel's house watching an old recording of Harry. He was telling Evelyn about Dexter, then ten-years-old, who kept asking to be taken to a crime scene. He finally relented, hoping to “shock him out of this condition,” but Dexter wasn’t bothered at all by the blood. In fact, he was fascinated. On the way home, Harry noticed that Dexter had stolen a piece of bloody glass from the scene, and Evelyn calls it a “trophy.” Harry breaks down, believing that something is wrong with Dexter. Evelyn agrees that Dexter is what Harry suspects him to be.

After the recording ends, Evelyn tries to persuade Dexter to find and kill the person who is leaving brain parts on her porch. Dexter refuses, though, stating that he doesn’t take requests.

Dexter's Third Victim

Before Dexter leaves, Evelyn pulls out another DVD, saying, “This will help put things into perspective. Well, come on, don't tell me you're gonna pass up on another piece of your history.”

Dexter can’t resist and takes the DVD back to his apartment and watches it. Harry is again talking about Dexter, but when he's older.

Harry: “Dexter killed someone else last night.”
Evelyn: “Who?”
Harry: “A drug dealer. Guy robbed and killed two of his clients. College kids.”
Evelyn: “At least Dexter is following the program.”
Harry: “He told me something new that he did to the drug dealer before he killed him.”
Evelyn: “And that was?”
Harry: “He made him look at photos of his victims.”
Evelyn: “Interesting. Did you ask him why?”
Harry: “He said it was something he felt he needed to do. What do you think it means?”
Evelyn: “Humans are born with an innate sense of justice. Maybe... Dexter is discovering this. The important thing is, after three kills, he's embracing the process. It's gonna work out for him, Harry.”
Harry: “I hope so.”

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