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Doctor (Prenatal Ultrasound)

Doctor (Prenatal Ultrasound)

Doctor (Prenatal Ultrasound) a character in Season Three of the Showtime series DEXTER.

She performs a screening test on a pregnant Rita Bennett.


Rita is lying on an examination table as the doctor preforms the procedure. Her boyfriend, Dexter Morgan, stands nearby, holding Rita’s hand.

There are many ways to stop the heart, Dexter thought. Electric shock. Bad diet. Sever the aorta - my personal favorite. But to start one beating...this is a first.
Doctor: (pointing) “There. That's the heart.”
Rita: “Oh, Dex, that's our baby.”
Dexter: “Our baby. It's incredible.”
Rita, gushing with the runaway emotion any parent would feel seeing their unborn child for the first time. Any parent except me.
Doctor: “I'd say you're at nine to ten weeks.”
All I feel is her hand clenching mine. She's stronger than she looks.
Rita: (to doctor) “Can we get a picture to show the kids?”
I can no longer deny that I'm going to be a father, Dexter thought. Up until now, I've been avoiding its inevitability. It's like a lamp in a room that's always been there. And now it's suddenly turned on.
Doctor: “Don't worry. Everything looks perfectly normal.”

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