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Dock Manager:

Dock Manager: Intervening Supervisor

Dock Manager is a character in Season One of the Showtime series DEXTER.

He breaks up a fight between Dexter Morgan and James Doakes at the shipping yard.


Debra has been kidnapped by the Ice Truck Killer and Dexter believes that she will be found in the same cargo container where his mother was murdered. By checking old newspaper photos, Dexter identifies the container and heads to the docks. There are no patrols or guard dogs, so Dexter finds it easy to get past the chain link fence and access the guard booth where he looks up the current location of the container.

As Dexter approaches the container, he has flashbacks of Harry rescuing him at age three. Steeling himself, he opens the container, but it’s filled only with bananas. Disappointed, he shuts the door. Turning to leave, Dexter finds himself confronted by Sgt. James Doakes.

Doakes: “Surprise, motherfucker.”
Dexter: “Are you following me now?”
Doakes: “You better have a hell of a reason for being here.”
Dexter: “I'm looking for my sister.”
Doakes: “In a cargo box?”
Dexter: “Yeah, I'm kind of working on a theory.”
Doakes: “You forget you work for the fucking cops? We love theories. Spin me a story, asshole.”
Dexter: What I do on my time is my business, Sergeant.”
Doakes: “Yeah, me too, and I'm on my time now. There's no Lieutenant here to save your ass, so don't fuck with me, Morgan!”
Dexter: “All right, you got me.” [sighs] I ordered some furniture from Thailand. I was waiting for it to be delivered.”

Doakes suddenly punches Dexter in the gut. He tries to punch him again, but Dexter grabs Doakes’ arm, overpowers him, throws him against the cargo container, and holds him there.

Doakes: “Lab geek -- my ass.”

The dock manager notices the brawl and quickly approaches.

Dock Manager: “Hey, what the hell's going on over here?!” Then on radio, “Security, I need to get somebody down here right now.”
Doakes: [showing I.D.] “Miami Metro P.D.
Dock Manager: [to Doakes, referring to Dexter] “Is this guy under arrest?”
Dexter: “That's a good question.”
Doakes: [to Dexter] “You're connected to this. I don't know how, but I'm gonna find out, and some of what I find is gonna stick to your ass.”

Just then, Doakes and Dexter are summoned by their cell phones to a crime scene at Brian Moser's apartment.

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