Doris Morgan:

Doris Morgan: Dexter's Adoptive Mother

Doris Morgan is a character in Showtime's series DEXTER.

She is Dexter Morgan's adoptive mother, and Debra Morgan's biological mother. She died of cancer when Debra was twelve.[1]

Season One

(Flashback) Doris is seen posing for a family picture taken on Petrie Beach. The same beach is one of The Ice Truck Killer's crime scenes many years later.

(Flashback) Doris urges her husband, Harry, to contact Dexter's biological father for a blood transfusion for Dexter after he is injured.

Season Two

(Flashback) Doris suggests to Harry that Dexter should be tested by a psychologist, because there is something wrong with him. Dexter overhears Doris, and later passes the test with the guidance of Harry.

Season Seven

(Flashback) Harry demands that Doris return Debra's new puppy, Banjo, because he is fearful that Dexter might harm it. Debra doesn't know the reason why she has to give it up and Dexter almost tells her, but Harry stops him.

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