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Detectives working the Doomsday Case

Doomsday Killer Case is a police investigation in Season Six of the Showtime series DEXTER.

It centers around a series of religious killings in anticipation of the end of the world. The case in itself is the ninth major case in the series. The previous major case is the Barrel Girls Case. The next major case is the Mike Anderson Murder Case.


  • Professor James Gellar - Initially thought to be the Doomsday Killer based on Professor Gellar's belief in the end of the world and being a suspect in the theft of an antique sword that supposedly belonged to John the Revelator. Gellar was considered Travis' partner, until Dexter left evidence that proved he was dead.
  • Travis Marshall - He was suspected because of his connection to Professor Gellar when he was a student at the same university where Gellar taught. Travis was later confirmed as the killer when his sister ended up dead in the Whore of Babylon Tableau.
  • Steve Dorsey - Suspected of helping Travis in his latest killings, it was confirmed when his body was found at the boat where they were brewing up a chemical weapon dubbed "Wormwood."
  • Beth Dorsey - Revealed when she targeted Miami Metro with Wormwood after helping Travis kidnap Batista. 

Unsuspected Killer

  • Dexter Morgan - He was the actual killer of Steve Dorsey, but his murder was pinned on Travis Marshall. Later, Dexter killed Travis and made it look as if he killed himself (with Debra's help).

History of Killer

Travis Marshall had a long history of violence before he began killing people in religious tableaus. When he was a child, he forced his parents car off the road and killed them. He received psychiatric help for his mental disorders but the treatments never curbed his killer tendencies. While attending the University of Tallahassee, he met Professor James Gellar and identified with him on his end of the world theories. At one point, Travis stole a sword and brought it to Gellar, claiming that they were the Two Witnesses from the Bible. When Gellar rejected the idea, Travis killed him. Travis moved back to Miami, determined to bring on the End of Days. No longer taking any medicine, he began to experience delusions that he was interacting with Gellar. Travis later recruited the Dorseys to help him with his plans.

Detectives on Case

Other Operatives in case


Closure of Case

The case is officially closed because Travis Marshall's burned corpse was discovered by the police. He is believed to have committed suicide in frustration of the world not ending. In reality, Dexter killed him and staged his death as a suicide.

Fate of Killers

Dexter Morgan captured and killed Travis Marshall to fulfill his dark urges, and in revenge for Travis trying to kill Harrison. Dexter successfully staged Marshall's death as a suicide. However, Maria LaGuerta found a blood slide at the scene which gave rise to her suspicions that the Bay Harbor Butcher was still active.

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