Mike explaining the Tableaus

Doomsday Tableaus were brutal crimes scenes inspired by the Book of Revelation, that are shown on Showtime's series DEXTER.

Joey Quinn: "I'm sorry, Tab-lows?"
Mike Anderson: "It's a theatrical term referring to a picturesque group of people or objects."
Joey Quinn: "All this time I just thought they were called Crime Scenes."
Dexter Morgan: "It's more than just a crime scene. Everything he's showing us has meaning, the positioning of the bodies to the clothes he puts on the victims. Nothing's by accident."
Mike Anderson: "Exactly."



The Seven Major Tableaus translated as Seven Sacrifices. They each required the death of at least one human. The murders were committed as steps in a process that, when completed, would trigger the End of Days.

The Doomsday Killer

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The man responsible for the Doomsday Tableaus was Travis Marshall, a psychologically disturbed man with violent tendencies. After meeting Professor James Gellar, a professor of religious studies, Travis began to use religion as an excuse to kill. His belief in Revelation became so vast that he viewed himself as one of the Two Witnesses. To prove this, he stabbed the second "witness" (Professor James Gellar) with the belief that Gellar was invincible. However, Gellar died. Travis hid his body inside a freezer in an old church, and then shut out this memory. Travis began to interact with hallucinations of Professor Gellar, while also experiencing brief periods of amnesia. Travis believed that if he completed all of the tableaus, it would bring on the End of Days.

Concepts in the Tableaus

A list of individuals, objects, and concepts used in creation of the Tableaus.

  • Book of Revelation - The prime source of information regarding the End of Days, this text was deciphered into a Code that could bring about the End of the World by enacting seven signs or sacrifices.
  • John the Revelator - The author of the Book of Revelation, exiled to an Island where he wrote Revelations.
  • Sword of John the Revelator - An ancient sword that apparently belonged to John the Revelator that is used in several of the Tableaus to kill the victims.
  • Two Witnesses - Two individuals, represented as Travis Marshall and Professor Gellar that are meant to commit each Tableau in preparing the End of Days. Ultimately there is only one man, as the other was killed in an attempt at proving "inability of death".
  • The False Prophet - An individual, represented as Dexter Morgan, who is said to mislead the Witnesses, but is ultimately cast into The Lake of Fire with The Beast.
  • The Beast - The antichrist, whose minion The False Prophet aides in the End of Days. After Dexter creates his own personal "Tableau," Travis Marshall decides that Dexter is The Beast, rather than The False Prophet.

Seven Major Tableaus

The Seven-Headed Serpent

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  • (1) The Seven Headed Serpent was the second Tableau shown but the first shown victim. The body of Omar Rivera was used after it washed up on shore. Omar's intestines were removed and replaced with seven baby snakes, which all escaped his stomach when Dexter Morgan cut open the stitching. The snakes were captured and taken to the lab.

    The Seven Headed Serpent by Dave Lebow

The Four Horsemen

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  • (2) The Four Horsemen was the third Tableau shown but the second shown victim. Nathan Roberts was caught and killed, having his body dismembered into six parts (head, torso, legs and arms) then sewn to mannequin bodies. The mannequins were set astride four horses which rode into the center of town, dressed in ceremonial garb.

    The Four Horseman of the Apocalypse by Dave Lebow

The Angel of Death

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  • (3) The Angel of Death was the fourth Tableau shown with the third shown victim, Erin Baer. She, unfortunately, became the third victim after Travis Marshall slept with her and then set her up (gagged, with angel wings) in a trap within a greenhouse. Ensuring that he didn't kill her by her own hand, a tripwire was set in place, which was triggered by a police officer and led to her dying by a spiked collar piercing her throat. A swarm of locusts was then released from a nearby cupboard.

    Angel Of Death by Dave Lebow

the Whore of Babylon

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  • (4) The Whore of Babylon was the fifth Tableau shown but the fourth shown victim. Originally Holly Benson was the targeted "whore", being forced to drink blood of the "Saints", being the Two Witnesses. Travis Marshall released her after feeling sympathy. Following this decision, Travis eventually chose his own sister Lisa Marshall unconsciously as "Professor Gellar". After ending her life he left Lisa displayed amongst alligator skulls with unknown writing carved into her forehead.

    The Whore of Babylon by Dave Lebow

The Bowls of Wrath

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  • (5) The Bowls of Wrath was the sixth Tableau shown but the fifth shown victim. Trent Casey became the targeted victim due to his views on religion as an atheist and thus was killed, having his insides cut out while one of his hands was also removed. Seven bowls of his blood were set up around the top of the stage he was found which were tripped by moving his arm, forcing the blood to crash down on those at the scene.

    The Bowls of Wrath by Dave Lebow

The Wormwood

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  • (6) The Wormwood Tableau was the seventh Tableau shown and the sixth to contain a victim (intended to contain multiple). It involves Wormwood, which is a poisonous gas released from a canister carried by Beth Dorsey with the targeted location of the Miami Metro Police Department. Ultimately only one life is lost in the incident, the carrier herself thanks to interference by Dexter Morgan.

    Wormwood by Dave Lebow

The Lake of Fire

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  • (7) The Lake of Fire is said to be the last Tableau, but contains no victims (because the intended victim escaped). It serves as the place where the The False Prophet and The Beast himself are to be hurled into a flaming circle within water. The tableau is unsuccessful in ending the intended target's life, Dexter Morgan as he manages to escape just before the explosion.

    Dexter as The Beast by Dave Lebow

Two Minor Tableaus

There are also two minor ones that don't have their own portraits, The Scales of Justice and The Lamb. The Scales of Justice is used in line with The Seven Headed Serpent. The Lamb was an early experiment of Professor James Gellar for unknown purposes which was later utilized in Travis' last Tableau where he tried to sacrifice Dexter's son, Harrison.

The Scales of Justice

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  • (1) The Scales of Justice is the very first Tableau, and contains one victim, but no body. Omar Rivera was targeted for this Tableau for unknown reasons (although it's suggested that his fruit vendor job and drug history is in part of it). The intestines of Omar Rivera were removed from his body and placed on a scale used to represent God's judgement of mankind.

The Lamb

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  • (2) The Lamb is the true last Tableau, and contains one victim but not the intended victim (because the intended victim escaped). It serves as the place where a being of innocence is sacrificed in the last part of starting the End of Days. The tableau is unsuccessful in ending the intended target's life, Harrison Morgan as he is rescued by his father Dexter just before Travis was going to kill him.

Victims of Tableaus

People who have died as a result of involvement in one form or another with the Tableaus:

The Investigation

A list of the Detectives, Forensic Analysts, and Other Law Enforcement involved in the case:

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